Compatibility of Leo with other Zodiac Signs


Aries touches that part of your solar horoscope related to long journeys, philosophy, publishing, and communications. The signs are well aspected; together, Aries and Leo represent originality, independence, and a new approach.

This Mars of Aries, with your sun, spells action, you could burn up with activity, the key is to outline the sense of direction, to know where you are going. Obviously, Aries spurs you to greater efforts, and is instrumental in gaining recognition for your efforts; there is also physical attraction here. But there could he a tendency to go too fast. In so doing, there could be mishaps.

You can, with Aries, articulate constructive ideas. Aries gains recognition and publicity for you, Aries flatters you and when anyone does this, you are won over.

Aries is favorable, but tires you. You have to keep on your toes. You want to impress Aries. You may overextend yourself. There is only so much you can do. And, with Aries, you want to do it all.

With Aries, you would be wise to order a new supply of vitamins! The Mars of Aries and your Sun could catch fire, burn energy - and the need is for replacement, for reserve strength. Unless you understand this, there could be too much of a good thing.

Aries is especially helpful at aiding you to get ideas off the ground. You gain by strengthening your personal philosophy. Your association with Aries also aids publishing enterprises. Your views gain a wider audience.

A good relationship, Leo if you take time out to catch your breath!



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With Gemini, you are active and inspired. Social contacts improve and there is genuine attraction. Self-improvement programs work both ways here; Gemini tries to improve you and you try to improve Gemini. The Gemini individual touches that part of your chart related to hopes, wishes, friends your fantasies are affected by Gemini and could the subject to revision. Gemini is active - associated with Mercury and this combines with your Leo Sun in a manner that ignites ideas, travel, speculation, plans, reports, and writing.

Much attention is centered on luxury, beauty, or domestic problems when Gemini and Leo get together. The relationship is generally harmonious, despite emotional fireworks. You tend, Leo, to expect too much of Gemini. You expect a sense of humor, charm, and versatility but often, you interpret them as forms of restlessness, dissatisfaction or flightiness. Gemini appeals to you because Gemini flatters you. And, Leo, w en you are flattered you find it difficult, if not impossible, to resist.

You admire the quickness of the Gemini mind you are fascinated by the friends you meet through Gemini. In turn Gemini is apt to meet his or her match in you where travel, Ideas, and general rebelliousness are concerned.

To put it succinctly-Gemini and Leo match for each other. Whether they are a good match depends, of course, on background, environment and the more sophisticated points in each, horoscope. But, overall, the combination is favorable Leo loves bright lights, flattery, and excitement, and Gemini provides these in abundance.

Listen, Leo-you can gain pleasure through this relationship and it could be a lasting one. Don't give it up without much thought, consideration, and projection into future possibilities. There could come a time when you berate you self for not having accepted what Gemini had to offer.



In relation to Cancer, you are attracted due to an air of mystery and because you associate Cancer persons with glamour, physical attractiveness, and the good life, such as fine food, drink and cultural attainment.

With Cancer, you strive for material goods, for power, for security. This is because Cancerians touch that part of your Solar horoscope connected with uncertainty, mystery, puzzles and, in so doing, cause you to go after solutions, to b aware of a need to save for a time when money might not be so easily forthcoming.

There is basic attraction here, The Cancer Moon and your Sun represent symbols of attracting opposites male and female, hot and cold 'fire and water, want and plenty. You have, to put it briefly, an appetite for each other.

With Cancer, you become concerned with groups, clubs, institutions and restrictions. There also is an element of the clandestine where you are concerned here. There are expenditures which you consider of a private nature-you don't want necessarily to reveal them.

The Cancer person mystifies you. You see in this individual mother, lover, cool and provider. Cancer many persons that part of your chart concerned with secret fears, phobias, duties.

Listen, Leo: you love mystery, intrigue. Cancer provides it. And if Cancer is smart, you'll hang around a long time trying to figure things out. You need this person in your life at least part, if not all, of the time.

You become more versatile with Cancer. You flex your muscles, and you move toward accomplishment. This relationship is especially good for any association with motion pictures or television.



