Compatibility of Gemini with other Zodiac Signs


Aries individuals affect that section of the Gemini chart related to hopes, wishes, and friendship. You are attracted to Aries. The attraction can grow into Love. Listen, Gemini: you might start out playing games with the Fire sign, Aries. But don't play with fire if you are not prepared to get burned. The relationship here can be favorable, if you are prepared for the consequences. Those consequences include a lasting relationship, physical attraction, a liking of hopes and desires.

Many of your friends are Aries native. Together, Aries and Gemini create adventure, travel opportunities. Your creative urges are accented. You love change, adventure, and travel. With Aries you could find the perfect companion or mate. But you both tend to tire each other. Realize, Gemini that Aries does like to lead the way. And you have some ideas of and you don't take your own -you tend to be experienced and you don't take kindly to regimentation.

You have a lot to learn from Aries. But in the process, you could be rubbed the wrong way. Expect a fascinating relationship but the road is not smooth. You will have to arrive at an understanding. Otherwise, much of your energy will be spent in arguing, in conflict.

Generally, Aries is favorable for you. Your interests are heightened. You read. You write. You express opinions. You travel. Very exciting if you first decide that Aries is going to be the boss, no matter what!

The Mars of Aries and your Mercury ruler blend to produce excitement, travel, a tendency to argue but a basic attraction, which makes it a pleasure to reconcile. Aries may force you to get down to business where ideas are concerned. If you don't mind being led. Eventually Aries could be instrumental in aiding you toward goals, toward fulfillment of desires.


Taurus persons are good for you financially. You also are physically attracted to the Taurean. Taurus is associated with Venus, while your ruling planet is Mars. These two planets, symbolically, represent physical attraction. The Sun of Taurus is in your Second House, which is associated with income, money, possessions, your ability to collect data, and to obtain legitimate bargains.

But, Aries, a word of caution. Taurus men and women may be a bit slow moving for you. Aries tends to be aggressive, craves action, becomes Impatient.

In a way, Taurus is good for you, as he sets an example of patience. In dealing with Taurus for business purposes, you should not try to force your view or will. Taurus can be determined-and this determination, when carried to extremes, turns into downright stubbornness. In personal relations, the Taurus individual both attracts and infuriates you. These two signs are neutral in relation to each other, and Taurus is good for you where financial transactions are concerned. You definitely are intrigued with Taurus; there is a sensuousness, which emanates from these natives that "Sets to you." In doing any purchasing, it is advantageous to have a Taurus with you. You could be lucky with bargains when accompanied by a native of this sign.


With another Gemini, there is action. You begin projects. You renovate and revise; you modernize. The relationship is stimulating. Ideas are transformed into action. With another Gemini, there are inventions, pioneering projects. Impulse rules and the pace are quick.

Gemini women are most appreciative of gifts and surprises. Flowers, followed by a theater party, will help her to realize your worth. Always remember, she doesn't want to be tied down or restricted.

Gemini women can also exhibit a disturbing habit: they laugh at the wrong times. A romantic moment you wish to say or do something momentous and Gemini is laughing. Laugh with her! Here's a warning: when you get used to them, Gemini women can become indispensable. But if you let them know it, you could be in for trouble!

Loosen the reins: the less you appear dependent, the more you will be depended upon. She has a great sense of humor for this, you can forgive much. It is a great and wonderful quality. With her, you can be exasperated: your nerves will tingle, sometimes with joy - at other times, simply because you're becoming an emotional and physical wreck! But listen: she can be worth it!

The Gemini man barks loud, but his bite is a mere nibble when it comes to chasing other women. Remember this: don't try to inhibit him through jealousy. If you do, this, he is apt to rebel - then the bite equals the bark. You can lose him through possessiveness. Give him plenty of room and he will come home to make a home, to make you happy.

He is versatile, alert, charming and blessed with loads of energy. No matter what the weather, he is willing to go out, to be on the move, to experiment, to satisfy his curiosity- He may tire you, but complaining has an adverse effect. He may agree you have a right, at times, to be downcast. But, in reality, he expects you to keep your coin up, to keep smiling. Hold on to him - but be subtle about it!


