Compatibility of Aquarius with other Zodiac Signs


Aries affects that part of your solar horoscope related to short journeys, ideas and activities connected with close relatives. Aries is well aspected to your sign -much harmony is indicated, but little rest!

The Mars of Aries and your Uranus blend to stimulate learning. You can put your ideas to work with the aid of dominant, energetic Aries. The two signs -Aquarius and Aries -may find that they become involved in arguments. The Mars-Uranus combination is volatile. There is life, plenty of it: much action and sudden moves. Aries finds you physically attractive; you are somewhat in awe bf Aries. When you relate intimately with Aries, the result can be mental stimulation-or the utmost confusion.

Which it is to be depends, of course, on the complete horoscopes rather than merely Sun sign comparisons. Basically, however, this is not the ideal combination for settling down, for making final decisions. The relationship is fraught with changes, which could involve disagreements among relatives.

It is necessary to decide who is going to be receptive and who is going to be the dominant force in this relationship. Unless this is known subconsciously, or articulated, an otherwise fine association could go by the boards. Uranus and Mars are both symbols of action; if the pull is in opposite directions, the result could be chaos. One or the other -Aquarius or Aries -must be receptive. If this state of affairs exists -one listening, receiving, cooperating -then the relationship between Aquarius and Aries certainly can be expected to flourish.

The signs are harmonious -but for the relationship to succeed, maturity and wisdom must be present.


With you and a Taurus, there are creative forces that are activated. There is change, travel, variety, and the spark of physical attraction. The two signs are harmonious and the relationship could be very beneficial.

Listen, Capricorn: with Taurus you are aware of romance, of popularity, of personal magnetism, of creative resources. You come to life with Taurus. You want to communicate and Taurus helps you break the ground, cut through red tape, and helps you shake off lethargy.

Taurus affects that part of your solar horoscope associated with love, romance, children and creative endeavors, too. Taurus encourages you, gives you a new lease on life. The combination of Taurus and Capricorn is favorable. You are attracted to Taurus, but Taurus coincides with restlessness, and creates unhappiness if you insist on maintaining the status quo. Taurus, where you are concerned involves variety. Taurus represents sell-evaluation. Taurus, for you, symbolizes your potential, your creative urge.

The Venus of Taurus combines with your Saturn to produce a blend of beauty and discipline. There is little question that, with Taurus, your experience is utilized in a manner that brings beauty and emotional reward. Also, with Taurus, there is activity connected with children. In general, the relationship is rewarding and, with a fair amount of effort on your part, and on the part of Taurus, the end result is happiness.

I would say to you, Capricorn, that a little Taurus the Bull in your life would be a favorable thing. The rest is up to you!


Gemini touches that part of your solar chart related to children, physical attraction, and creative urges. The Mercury of Gemini and your Uranus significator make this a relationship that can be perfect -or one that does not last. There is little middle ground here. Gemini stimulates you and the two signs are favourably aspected. There is everything going for this association, except for a tendency to permit impulse to dominate logic. There are sudden actions and reactions. There are outlandish projects, which, however, can be transformed into success.

There is an element of deception here. You tend to idealize the relationship. You skip over the problems and accept the pleasures. This Aquarius-Gemini relationship can be constructive if, at the outset, you are realistic. You can't play games here: emotions run rampant and it's for real. The association could result in marriage and children.

With you and Gemini, there is an aura of illusion. Much that Occurs seems to lack a solid base. This could be interpreted as "romantic. " Or it be a kind of fling: a flash that bums bright but lacks real substance.

This is a relationship that has much in its favor. The question is whether you are prepared for it. The attraction is evident, but if you are trying to fool anyone -including yourself-the price in emotional upheaval is dear.

Generally, the Aquarius-Gemini relationship is worth encouraging. The rest is up to you.



Cancer affects that part of your chart related to health, pets, work and dependents. The Moon of Cancer and your Uranus signification can combine to make this a good working relationship. With Cancer, you can get a job done. And there will be recognition for what you do. The Moon-Uranus Combination almost guarantees publicity.

Cancer helps make you aware of timing, of health, of pacing, of your ability to handle special assignments. You, with Cancer, can get through red tape to accomplish basic tasks.

The two signs -Aquarius and Cancer -go well together when an important job is to be completed. There is much in common, although Aquarius is more willing to make changes, Cancer sticks to patterns, adheres to security.

This is an unusual combination. You could create a product in demand by women. You can break tradition and still come up smelling like a rose. Cancer provides you with a steadying influence: you pursue projects; the pace is even-and there could be a sudden recognition of your efforts. Cancer helps call public attention to your completed product, and the Uranus-Moon combination can lead to public acclaim.

Cancer keeps you aware of your basic requirements. Cancer keeps your feet on the ground. This could cause you to rebel, but eventually it proves beneficial. In general, your sign is neutral in relation to Cancer. But if an important task must to completed, Cancer makes you a wonderful ally.

The potential is there: the rest is up to the individual Cancer and to you.