With another Leo, it is a question of who is going to give up the spotlight. Two individuals born under Leo, when together, represent charm, entertainment and personality plus. But it could be too much of a good thing. To make the relationship succeed, each Leo must be willing to step back, to permit the other to show off special talents and abilities.

The Leo man doesn't attract the usual, the mundane, and the ordinary. And to succeed in a relationship with Leo, you have to be somewhat eccentric, willing to forgo numerous conventions - and you have to dress well, appreciate good food and be heavy on the compliments. This man is romantic and somewhat egotistical. But much of the time he's worth an extra effort. No matter how exasperating he may be, he has a right to his ego because he is likely also to be proud of you.

That's a key make him proud of you. Read, keep up with current events and maintain a sense of humor. He loves to see you laugh, as long as you are laughing with and not at him. The Leo man demands attention. He is fiery, romantic. He can be an easy victim of the green- eyed monster, too. Very jealous, offended, aloof - if he feels you regard him as anything less than the center of your universe. It's not easy. It's quite a job, handling the Leo man!

The Leo man likes the theater but dislikes theatrics. The Leo male admires beauty but not the obvious kind; he prefers the subtle. He is repelled by women who use too much makeup by women who cry openly (it's much more effective to utilize a dramatic sob) by women who laugh too loud (better to squeeze his hand and smile in appreciation) and most important by women who steal the spotlight. He believes in equal rights for men and women, but expects you to accept the concept that he is just a little superior. He's affectionate and lovable-and he can be yours if you utilize loads of flattery and hat your eyelashes when he turns those magnetic eyes on you.

If you are pursuing a Leo woman, compliment her tell her she's beautiful and she will be. She has a flair for the dramatic. Let her have the spotlight: but also realize you will have to be unusual so don't tell all you know.

Maintain an air of mystery. She loves to hear about herself, read her palm and check her horoscope. She demands that you be aware of her. A touch, a gesture, a secret signal something special - that's the way to woo and win the Leo lady. Your own manner should he regal. She wants to be with someone who is admired by others. In more intimate Moments, she admires tenderness, a caress; this is what she prefers to any heavy- handed overtures.

She is sexy but she wants you to want her for more than physical reasons. She values herself She doesn't give herself away. That is, you must court her; thoughtful gifts mean more to her than the expensive variety. Plainly, romance is part of her life. She is romantic and needs to be needed. She is likely to be attractive, and she expects to be jealous of you, but doesn't want to be reprimanded for her own flirtatiousness. Make yourself a fascinating challenge. Involvement with a Leo woman can be fatiguing, but you will learn about life and living and love. Her nature is fiery; she is passionate, giving and generous. If you win her, the prize will be a great one. She is stubborn, but she is usually trying to work out what is best for you. Recognize her good qualities, which are numerous, in being amorous, avoid being coarse. Sex, for the Leo lady, is just one part of love. It is the rhythm of life but to be a part of her life you must first earn her admiration.

She abhors the humdrum, routine, and stupid. She revels in the creative, in excitement, could be an addict of the theater and she will share the spotlight if she feels you really have something others would admire. She's unusual, complicated, and opinionated but she can be one of the most beautiful experiences in your life.



In connection with Virgo, there is a feeling that money is involved. Listen, Leo: Virgo persons affect your finances. They try to kelp you but often you resent the aid and go on a spending binge.

Virgo touches that part of your chart directly associated with money, possessions, and valuables. Virgo makes you aware of domestic and financial responsibilities There is harmony and a degree of attraction - but it is like taking strong drink or very sweet sweets; you want more, and you press, and Virgo presses - and, if you are not careful, there is an explosion, a separation. That's Leo and Virgo. The Leo Sun and the Virgo Mercury combine to shine with ideas and plans, and the danger always being that the light will become so bright it will burn out.

With Virgo you become aware of your bank account or lack of it. Virgo has ideas, prods, criticizes - at times the criticism is constructive if only you will pay heed, Listen, Leo: where you tend to be flamboyant, Virgo tends to be conservative. Where you tend to leap first and think later, Virgo tends to analyze, to draw deductions before jumping to any conclusions. As a combination, the two signs are basically neutral, but can be favorable if you are willing to conserve health and money.

In all, the association is full of sparks, and one that could ignite into a permanent relationship.