Cancer activates that part of your solar horoscope associated with money and personal possessions. Your Mercury, com6ined with the Cancer Moon ruler, produces a tendency toward moodiness. Ups and downs in the emotional area are not uncommon in this relationship. An element of self-deception exists. You tend to view Cancer in an idealistic light. When flaws appear, you are surprised. If, however, in the very beginning you are realistic, then the match has a better chance to succeed.

With Cancer, you have a tendency to try many things, to experiment, Eventually, you could come up with a moneymaking plan. It takes Persistence. Cancer provides a steadying influence, especially where funds are concerned. If you are willing to overcome some of your wanderlust, then Cancer could be ideal. Cancer appreciates your sense of humor.

Cancer stimulates you to think, to create. With Cancer, you can make money and valuable contacts. But it takes a mature Cancer --- and a grown-up Gemini - for this relationship to last. Unless a special effort is made, the relationship could evaporate - by mutual consent.

Each is sensitive to the moods of the other. Depression proves catching. Constant dialogue is a necessity. Otherwise, minor misunderstandings grow out of proportion.

Cancer makes you security-conscious. You are less likely to speculate, more apt to go in for solid investments. You add to possessions - you spend to earn. You invest. Cancer helps you to understand land values, real estate. Cancer gives you a sense of pride in ownership.

In all, the relationship represents challenge. The effort could be worthwhile; but success in this association does not come on a silver platter. You must earn it.


Leo person's fit into your general scheme - you are attracted to Leo, Leo mentally stimulates you and you would like to settle down and make a life with Leo. But, Gemini, Leo can be elusive. Very often Gemini and Leo get together to learn lessons from each other. Leo sets a fast pace and, Gemini, for once you are willing to slow down. But, Alas, Leo is just getting started.

The signs are compatible. A sense of humor prevails in this Relationship lots of laughs. But laughter can become shrill and turn to tears. Unless you are willing to keep up, to read, to write, to travel, to make changes, then the harmony that prevails at the beginning could sour. Leo individuals inspire you, give you ideas, and make you want to give of yourself. Many of your contacts and your romances are associated with Leo.

Domestic conditions can be at the center of your relationship with Leo. There is talk of common residence, marriage you find, to a degree, peace and harmony with Leo. But, listen, Gemini: the chief result of this relationship is mental stimulation for you. Ideas are plentiful. But Leo tends to discipline you. Leo encourages you to be discriminating to choose the best of many plans, schemes, ideas, and possibilities.

Whether or not the Gemini-Leo relationship lasts, it does provide fireworks and plenty of heat. But, ideally, Gemini, you require warmth. And whether or not the heat will ultimately generate warmth depends on the degree of determination exercised by both Gemini and Leo.

The Sun of Leo and your Mercury blend to create a kind of stimulation, which results in short journeys, heated disputes, separations and reconciliation's. To put it mildly plenty of action!


In connection with Virgo, these persons tend to restrict you, to bring home an awareness of responsibility. Virgo and Gemini share the same ruling planet, which is a mercury. Combined, this produces a relationship, which smacks of me first. When you talk to Virgo, you don't listen. Instead, you half-listen while planning your answer or retort.

Virgo affects that part of your chart connected with home environment, stability and property. Virgo tends to correct you and slow you down. When done in a constructive, sympathetic manner, this is all to the good. The key, Gemini, is to choose a mature Virgo. Otkherwise, there is conflict, even combat.

You have never been noted for choosing the right persons. But, when dealing with Virgo, realize that long range projects could be at stake, as well as your future and such material things as property and home. When you play with Virgo, you are playing for keeps and you had better not enter the game in the first place unless you are familiar with the rules, the regulations and the possible consequences.

Gemini and Virgo are drawn together by circumstances, by mutual interests affecting the security of both. Listen, Gemini: you do have lessons to learn from Virgo. But be sure you are ready before you enroll in the class.

The "double dose " of Mercury raises the question of who is to take the lead. Virgo wants to serve, to offer constructive criticism. You want action. Who says when to go, when to remain? That becomes a major point of contention in this relationship. In all, Gemini and Virgo really have much in common; but the fact that friction exists between you cannot be denied.


