Compatibility of Capricorn with other Zodiac Signs


With Aries, you deal in practical, concrete matters. Aries is a great teammate when combined with you in real estate and property matters. Aries touches the part of your solar horoscope that is connected with your home and with projects, which affect your future security. Aries opens up to you ... talks to you ... but you can count on Aries in the future rather than immediately. That is, if you are seeking long-range results, Aries is your person. But not so if you are seeking the immediate, if you are looking for quick or flash results.

Aries with you indicates the future - and, for you, the relationship is serious. Listen, Capricorn: don't think you can dabble or experiment with Aries. The relation is apt to prove lasting, for real solid and not tinsel, responsible and not superficial. You can make money with Aries. You can successfully invest with Aries. You could marry Aries because Aries awakens in you a desire for home, family, property, and land, something solid on which to rest. That's how Aries affects Capricorn.

Listen - it is an Interesting combination, your Saturn and the Mars of Aries - Fire and Earth, action and depth. You inspire Aries to great heights. You awaken ambition in Aries. For you, Aries is an anchor in the best sensei something to look forward to: the future seen as warm instead of terrifying.

There is attraction here - and there are problems. Both of you learn as a result of the relationship. The signs Capricorn and Aries - are not well aspected. But each builds the character of the other. You can expect discipline and responsibility as a result of your relationship with Aries. But there is mutual attraction and there could be financial reward. And this could aid in alleviating some of the problems between Aries and Capricorn.


With you and a Taurus, there are creative forces that are activated. There is change, travel, variety, and the spark of physical attraction. The two signs are harmonious and the relationship could be very beneficial.

Listen, Capricorn: with Taurus you are aware of romance, of popularity, of personal magnetism, of creative resources. You come to life with Taurus. You want to communicate and Taurus helps you break the ground, cut through red tape, and helps you shake off lethargy.

Taurus affects that part of your solar horoscope associated with love, romance, children and creative endeavors, too. Taurus encourages you, gives you a new lease on life. The combination of Taurus and Capricorn is favorable. You are attracted to Taurus, but Taurus coincides with restlessness, and creates unhappiness if you insist on maintaining the status quo. Taurus, where you are concerned involves variety. Taurus represents sell-evaluation. Taurus, for you, symbolizes your potential, your creative urge.

The Venus of Taurus combines with your Saturn to produce a blend of beauty and discipline. There is little question that, with Taurus, your experience is utilized in a manner that brings beauty and emotional reward. Also, with Taurus, there is activity connected with children. In general, the relationship is rewarding and, with a fair amount of effort on your part, and on the part of Taurus, the end result is happiness.

I would say to you, Capricorn, that a little Taurus the Bull in your life would be a favorable thing. The rest is up to you!


Gemini affects that part of your solar horoscope associated with work, health and special services. The Mercury of Gemini and your Saturn combine to produce discipline, determination and an awareness of details; which brings basic goals closer to reality.

That is a key in your association with Gemini reality. This is rather odd because Gemini can be flighty and almost the opposite of realistic. Nevertheless, combined with Capricorn, the native of Gemini is apt to turn over a new leaf.

That is not always exactly the case. But what does happen with you and Gemini is that the Gemini wit, shill and versatility is aimed at a specific goal, is disciplined: the energy is channeled toward accomplishment. Thus, with Gemini, you have one who can serve basic seeds and who can help you with your job and with essential chores.

For Gemini, you represent responsibility and the promise of reward. Capricorn and Gemini are very different; it is this difference that each could find attractive. Saturn (Capricorn) and Mercury (Gemini) make an intriguing combination.

Mercury is quick, flitting and flirting, Saturn stands for discipline, time, testing, and restriction. When natives of these signs get together, Saturn tends to dominate, which means that Gemini bends, becomes more practical.

For you, Capricorn, a relationship with Gemini leads to renewed interest in health, work and recreation. Gemini helps you gain a new foothold in that you become interested in everyday affairs, current events and in what you are doing in the way of basic tasks. Gemini is apt to he attracted to you in a more emotional manner than you are to him or her. Gemini serves your needs, helps build your strength and has a genuine concern for your physical welfare.



In connection with Cancer, the emphasis for you is oh marriage, public relations, partnerships and legal affairs. You are attracted to Cancer, but, again, much in the manner that opposites attract opposites. Listen, Capricorn where people born under Cancer are concerned, you are encouraged to enter new areas. You express greater independence. You bring forth original and creative methods. Your Saturn and the Cancer Moon spell out intensity of purpose. You are apt to kick over the traces, to begin knew. Cancer touches that part of your solar horoscope, which makes you aware of the public, of public reactions. Cancer brings publicity, recognition for your efforts.

Cancer, as we say, also affects that section of your chart related to marriage. You could be permanently tied, enduringly connected to Cancer. There is a part of you reflected in Cancer, just as a part of Cancer is reflected in your sign, Capricorn.

Cancer and Capricorn are signs in opposition to each other. But, along with the opposition, there is definite attraction. If you want to come out of your shell, if you want to advertise and publicize ...then you've found the right person in Cancer.