Virgo makes you aware of what money can buy. You become more sensitive to budget. You cut down on some extravagances. Virgo is diet-conscious. You become more concerned with your general health. Virgo is intrigued by you, but frustrated when you ignore common sense in eating, and drinking. You can become impatient with Virgo. But if you select the best that Virgo Offers, there are definite benefits.



With Libra, you may be confused, but you are stimulated. And for you, Leo, stimulation is the spice of life. It makes the wheels go round and gets the creative juices flowing. That, Leo, is what Libra can do for you.

There could he a lack of solidity in this relationship. We know that we are dealing with Sun signs, and that a complete horoscope takes more, much more than the Sun position into consideration. But, basically, the solar horoscope does tell a great deal, For example, it tells us that Leo and Libra are compatible but that you, Leo, tend to deceive yourself this relationship. You scatter your forces. You run hither a yon. You thrive on the excitement, the beauty, the roman it is Leo being in love with love all over again. What I saying is that you must strive for a more practical approach this relationship is to turn into something of lasting.

Libra touches that part of your chart related to ideas, neighbors, hobbies, and mental pursuits ... the take apparently unrelated facts and blend them into a story. Bright conversation is a feature of any Leo - Libra association. It's very pleasant for muck of the time - but, Leo sometimes the edge becomes sharp, perhaps even cutting.

Your Sun and the Libra Venus do add up to romance However, there are doubts which plague you - and you tendency to be jealous comes to the fore here. You have work to succeed in this relationship. It could be Perfect, if you are flexible. Libra is sensitive and you can be domineer the answer is to loosen the reins. Libra can teach you much the realm of art and justice. The question is, "just how m are you willing to learn?



There are obstacles here. You want freedom. With Scorpio, there are additional duties, responsibilities. The Pluto of Scorpio, combined with your Sun significator, adds up to sexual attraction. But there is also controversy, because Scorpio affects the part of your chart that is related to domesticity, long-range programs, restriction and parental authority. You display a tendency to rebel with Scorpio.

Some perfectly marvelous arguments could take place here. On the constructive side, disputes clear the air. On the negative level, emotional scars result.

Scorpio helps you with real estate. Scorpio can aid in making purchases of lasting value. With Scorpio, you are forced to be Practical. Scorpio could manage your funds. Scorpio could get you to work on time. Scorpio could curb your extravagance. However, in so doing, Scorpio might also curb your zest for living. It depends, of course, on the individual Scorpio and the specific Leo. A complete horoscope comparison is advisable. Generally, the classic Scorpio and the typical Leo have a job to do in making this relationship a success.

You could feel tied down, forced, restricted. But, in the best sense, this discipline could work to advantage. You could He forced to utilize creative talents in a manner. Your magnanimous nature would not be w fair-weather friends. You would do more entertaining you would save money. And with Scorpio, you could put money in the bank and purchase property, which increases value.

Scorpio elevates your standing and aids your career potential. You may rebel, but you also respond Response, for a Leo, is essential. Which means you seldom are indifferent with Scorpio. With all the problems, the ultimate challenge could be worthwhile and lead to success.



Physical attraction is featured, The Jupiter of Sagittarius and your Sun blend to provide stimulation. Sagittarius affects that part of your solar horoscope related to sex, children creativity, speculation, and general excitement.

With Sagittarius, you seldom are satisfied with the status; you want changes and variety, Jupiter and the sun create an air of optimism. You can expand your interests a find an outlet for some of your Hidden talents.

Sagittarius challenges, stimulates, and inspires. You could bring forth abilities that were obscured. With Sagittarius, could He happy because you are kept creatively active.

Children often add to the Happiness of a Sagittarius- Leo relationship. For you, Sagittarius represents adventurer it is the adventure of variety and travel and not knowing what might occur next. The unexpected could become a way of life - and a sure way of retaining youth.

The Jupiter of Sagittarius Helps you overcome any tendency toward depression. There is a willingness here to buck the odds, to overcome obstacles, to do what appears impossible. It is always necessary to build on a solid base and, with Sagittarius this can be accomplished.

There are obstacles. One of the disagreements that could arise is based on where to live, where to settle, what to do in later years. But, the assets outweigh any deficits. Eventually, Leo and Sagittarius could resolve conflicts concerning residence, long-range plans and goals. In the meantime all can have fun.