You relate to Libra in an exciting, creative sense. The signs Gemini and Libra are trined, or compatible. You are aroused physically by Libra. Libra touches the area of your solar horoscope associated with love, sex, affection, courtship and self-expression. The Gemini-Libra combination equals Mercury and Venus, and the two signs together can make profound music.

Plainly, this is no relationship that can be laughed off, tampered with or taken as a lark. If you're not serious, Gemini, don't become involved with Libra. The stakes are too high, including children, affection, and the very heartbeat of your being. You see, this is not the very heartbeat of your being. You see this is not the kind of association you turn on or off. Once on, the light burns brightly.

Once on, the heat generated leads forward, to complications, to involvement. We should repeat, perhaps; if you don't intend to get involved, don't start with Libra in the first place.

Listen, Gemini: you learn from Libra of dedication and love. You learn to give, to exchange and to receive graciously. It's very important to adhere to principles. Once you fall down on these, the relationship suffers.

The higher you set your sights, the better for both you and Libra. Your wonderful teaching and reporting qualities are stimulated by the relationship. Your creative resources are brought forward.

Children could have muck to do with this relationship. Gemini with Libra is especially harmonious when dealing with youngsters. Basically, the relationship is healthy. The attraction is there and it could, for you, represent basic fulfillment.

You may find Libra too placid. You may want Libra to possess more get-up-and-go. But the steadying influence here could be advantageous. Patience, Gemini patience!


With Scorpio you are intrigued, but the relationship can be a trying one. You tend to finish before you start, to envision such great projects that you are tired before you actually get going!

With Scorpio, you work. You try to break through but find yourself in a kind of maze. You run hither and yon, which is familiar to the Gemini nature. Scorpio touches that part of your chart associated with service, pets, employees, and general health and jobs as differentiated from position or career. The Scorpio individual makes you aware of health and work resolutions - and regulations.

In connection with Scorpio, you become the person who helps, who aids those with problems. Usually, Gemini, it is you who confides in others. But Scorpio confides in you and, before you know it, you have promised to tackle a project. You begin working and then you begin to rebel.

This is not an easy relationship because it might lack some of the excitement Gemini craves. There is a steadying influence; you can gain from it. But you have to be patient, and you must be dedicated. Scorpio makes you finish what you start. And this, in itself, is good. You see, Gemini, you do your best when you know that there is nowhere to go until a current cycle is completed, the job finished. With Scorpio, you get down to the business at hand - and you usually finish it.

Gemini needs at least one Scorpio. This is because natives of this sign serve your needs. You don't always know what it is you require and Scorpio helps clarify this area, The Pluto of Scorpio, combined with your Mercury, enables you better to perceive long-range goals, You may change your mind, may take detours, but at least you do know where you Ultimately are going.


Here is a case of opposites attracting each other; that's the way it is with Gemini and Sagittarius. The Jupiter of Sagittarius blends with your Mercury to signify responsibility, money, powerful emotions, and intensified relations. Sagittarius can cheer you, stimulate ambition, help educate you and cause you to concentrate on a goal.

Sagittarius spotlights that part of your solar horoscope related to marriage, contracts, legal affairs, partnerships and public relations. Natives of this sign touch that part of your chart related to the way the world looks to you. And, very often, Sagittarius looks attractive to you.

There are no halfway measures here; it is all the way or nothing. Once the knot is tied, once the relationship gets started, there are responsibilities and an air of permanency. The affairs of Gemini and Sagittarius inter- mingle. It definitely is not a matter of hit-and-run. Know this, Gemini, and act accordingly.

You can make money with Sagittarius. You gain authority through added responsibility. Sagittarius can kelp make you feel more secure. Sagittarius philosophizes; Gemini is active. These traits form a bond of attraction.

An association with Sagittarius could he serious business. It could lead to a commitment, to anything from a business contract, to a partnership, to marriage.

Sagittarius helps make you more optimistic. You see where you are headed - and can detect ultimate profit. Your days of aimless journey are over when you team with Sagittarius.


