Compatibility of Cancer with other Zodiac Signs


Your sign, Cancer, gets a career boost from an association with Aries. Natives of Aries affect that part of your solar horoscope connected with prestige, career, and ambitions. The Mars of Aries acts as an electric charge; you Set going, you quicken the pace, you sell, you drive, and you declare yourself "in the race." Aries, nevertheless, can help set you up in business. Aries can show you how to utilize your assets. At times, Aries sets too fast a pace; this causes you to become apprehensive. You want to be sure of security; you check before taking a major step. But, with Aries, you are in business, an entrepreneur. Your standing in the community rises; your ambitions become realities. Yet, with all this potential, there is emotional conflict. A major conflict could arise where your home is concerned. Aries might choose one place, one area you could select something entirely different. The fiery temperament of Aries and the receptivity of the Water element of your sign do not mix. The relationship succeeds on all fronts only if both Aries and Cancer are mature. Also, if other aspects between the charts (requiring horoscope comparison) are harmonious. Basically, the relationship could spark activity, but could also end up as a flask in the pan.

Aries and Cancer become impatient with each other. You find that Aries encourages you one minute, and then offers criticism. If you are a woman, an Aries man will kelp you attain commercial success. There is also a degree of physical attraction, although it is not over- whelming. If you are a Cancer man, the Aries woman could nag you until you better your position in life.

You can both - Cancer and Aries - exhibit a stub- born streak. Neither one is an angel. And you could certainly learn from each other. If you feel adventurous, Cancer, give it a try!



With Taurus, a genuine friendship can ensue. But Taurus could also encourage an extravagant streak in you. Taurus is an individual you want to impress. In so doing, you go all out-you spend time and money. Taurus is well aspected to your sign, Cancer, but you must know when to get down to business. Otherwise, the relationship can become one of all play, no work. Then you become resentful of lost time and money you sulk, you become moody.

This can be avoided if you learn to balance business and pleasure. Taurus has lessons to teach you. If you observe, you learn. But if you merely accept and put in time, there is not much to be gained.

In connection with a Taurus individual, you could find yourself going in circles. You start here and end up at the time beginning. Which means, Cancer, you will have to provide the sense of direction. Taurus persons affect that part of your chart having done to with pleasure, aspirations, and friendships. There can also be a strong physical attraction. Although you meet people through Taurus, you are apt to end up ultimately being interested solely in Taurus, which leaves you right back where you started in the first place.

Your Moon and Venus of Taurus could add up to romance. You appreciate each other. More important, you are each tolerant of the foibles of the other. There is the mutual respect inherent in this relationship. It is evident, Cancer that many of your dreams, hopes and wished could be fulfilled through a close association with one born under Taurus.


Clandestine affairs, mystery, and intrigue are featured when you get together with Gemini. Some of your secret desires in this area can be fulfilled by Gemini. With Gemini, a kind of storybook romance ensues; the secret meeting, the pacts, the promises, the broken appointments, the misunderstandings, the coincidences which seem to occur when the people are intimate.

The signs are regarded as neutral in relation to each other, but the Gemini Mercury and your Moon ruler can create an atmosphere of subdued tension. Gemini affects that part of your solar horoscope associated with institutions, restrictions, and secrets. You tend to confide in Gemini persons. You find them interesting because, by some means, they cause you to look inward.

Gemini has a tendency to shake you up. The relationship could proceed on promises or could burst as if a fragile bubb1e. Plainly, there is a lack of reality in this association; you are charmed by Gemini animation. But you may find it difficult to pin down these persons.

You gain through Gemini if activity is associated with raising funds for charitable organizations. That's the general pattern; what you get is not personal profit. With your awareness of money and property, you would find Gemini a kind of luxury rather than a necessity.

There is a tendency for Gemini and Cancer to criticize each other. The two persons care for each other and, thus, are seeking to correct faults. But, invariably, an eroding takes place; the relationship tends to grow thin.

If it is a secret romance you seek, Cancer, then you have found the right individual. But for racial purposes, Gemini may not fill the bill.