If you want someone who unlocks the door to your creativity, you have found the right person in Sagittarius. These are two Fire signs; the light could 6urn bright and result in Happiness and achievement.



Some restriction is evident; the Saturn of Capricorn and You're Sun spell responsibility, long-range plans (often interrupted) and some financial pressure. Capricorn affects that part of your solar horoscope associated with health, employment. With Capricorn, basics are involved, including basic chores and basic misunderstandings.

Leo and Capricorn attract each other; but there is an edginess" to the relationship. It could get bogged down with details and you might feel held back, restricted. With Capricorn, you could create something of lasting value. Capricorn kelps get your name to the right people. Capricorn aids you in sustaining your efforts. Capricorn can discipline you, but it is ultimately for your own good. You don't always appreciate Capricorn, but it might be a case of too much familiarity. Capricorn is reserved and you can be flamboyant. Capricorn takes this in stride while you would prefer", surprise, applause, gasps of appreciation.

Capricorn helps you mature. What Capricorn does, in the main, is to make you aware of some shortcomings. Unless you are mature, you don't take this in stride.

However, if you're mature, this can prove beneficial. Capricorn is patient while you are impulsive. Obviously Capricorn and Leo can learn from each other, although the lessons are not always pleasant.

Capricorn helps you face reality, which can be a task. You will discover what is of value, what is mere fluff. You may the sensational with Capricorn, but you will get the basic. And Capricorn will kelp you distinguish true friends those who merely have their hands out.



Aquarius stimulates you, you are attracted, but much in the manner that opposites attract each other. He Uranus of Aquarius combined with your Sun significator, spells change, travel, variety, communication and challenge. Aquarius affects that part of your solar horoscope related to marriage, partnership, legal affairs, and public relations. our individuality is sparked; you could be angered into action. You are intrigued. You are drawn, but often against your will. Aquarius causes you to examine your conscience, to become concerned with altruistic causes.

You could marry an Aquarius. You could also, on the other hand, become a dedicated rival. Your feelings, obviously, are ambivalent. That's the way Aquarius affects you: up and down approval and disapproval, elation and anger. With Aquarius, You do not think the same, remain the same as before you move, change, analyze, and get involved.

You are a natural showman. You want attention. Aquarius has interests, which are unusual, to say the least, you are drawn to and want to learn from Aquarius. But envy exists. When You recognize this in yourself, you become resentful. Because Aquarius has caused this self- recognition of a weakness, you tend to lash out and b1ame, accuse. It's a delicate relationship, not always easy. But if it can be made to work, it works well.

Uranus and the Sun-Aquarius and Leo add up to excitement, discovery, invention, and advancement and can lead to a Breakthrough in unorthodox areas. Certainly, Leo, this kind of association will provide challenge. Maintain your balance; don't paint yourself into a corner. If you know where you are headed, even though the route is subject to change, this can work to your advantage.




You strive to fathom the "mystery" of Pisces; that sign's Neptune combines with your Sun significator to create pressure, hidden desire, some restriction and a feeling that steam is building toward an emotional explosion.

Pisces affects that area of your chart dealing with the hidden, the occult, with other people's money, with sex and secret information. Pisces is of the Water element; your zodiacal element is Fire. The two do not mix. This means that there are obvious problems-but there is also intrigue, which builds into magnetic attraction. Pisces does fascinate you; you want to impress, to show that you are not only worthy, but also desirable.

Pisces exhibits a tendency to serve you, to placate, to anticipate your desires and moods. You want the relationship to continue but in some instances there is a triangle. A third person could stand in the way.

Listen: you take on responsibility when you take on Pisces. There are financial procedures or legal issues to consider. Someone else's money is involved. Pisces represents that part of horoscope related to the finances of a mate or u could find that funds are tied up in connection association.

Be sure, Leo that you know what it is you really desire. Playing games in this area is inviting fire and flood. However, mature and sincere, there could be benefits, both and emotional. It depends, of course, on the horoscopes of the individual Pisces and Leo involved.

The Neptune of Pisces is compelling where you are concerned; it stands for mystery, illusion and romance- right up your alley.


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