Leo affects that part of your solar horoscope associated with marriage, public relation, partnerships, how you appear to outsiders. The Uranus of your sign combines with the Leo. Sun significator to create an atmosphere of fun and frolic. Uranus and the Sun make a formidable blend; there is much public appeal. Leo would make a wonderful press agent for you. You could also marry a Leo. There is a attraction, but a definite explosive equality also exists here.

Aquarius and Leo are signs in opposition. But opposites do tend to attract and fascinate. Both are fixed; Leo is of the Fire element and Aquarius belongs to the Air Trinity. The Air-Fire combination can fan a bright flame: it either burns or warms. There doesn't seem much in between where you and Leo are concerned.

For social activity, the combination is excellent. It is also good for travel, writing, and publishing. The element of luck seems to persist. Whatever you do with Leo seems to attract public attention, if not notoriety.

There is a definite tendency here for a scattering of forces. Being able to concentrate is difficult. The combination is not meant for detailed work. It is, however, excellent. As to responsibility for bits and parts, for minor points, for essentials, it could leave much to be desired.

No matter what is said here you are going to be attracted to a Leo. The experiment could worthwhile; it certainly will provide its share of excitement. Where the relationship goes from there depends, of course, on the individual Leo and on you, Aquarius.


Virgos are a mystery to you and, thus, have power to hold and intrigue you until you solve their riddle.

With a Virgo, you will become concerned with money, long-range security, mystery, the occult, and inheritance. You will dig deep to find things out, to erase any clouds of confusion. Your ruling planet, Uranus, combines with the Mercury of Virgo to produce unusual plans, ideas, and desires. There is attraction here -the kind of attraction, which results from an unknown quantity. You want to know -and Virgo leads you on -either for good or otherwise.

Virgo helps you complete projects. Virgo helps you expand your personal horizons -concern with the unknown is evident. Virgo makes you aware of financial and marital responsibilities. On the positive side, Virgo builds you up and prepares you for the future. On the negative side, Virgo could cause you to become involved in projects, which are expensive and not too practical.

With Virgo, you learn lessons; you discipline yourself where ideas and imagination are concerned. Virgo encourages you to explore -there is opportunity for exciting discoveries which can be converted into profit. The key is to be unusual, to seek far and wide for opportunity, and to settle for nothing but the best. On the positive side, that is exactly what Virgo helps you to do.

The Uranus-Mercury combination could make for a good writing or advertising team. A financial advisor}' service could succeed with Aquarius and Virgo at the helm. Leave the details to Virgo; handle the public relations and promotion yourself. Then the team could come out on top, could have fun -and also show a profit.



Librans stimulate you mentally- encourage you to travel, to broaden your horizons. The combination of the Aquarius- Uranus and the Libra-Venus spell out creative adventure, satisfaction, fulfillment, and attraction. The two signs -Libra and Aquarius -are favourably aspected. Libra touches that part of your Solar horoscope associated with the higher mind, philosophy, publishing and long journeys, including journeys of the mind Libra encourages you to put your knowledge to use.

With Libra you'll be active, your mind won't grind to a halt, you'll investigate, learn, expand, here is a basic attraction here. There are numerous indications of benefit from an association between you and Libra.

Libra helps you form decisions, helps strengthen your convictions, helps make you aware of your conscience, of moral duties. In short, Libra highlights your sense of justice. You are a natural humanitarian, and justice, especially social justice, means much to you. Thus, Libra would mean much to you. Libra gains your respect, sparks your ideals. You feel tenderly toward Libra -you need a Libra, you'll gain from Libra.

On the negative side, Libra could encourage you to over- analyze and procrastinate. On the positive side, Libra urges you to put ideas and ideals to work, to write, publish, and advertise.

I would' say the relationship would be a good one- l' d encourage it. There can be definite gain. Your wonderful creative sense is awakened by Libra; your sense of the future is crystallized. What was a dream can become a reality with the aid of Libra.


Scorpio affects that part of your solar chart related to career, basic ambitions, standing in the community, unique honours. The Pluto of Scorpio blends with your Uranus significator to spell a kind of security, comfort and luxury -a unique kind, not the usual domestic variety. Pluto and Uranus represent a sudden and explosive quality.

Aquarius and Scorpio are not favourably aspected, but there is attraction. A mutual goal could unite the two, and, most certainly, a Scorpio can help you attain your goal. This is a most unusual relationship; politics, it is said, makes strange bedfellows. Ambitions, in this instance, can make allies of you and Scorpio. You'll pull together as long as there is a goal. In business, you could succeed with Scorpio. Where there is an objective, the two natives will probably go toward the goal in a straight, true line. Where there is no specific goal, the relationship could be chaotic.

In the personal area, there could be romance. There could be the goal of home, family, domesticity, and acquiring possessions. Both Aquarius and Scorpio have minds of their own, which is, perhaps, another way of saying that you can be stubborn and could meet your match in Scorpio.

Scorpio fires your ambitions. Scorpio encourages you to run for office. Scorpio wants you to go into business for yourself Scorpio makes you want to accomplish, and elevates your standing in the community. Scorpio builds your image-and could also tear it down. Don t play games with Scorpio.