With another Cancer, the association tends to get tied down with red tape. It is not the most exciting relationship. Two Cancer individuals are apt to find much to criticize about each other.

The Cancer woman needs to share your life, not merely wait on you. She needs assurance and reassurance. If you want this woman to be your lover, you have to let her know she is loved. If you do, the result will he an exciting, satisfying relationship.

This woman demands sincerity and an abundance of affection. She is feminine; she is, above all else, a woman. She is also practical. If you give as well as receive, she will he strongly attached to you. If you deceive her, she has the sixth sense to uncover the deception and to unload you.

A Cancer man will let you spoil him to the point of no return if you so permit it. A good meal is satisfying to him, but he wants to know that the food was prepared with an ingredient of love.

He has much to offer, but he doesn't give easily. You must make him aware, from the beginning, that his relationship with you is to be an equal partnership give and take. He makes numerous demands, because he thinks (often rightly so) that he's worth it. He is affectionate, needs to know you'll be there when he needs you. In turn have him realize that you have some needs and some requirements of your own. Do so without being tough. A gentle, loving approach is a winning one. He will value the relationship more when he understands how much you value yourself.



There's much attraction in this combination; also, Leo is apt to brighten your financial picture. Your Moon combines with the Leo Sun significator to make life interesting. There are enough differences to create healthy curiosity. The relationship is not apt to be dull.

Leo affects that part of your chart related to income, money, and personal possessions. You accumulate additional goods with Leo. This makes it necessary to stimulate income potential. And this you can do when combining forces with natives of Leo. Your horizons broaden; you have an interest in obtaining the better things in life.

Leo can be obstinate; you are protective. The relationship is not problem-free; there are obstacles. It is probably going to be necessary, Cancer, for you to play the receptive role while Leo is dominant. This does not mean you should he dominated. But you probably will be the one to give ground if the relationship is to last.

Leo is fascinated by you; the feeling in Leo, where you are concerned, is one of fear mingled with security. Your feelings are more clearly defined; you sense that Leo can provide you with necessities and lead you on to glitter and gold. You may have to permit Leo to chase you until you catch him.

Social life improves when you combine forces with lively Leo. A key word is expansion. You do not stand still with Leo; there is travel, study, writing, advertising, self- expression. Leo could tire you - but you won't he bored.

Leo needs praise, while you require security. These elements can he successfully combined, provided both you and Leo are mature and sincere.


Virgo persons affect that part of your chart related to journeys, relatives, ideas, and restlessness. The combination of Virgo's Mercury and your significator, the Moon, makes for plans, for ideas, for a desire to experiment. On the negative side, Cancer and Virgo cook up half-baked schemes. On a positive level, Virgo stimulates you mentally and some genuine progress could result. Virgo individuals make you think, and analyze. But, Cancer, you tend to seek perfection here. Virgo prods. Virgo criticizes. Virgo is aware of health, of work, employment. And if you intend to live a life of ease, you had setter look elsewhere, Virgo doesn't let down easily. There is apt to be a steady flow of pressure.

Virgo makes you aware of rivals, of competition. Virgo causes you to be dissatisfied with existing conditions. The two signs are well aspected, but you get along best with Virgo if you do more listening than asserting.

Virgo could irritate you through constant striving toward improvement. Virgo will try to change your diet. Virgo will urge you to see this specialist, that one - and yet another. You will embark on numerous short journeys while relating to Virgo.

There is stimulation here, but the ties need cementing or they snap. It might be best for you to choose a Virgo who is older. Otherwise, the pace, the movement, the changes, the appointments, could prove tiring and contribute to frayed nerves.

The Moon-Mercury combination can best be described as brittle. Virgo loves doing things for you. But you may find it difficult to pin Virgo down; just when you are ready to settle down, Virgo is on the move. The biggest problem is likely to be deciding how and where to live.

Virgo admires you, is more than mildly interested and this admiration and interest serve as a stimulus for you. If, Cancer, you don't expect perfection, and can put up with some friendly criticism, then Virgo is for you.



With Libra, you become concerned with security, with your position later in life. Libra makes you aware of investments, savings programs, home, and solid structures. Libra gives you a solid frame of reference which you can under- stand. This relationship, however, could get bogged down in a kind of work pattern, which does not nourish you in other directions.