For you, Cancer represents a chance for added independence of thought, action. For new starts, Cancer is your perfect partner. Cancer encourages you to pioneer, to utilize your experience in a daring manner. Both Cancer and Capricorn are aware of security together they can make significant financial gains. There is much in the Cancer native that appeals to you. You have a great deal in common. Habit patterns could develop which can make this relationship a most significant one.



Leo touches that part of your chart related to the money of other people. Leo creates interest for you in the occult, the hidden, in tarot cards and palmistry and extrasensory perception. Leo amazes and intrigues you: Leo can become a part of you almost before you know it.

The Leo Sun and your Saturn spell out universal appeal. Plans are big and many are attracted. In a business involving financial advising, Leo would make a perfect partner for you. With Leo, you inspire confidence. Others are drawn to you with problems, questions, plans and campaigns.

You are attracted to Leo because, in contrast to your reserved makeup, Leo is outgoing, a natural showman. Leo also introduces you to areas, which are hidden, covered, and mysterious. The relationship is not free of misunderstandings, separations, and obstacles. But it could he a lasting one.

With you and Leo, there is interest and concern over legacies, the property of deceased people. You make future plans with Leo. There is apt to be more fun in anticipating than there is joy in the current, the "now" of the relationship. The two signs have so much not held in common that there are bound to be disputes.

The people you attract are not likely to be especially appreciated by Leo. However, Leo brightens the bleakness of Saturn; Leo could provide incentive for you to engage in creative endeavors. For a time, there is physical attraction. How long this lasts depends, of course, on you and the individual Leo.

This is not an ideal relationship. But it could he a meaningful one and it could change your outlook, to say nothing of your life pattern. Generally, Leo represents a key to unique experiences for you - some happy, others the opposite.

It's its challenge you seek-laughter mingled with tears-then Leo is for you.


Virgo affects the part of your solar horoscope related to long journeys, publishing, communications, and education. The Mercury of Virgo and your Saturn combine to indicate concerted effort toward long-range goals. The signs are harmonious; both belong to Earth. Virgo can get you moving; encourage you to improve techniques and to enlarge your personal and professional horizons.

You could with Virgo, feel a pinch of restriction. You respond by trying to break from routine, from established patterns. This can be constructive if you know what you're doing. Otherwise, you merely rock the boat of your security.

For any publishing venture, Virgo is beneficial. For travel plans and actual journeys, Virgo is a wonderful partner. For higher education and self-improvement, Virgo is a definite asset. What you must do, in conjunction with Virgo, is to prepare a solid base. Otherwise, you go off on wild-goose chases; you move aimlessly in a circle of confusion. With proper preparation, there can be real accomplishment. But this requires patience and discipline. Know this and plan; so over details, be observant, check the fine print and read between the lines.

Virgo can help you attain, can make your aspirations practical and encourage you to express your views. Virgo is especially Beneficial for you in any political or popularity poll. Virgo kelps you articulate your needs, ideas, goals. Most important, Virgo aids you in preparing, out- lining, and planning.

With Virgo, you can go far - you can break through to progress. Most certainly, this relationship deserves your very best efforts.



Libra affects that part of your chart related to career, ambitions, and prestige. The Venus of Libra and your Saturn combine to promote change, creativity, travel, and physical attraction. Libra awakens your ambitions and your sense of power, authority.

Your standing in the community is elevated with Libra. You appreciate Libra's love of the arts, of the finer things in life. Libra looks to you as an example of solidity and as a potential good provider.

Libra can help you make important career contacts. Libra helps offset your reserved nature. A Libran helps others to know your special capabilities. With Libra, you can advance. You gain promotions and you can run your own business.

The two signs are not favorably aspected; a challenge is there, and so is pressure. All is not easy; Libra pushes you, chides you, and makes you bring out the best in yourself in professional matters. For gaining prestige, Libra is excellent for you; for special community projects and for initiating a business deal, Libra is also beneficial. Venus helps tone down your Saturn, making it more palatable to others. Thus, despite the unfavorable aspect between the signs; Libra can be of value where you are concerned.

There are problems here. But there also are obvious benefits. Libra is just; Libra will trumpet your talents, abi1ities, but, it appears, Libra is apt to be better for you in professional activities than when it comes to a strictly personal relationship.


Scorpio affects that part of your Solar Horoscope that is related to desires and friends. You harmonize with Scorpio, and you can fulfill many of your wishes in conjunction with a native of this sign. The Pluto significator of Scorpio combines with your Saturn to break restrictions, to permit greater freedom of thought and action.

Both signs - Capricorn and Scorpio - are intense and ambitious. There are problems, but harmony could prevail. This depends on an agreement concerning basic goals. A Scorpio can enhance your versatility, get you going and help correct a tendency for you to be morose. You travel with Scorpio; you express your views, write and make numerous and exciting social contacts.

Physical attraction exists you are drawn to Scorpio, There is much activity and there are numerous occasions for laughter. This strikes many of your friends as odd, since neither you nor Scorpio are particularly noted for a light attitude With Scorpio, However, there is opportunity for you to come out of yourself. With a Scorpio, you shake off lethargy. You emerge and begin to let others know of your abilities, hopes, and aspirations.