Outline your goals and aspirations. Scorpio is shrewd and finds shortcuts. You make friends, and playa public relations role, Scorpio works behind the scenes and make secret deals. Together, once you understand each other, the two of you could make a formidable combination.

That's the way it is likely to be, Aquarius, when you get together in a serious manner with Scorpio.


Sagittarius affects that part of your chart related to hopes, wishes, and friendships. There is also sexuality involved, an attraction which runs deeper than friendship. Sagittarius and Aquarius are favorably aspected.

The Jupiter of Sagittarius and your Uranus Solar significator combine to stand for excitement, hope, optimism, and expansion. With a Sagittarian, you are able to analyze, to appeal, to make yourself popular by giving people what they want and need.

With you and Sagittarius, there is change, travel, and variety. Sagittarius enjoys travel and reveres knowledge. Thus, with Sagittarius, you enhance your education. You expand. You leave the precinct and become a citizen of the state, the nation, the world. Sagittarius helps you make your dreams come true. Now, it is not all fun and games. It takes something on your part.

Sagittarius expects you to be bright, versatile, filled with ideas and vitality. Sagittarius keeps you on the move. And as long as you keep Sagittarius fascinated, Sagittarius is on the job, helping you to fulfill your hopes. There is mutual admiration; but there can be chinks in the armour. When these appear, some dreams come tumbling down. The opportunities for happiness are there very much in evidence between Aquarius and Sagittarius. But, with some, opportunities are wasted. It could be that way with you, too.

However, the odds are favourable for Sagittarius with Aquarius. It is up to you. It would be a shame not to take advantage of the chance for happiness, which seems to be presented here on a silver platter. The overall verdict is yes for Aquarius with Sagittarius.


Capricorn affects that part of your chart associated with secrets, clandestine affairs, clubs, groups, organizations and institutions. The Saturn of Capricorn and your Uranus significator blend to produce altruistic motives in the two of you. With a Capricorn, you could conduct a successful charity drive, say. Capricorn's Saturn helps steady your Uranus; ideals are transformed to practical action.

There is romance here, too. But it can be the kind of romance that involves forbidden fruit. That is to say, very often your relationship with Capricorn is a secret one. Where the Twelfth House is concerned, there is something under cover, not quite out in the open -and it is your Twelfth House, which Capricorn emphasizes.

You are good for Capricorn where money is concerned. In fact, you could pay a Capricorn to provide the signs, related, are neutral. There can be a sharing of knowledge. Friction occurs when one feels he is giving more than he is receiving. The relationship could lack a solid base-but Aquarius gets the better of it usually, at least in this astrologer's opinion.

There is something dynamic here; traditions are broken and there is new ground to tread. What was forbidden is revealed. This could be to your benefit, or otherwise. If you have something to hide, it may not be wise to flaunt your relationship with Capricorn.

Your intuition is sharpened with Capricorn. You find out what it is that really is required. This is wonderful for, say, creating a club which appeals to those with unique interests. Capricorn can be a steadying force, which aids in getting your ideas off the ground.

That, basically, is the way it is when Aquarius gets together with Capricorn.


An Aquarius, in relationship with another horn under the same sign, can be highly successful-if a third person handles the details. With another Aquarius, you tear down and rebuild. You become master builders. You see beyond the immediate. But you tend to overlook essentials. That's why a third person, proficient in handing details, can be an invaluable aid to two Aquarians embarked on a project.

In a personal relationship, there are problems because each Aquarian is so much of an individual- each wants his or her own way. Unless there is excitement and adventure, the relationship could wither.



Pisces affects the part of your solar horoscope that is related to finances and personal possessions. The Neptune of Pisces and your Uranus combine to produce in you two a kind of universal appeal. With Pisces, you can create a product, a service which is in demand and results in profit.

Your sign is of the Air element, while Pisces is of the Water element; you could create waves! One thing is fairly certain; Pisces may well be mysterious, and will hold you in awe. Where you are concerned, Pisces either adds to your possessions, or represents a threat here.

You can be somewhat at a standoff. Both your ruling planets have definite symbolic meanings; you view Pisces in a manner that is reminiscent of two strange beings getting to know each other.

Listen: Pisces will intrigue you and may cost you money. Pisces can also fascinate you and bring in funds. It is that kind of relationship; up and down, favourable, then otherwise. To say the least, it is not going to be even or steady. Uranus and Neptune together do not spell stability. But they do symbolize fascination and challenge.

If you want aid in collecting special objects-say for a hobby- then Pisces can be of help. If you are seeking a bargain, Pisces can be an ally. Pisces is almost psychic, able to ferret out what you might need. But if you are seeking practical, hard- core judgments, Pisces may not be for you. You are a visionary in your own right; Pisces only compounds the asset -or the error, as the case might be.

The two of you -Aquarius and Pisces -have an appeal for the public. You would make a fine sales team -no matter what you're selling. But you don't do particularly well in conventional areas.

That, basically, is the story when Aquarius gets together with Pisces.


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