In association with Libra, you become security-conscious. You gain a degree of stability, because Libra affects that part of your chart. Libra emphasizes your Fourth Solar House - this is connected with domestic surroundings, Home, property, land and the foundation for a prosperous future.

Generally, there are obstacles to this relationship. Libra churns your apprehensions - makes you so aware of the need to build that you could despair of ever accomplishing your goal.

But, Cancer, if you are ready to settle down if ready to concentrate on Home and family then you may Have found the right person in Libra.

A thorough understanding is required before coming seriously involved. With you and Libra, that understanding comes about through a dialogue. You can't take things for granted with Libra. Everything has to be direct and on the line. Do some thinking and analyzing, state your conclusions to Libra, and then evaluate the reaction.

The Venus significator of Libra combines with your Moon indicator to suggest material success. Certainly, your portfolio of stocks could grow, if this Holds your interest, with Libra, the aim is toward having something ready for tomorrow.

But you are apt to be so well prepared for tomorrow that you miss living today. That's one of the problems of a relationship between Cancer and Libra. Understand and perceive if wise and determine, you could make it work.



With Scorpio, there is physical attraction. Scorpio natives touch that part of your chart relating to love, to excitement, to speculation, to children, to courtship, to charge, to change, to variety- and adventure. There is plenty of compatibility between you and Scorpio. But don't play games. This relationship is likely to be for keeps where Scorpio is concerned. Know this and act accordingly.

There is the warmth of attraction here-and the sparks easily ignite into a roaring flame. With Scorpio, there is change and you soon come out of any shell. Listen, Cancer; realize you are attracted to Scorpio. Accept that as a cold fact. Don't attempt to rationalize. But, along the same line, don't misinterpret the attraction for anything else.

The attraction gets Cancer and Scorpio together. How you build from there is another story. But what I am trying to say, Cancer is this: just because there is an attraction does not mean you will live happily ever after. That depends on how your complete charts blend.

Basically, the two signs harmonize. You will have to be the receptive one -Scorpio presses, is forceful and dominant. If you are wise, and if you want the attraction to grow into something permanent, take appropriate steps Utilize your innate wisdom, Cancer. If you do this, Scorpio indeed can he for you.

The Pluto significator of Scorpio, combined with your Moon ruler, adds up to physical warmth. Scorpio helps you pursue creative endeavors. The relationship is a powerful one; it builds steam. Unless. There is a constructive outlet, an explosion occurs. Scorpio is especially good for you when dealing with children. Scorpio helps you tap creative resources, aids in understanding emotions, including those of the primitive variety. If you can't stand the heat, though, don't' mingle Scorpio.



Sagittarius performs vital services for you. The Jupiter Sagittarius (combines with your Moon to encourage expansion, the tackling of assignments which keep you busy represent a definite challenge. Sagittarius affects that part of your chart related to health, work, pets, and employment service. Sagittarius can make life more convenient for you.

Listen: Sagittarius is not as exciting, where you a concerned, as is Scorpio. But the relationship could be pleasant. Scorpio excites you physically and could cause you to work yourself into frenzy. Sagittarius is concerned about your health, about making you comfortable.

Natives of Sagittarius have a way of helping you to relax. You get basic tasks completed, but without strain. There is, however, a lack of fire here. With Sagittarius you investigate, try various projects. But the staying Power may not be too great. You tend, in this relationship, to lapse into a sort of sign attitude. On the negative side, you begin taking Sagittarius for granted; you expect to be served, cajoled. In turn, Sagittarius comes to depend on you in a financial sense. Thus, Cancer and Sagittarius fulfill mutual needs, but the tie may not be binding.

The Jupiter of Sagittarius comforts you; you feel there is more to accomplish, additional places to see, a multiplicity of experiences to encounter. This ultimately, however, could create a vacuum where satisfaction is concerned. "What's next" could become your refrain with Sagittarius.

The mixture here could separate before it jells; knowing this; enter the relationship with a sense of awareness. If you do this, success could crown the mutual efforts of Cancer and Sagittarius.