Capricorn appeals to your sense of mystery and glamour. But money is involved and you must attend to details. You see, Gemini, Capricorn persons will not readily understand your restless nature. And they make demands. You are capable of fulfilling these demands ... but this doesn't mean you will want to do so. It's not very easy for you to keep secrets from Capricorn. In a positive sense, Capricorn relieves you of burdens and helps get to the bottom of mysteries. In a negative sense, Capricorn merely gets under your skin.

You learn about yourself through a relationship with Capricorn. You dig deep, uncover mysteries, and see a side of yourself, which was not previously visible. Capricorn encourages you to seek investment opportunities. Capricorn can teach you to invest in your own talents. You gain through this association, Gemini, if you're willing to bear down - if you mean business. Capricorn will see through any halfway methods or Half-hearted attempts.

The keynote of the relationship is money, responsibility and hidden assets, this may not be the most romantic combination, but there is drive here and certainly there is attraction.

Capricorn helps you get started and could he instrumental in providing a greater degree of financial security. Listen, Gemini - if you need balance, if you desire a sense of well being then you have found the right individual in Capricorn.

Some of your freedom is curtailed. You learn to play the waiting game. With Capricorn, you learn to be observant. You dig for information beyond the superficial level. Capricorn teaches you to be thorough. With Capricorn, you handle the money of other people. You will have an interesting time, but the restrictions could become depressing.


With Aquarius, you tend to he restless, almost as if you were associating with another Gemini. Aquarius touches that part of your Solar horoscope related to journeys, mental activity, publishing, writing, the ability to reach out and stretch above your environment. Aquarius persons stimulate you to learn and cause you to be dissatisfied with the status quo. The Uranus of Aquarius and your Mercury add up to a finalizing, of desires. Aquarius leads you, always promising more ---- until you become rather exhausted from following and anticipating.

Uranus and Mercury respectively rule Gemini and Aquarius. This, in turn, points to a kind of mental acrobatics. You certainly will meet your match in Aquarius if you are seeking to be far out. You'll get a great companion and counterpart if you want to he on the move, to travel, to learn, to report and to record your findings.

Aquarius gets you going, stimulates you --- and then may have a change of heart, a change of mind. Aquarius could represent something of a burden for you. Such an association means responsibility, but not necessarily any financial reward. Aquarius gets you interested in causes. You campaign and expend nervous energy. But, Gemini, when it's all over you may ask yourself, "What do I have to show for it? "

If it's excitement you seek, and a better understanding of the world in which you live, then don't hesitate to tie up with Aquarius. But if it's profit that is your motive, it's best to look elsewhere.

With Aquarius, you could embark upon long journeys. Uranus (Aquarius) and your Mercury blend to create progress. Interest in the welfare of others is emphasized. You create better conditions for others, but often at a sacrifice to yourself.

That's how it is likely to be when you team up with Aquarius. Overall, the match is beneficial. In any case the excitement of self-discovery is featured.


Here, with Pisces, your career is affected. So are your ambitions, aspirations and so, too, is your status. The Neptune of Pisces blends with Mercury, your ruling planet, to produce an element of confusion. Pisces puzzles you. There is an air of mystery about Pisces and you want to penetrate it. Neptune and Mercury can add up to creative imagination or it can add up to deception. The final answer depends, of course, upon the Pisces and Gemini individuals.

You, Gemini, are apt to reach out for perfection in this relationship. You want to advance, to gain authority and power. Pisces aids in these directions; but, very often, it is on Pisces' terms. You may be deceived into thinking you can be the dominant one with Pisces. This will not be the case. Pisces, in a subtle manner, leads the way. You eventually could become an unwilling follower!

There are problems here; there is also an abundance of romantic feeling. But the romance could lack staying power; it is not so much passion as it is anticipation. In a way, your relationship with Pisces is akin to chasing a rainbow. It seems within grasp, but somehow proves evasive. The relationship seems nebulous and on the brink. There is desire. There is also illusion. Turning illusion to reality is the task to be accomplished if the relationship is to succeed.

Pisces could drive you and demand an accounting of your accomplishments; this might build resentment. It is fine for the fulfillment of certain ambitions, but takes muck will power if it is to result in a lasting partnership. Gemini and Pisces learn from each other and the lessons could be difficult ones. If, Gemini, you' re just out for a lark, you could get your wings clipped.

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