You often confuse Scorpio, but this works as an exciting challenge. Scorpio helps you attain many things, but most of all, Scorpio aids you in self-discovery. You'll learn here what it is you seek - and how to get it.

The Pluto-Saturn combination is powerful; these natives together respect the past but insist on building their own traditions. Thus, with Scorpio, you will gain renewed confidence. There could be some violent arguments; but the "making up" should compensate amply for the quarreling.

The potential for this relationship is great. You should give it a try.


Sagittarius affects that part of your solar horoscope associations, fears, doubts, clubs, organizations with secrets, restrictions, fears doubts, clubs organizations and clandestine or behind-the-scenes affairs. The Jupiter of Sagittarius combines with your Saturn to produce a combination that is favorable for teaching, for the bringing to the fore of radical ideas, unusual methods, occult principles and far-out subjects.

Sagittarius and Capricorn are regarded as neutral, but generally the natives of this Jupiter-ruled sign must be considered as favorable to you. There are secrets, and there are maneuvers designed to evade detection, but there are also benefits as a result of your both being able to ship over red tape and to gain major points without recourse to middlemen.

Jupiter is a wonderful antidote to Saturn; the combination represents cheer as opposed to discipline, expansion in contrast to restriction. Thus, there is balance- and there is also romance. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that your relationship with Sagittarius produces intrigue. You might never know quite where you stand. In a sense, this is a challenge. In another sense, it can cause frustration.

Challenge, frustration and romance are featured when Capricorn and Sagittarius get together. If you are engaging in a motion picture or television project, a Sagittarius is especially good for you. If you are raising funds for charitable organizations, Sagittarius is beneficial. But if you want everything out in the open, Sagittarius may not be the right person for you. With Sagittarius, there are secrets and you may find yourself telling lies as a result of the relationship.

Sagittarius will take you behind the scenes, on the inside. You might find the association worth ad of the disadvantages it could present.


With another Capricorn, you tend to make wonderful plans, but they could lack solidity. The relationship leaves much to be desired, though it could succeed if each Capricornian is determined to carry through on his or her promises. In actuality, it may be a case of too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Obviously, this means both want to lead, direct and dominate. A decision must be made as to which one is loss. Once this is done, the relationship could flourish.


Aquarius affects that part of your chart related to income potential and possessions. The Uranus of Aquarius blends ideas, pioneer with your Saturn significator to promote new ideas, pioneering efforts, and added independence of thought and action.

With Aquarius, you are more aware of money and how to obtain it. The Saturn-Uranus blend is one that topples the past and builds for the future. You appreciate the suddenness, the drama of Aquarius; it helps offset your tendency to he ultra-serious. With Aquarius, you become concerned with the future rather than brooding over what might have been. The combination here is not perfect; but very few things are without flaws. There can be breaks, interruption in the relationship. But there is every chance for your reuniting after a separation.

There is conflict over who is to call the signals, you or Aquarius. This should be settled, not in an arbitrary manner, but through trial and error. Obviously, a great deal of mature understanding is required relationship is to flower and grow.

Aquarius, although often in conflict with you finds you fascinating. Live up to the image. Don't tell all you know; maintain an air of mystery. For you, Aquarius represents a chance to add to your security, financial and otherwise. Aquarius helps set the tone, provides a sense of direction. Aquarius and Capricorn make a fine team for new pioneering projects. The original is accented; new twists are featured; profit is obtained through the providing of unique products.

The big question is who will be boss; it is an issue that, ultimately, must be settled. If it is, in a satisfactory manner, the least result of this combination will be more money in the bank for you, Capricorn.



Pisces affects that part of your chart related to short journeys, ideas as opposed to long-range philosophy, relatives, and your ability to adjust to changing situations. The Neptune of Pisces and your Saturn significator combine to promote domestic stability, a keen desire for a home and family. The signs-Pisces and Capricorn - are favorably aspected and the odds are great for a constructive relationship.

In your association with a Pisces, there appear to be numerous trips of the short variety in the offing. There are ideas, there is experimentation - and there is, very likely, a scattering of forces. Pisces can make you laugh. Pisces can harm you. Pisces, when combined with Capricorn, could add up to marriage, home, domesticity. There are close dealings with members of your families involved in this relationship. Pisces regards you as a friend and admires your realistic attitude. You are intrigued by the Piscean intuitive intellect. You never quite fathom the whole Pisces, but the challenge keeps you interested.

Neptune and Saturn make a good blend; one is imaginative, and the other is practical. With mature effort, a fine balance can be achieved. The relationship here is good. Much, of course, depends on the complete horoscope. But, basically, the aspect between Capricorn and Pisces is a sextile; under this aspect people tend to stay married to each other. In buying a home you do well with the aid of Pisces. In building a project for the future, on a solid base, you do very well with Pisces. Natives of this sign could tire you, keep you on the go - but it is unlikely that you would object. There are too many laughs - and, although there could be some tears, your mutual humor prevails.

This is an excellent relationship to pursue.


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