You break from routine in relationship with Capricorn. The accent here is on partnership, marriage, and public relations. Brings you out of yourself. The Saturn of Capricorn combines with your Moon significator to stress independence originality and new experiences. You are attracted to Capricorn but much in the manner that opposites attract each other.

Capricorn inspires confidence; you are able to break the status quo. With Capricorn, you combine efforts, interests; the relationship could lead to marriage.

You gain not only confidence with Capricorn, but also a greater sense of responsibility. You aim at achievement. Capricorn can cause you to be dissatisfied with what you have. You aim for greater heights. Capricorn make of the public, of reaction to your efforts. With you are not likely to maintain the same habit patterns. You see the new; you want to test your skills. You seek plaudit approval. Where previously you might have settled in niche, you now strive to break down barriers. That's effect Capricorn is likely to have on you.

Cancer and Capricorn may have opposing views. But it could happen that both change and both discover new interests. If this occurs, Capricorn and Cancer can together. And, of course, this would make an ideal's and create a fine relationship.

Both signs have an innate desire for security. Yet, working together, they are willing to take a chance on new ideas, no projects. They could make excellent business partners.

With Capricorn, if you're both mature, you could find, constructive outlets for the desire to give and receive, to serve and be rewarded; you could fan an inner flame that lights future prospects.



Harmony could prevail, if financial problems are overcome. Aquarius touches that part of your chart related to the occult, the hidden, to the money of partners, to the financial situation of others: money is a definite part of the picture and so is mystery.

Natives of this sign intrigue you; you feel they have the answers to mysteries. You confide in Aquarians; this includes intimate matters. Aquarius stimulates your interest in the occult. Although you desire security, you are receptive to ideas that are unorthodox. Aquarius highlights this part of your nature. And Aquarius causes you to visualize domestic harmony based on a tie of real affection. Although you are more directly attracted to Scorpio, in a physical sense, you also are drawn to Aquarius. With Scorpio, you know the reason for the attraction; with Aquarius. The attraction is there, but it is not always obvious.

Going into partnership with Aquarius could prove profitable. Whatever the relationship, it tends to evolve around possessions, profit, mutual benefits, and interests, even marriage. If you're married to one who is not an Aquarian, your mate could have financial dealings with Aquarius.

With Aquarius, there is concentration upon material goods. Also, there is an emphasis on home and harmony in the domestic area. You are able to kelp Aquarius find profitable means of self-expression. And the relationship could prow mutually profitable.

The Uranus of Aquarius combines with your Moon Significator to produce a sense of adventure. With Aquarius, you could strike it rich-in more ways than one.



You enjoy traveling with a Pisces individual. Pisces touches that part of your chart related to journeys, including journeys of the mind. Learning becomes an adventure. Both Cancer and Pisces are Water Signs and well respected to each other. A great deal of sympathy exists, but the two of you tend to get into a rut of gloom. This happens when your ideals are not fulfilled. Together, Pisces and Cancer may want to change the world overnight.

Knowing this, Cancer, don't rush things. Read, study, and be perceptive and subtle. And don't try to loss the Piscean. Pisces may appear weak, but when you push too hard, Pisces rebels.

Pisces is good for you when it comes to expressing views in written form. Pisces helps you to publish, to advertise, and to gain a wider audience for your creative efforts.

Your intuitive intellect is sparked by Pisces. And, Cancer, your ability to perceive trends is also heightened. You are a naturally sensitive individual and in association with Pisces this sensitivity could express itself through extrasensory perception. Which means you seem to know, seem to sense what is going to occur. Trust your hunches when Pisces is around.

The Neptune of Pisces combines with your Moon significator to accent inspiration, spirituality and, at times, a complete lack of practicality. With Pisces, your view is far-reaching: you are concerned with philosophy; with the way people who are far away think and live. Your horizons are broadened; you could take an overseas journey in the company of Pisces.

The relationship is favorable, though at times it could lack solidity. The Moon-Neptune combination is a romantic one; there is an abundance of idealism. But the blending here could be woven with gossamer threads.


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