Compatibility of Pisces with other Zodiac Signs


With an Aries, that section of your chart associated with money, possessions, and what is valuable, is accented. The Mars of Aries combines with your Neptune to produce either great imagination and idealism-or illusion or deception. When Aries becomes involved in intrigue -it is likely to be with you, Pisces.

You either make money with Aries -or you lose it. There seems to be little neutral ground. Aries, of course, is a Fire Sign -you are of the Water Element. Fire and Water make a difficult combination. Now, Pisces, I tell you this so you can be ready for the challenge -and welcome it. After all, the role of astrology is to forewarn. And, if you are entering a relationship with an Aries, be ready for an individual who is active, enthusiastic and encourages you to invest in your own talents.

There tends to be an element of deception here. Not that you try to fool Aries or that Aries attempts to deceive you, but you two tend to see pictures that do not exist, you tend to conjure up dreams which could be of the pipe-dream variety. What I am counselling, Pisces is a mature attitude - that both you and Aries face reality. Then you'll recognize a genuine bargain when you come across it.

There is excitement, adventure -and there are problems in this combination. To Aries, you are magnetic, mysterious, and secretive. Aries wants to impress you and bring you out of your shell. Aries is likely to succeed, but the proposition might prove expensive for you, Pisces.

You are neighbours of the zodiac, next door to each other. But, nevertheless, there can be a world of difference between Pisces and Aries. Know this and realize you are not likely to reform each other.


You are of the Water element and quite impressionable. You need some Earth, and Taurus could fulfil that need. Taurus could urge you toward a greater degree of practicality and, at the same time, provide mental stimulation.

Taurus affects that part of your horoscope related to relatives, ideas, and short journeys. The two signs are harmonious, a lasting relationship could result. The Venus of Taurus blends with your Neptune to encourage home- making, a beautifying of surroundings.

With Taurus, you could break from the usual routine. The status quo tends to bore you two, because Taurus stimulates you in a mental sense. You want to break down barriers of restriction. But, simultaneously, you desire security.

You may or may not seek the counsel of relatives in connection with this relationship. But close relatives, such as brothers and Sisters, are likely to figure prominently here. You'll either get their approval, or otherwise; not many close to you are apt to be neutral about your association with Taurus.

Many long-lasting marriages have been between natives of these two signs. There is harmony and also a valuable element -the element of humour. Taurus regards you as friendly, pleasant and one who is stimulating. You regard Taurus as one who makes you get up and go.

Some view Taurus as rather plodding, stubborn. But to you, Taurus presents a different picture. You see Taurus' versatile, charming and humorous side.

Specifically, Taurus makes you try and experiment. Taurus encourages you to take notes, to write, to keep in touch with people. Taurus helps you to see the wonders around you and aids you in selecting items that make your personal world a more comfortable -and beautiful-place.

Obviously, this can be a fascinating relationship as well as a lasting one.


With Gemini, you are made aware of security, long- range projects, home and property. Gemini touches that part of your solar horoscope associated with the end of a project, and with security in later years. Gemini encourages you to travel, to broaden the scope of your vision, your interests. Gemini tends to make you restless. You two are not likely to be satisfied with the status quo.

Listen, Pisces-Gemini is filled with ideas. And some- times the ideas are fired at you as if with a machine gun. It is up to you to choose the best, to be discriminating, to be selective. Gemini stimulates your intellectual curiosity. The two signs are not well aspected; there are problems to overcome. There are obstacles. But, on the positive side, these can be regarded as healthy challenges.

Your Neptune significator, combined with the Mercury of Gemini, indicates an element of confusion -but of the generally happy variety. There is much activity here, but where it ultimately leads is a basic question.

The two signs -Gemini and Pisces -could lack direction when they get together. It will have to be up to you, or to Gemini, to take the lead and see that things follow through to some kind of definite conclusion. Until and unless, that occurs, you could be going nowhere. But at least you probably will have fun while doing so.

The relationship could be a time-waster but this depends on the degree of maturity possessed by you and by Gemini.



You are physically attracted to Cancer. With Cancer, your creative elements can come to the fore. Children could be involved. Also change travel varieties are indicated. The Moon of Cancer and your Neptune symbolize romance and some intrigue. There is nothing lukewarm about this relationship; it is all the way-or nothing. You will quickly thrive, or equally quickly end the relationship.

Cancer helps you gain greater recognition, broader horizons. The Moon-Neptune blend has far-reaching effects. Other people are involved.

You may find that it is not easy to control your emotions when you get involved with a Cancer-born individual. You get started, thinking you can stop at will. But this does not happen always to be the case: one thing leads to another.

On another level, you can complete important projects with Cancer. There is something stable about Cancer, which helps to steady you. You seem to find a base of operations; you appear able to know that there is a place to return to, no matter how far you go.

Cancer and Pisces are in trine, which is a favourable aspect. Both are of the Water element. You can be happy with Cancer. But this is no sign to play games with: the results can be serious and permanent-like marriage and children.

Cancer learns from you; Cancer travels with you. Cancer can be elevated through your influence. You, in turn, are vital with Cancer; you come alive. Obviously, there is a great deal of potential for good when Cancer and Pisces combine forces.


Leo relates to that part of your solar chart associated with work, health, basic issues, pets and special services. The Leo Sun blends with your Neptune significator to indicate practicality in matters that might otherwise be mere daydreams.

The Sun of Leo symbolizes a brightening of your hopes, wishes; Leo can turn Neptunian illusions into working ideas. Leo will keep after you. Leo will remind you of your health, and resolutions with regard to work. Leo will get you going in business.

There is attraction here, because Leo loves glamour and that, Pisces, is one of your basic qualities. Your air of mystery and a chance to reach that pie-in-the-sky. For you, Leo is bright, often enchanting, sexually attractive; but basically, Leo stands, with you, for an opportunity to express practically certain of your unique qualities.

A Leo could drive you to distraction. So much is expected of you in this relationship that there could be emotional turmoil. You might try too hard to impress him or her. Then, of course, your health could suffer. Know this and strive for balance. Leo tends to place you on a pedestal, and might get the mistaken idea that you are tireless. Without meaning to do so, Leo could over- work you or cause you to overexert yourself.

There are positive and negative aspects here. It is an interesting relationship. It could even be fascinating. But the mixture is far from perfect. It needs the seasoning of time to succeed in the long run.


Virgo affects that part of your chart associated with marriage, partnerships and public reaction for your efforts. The Mercury of Virgo combines with your Neptune Solar significator to mean an increase in your appeal. A Neptune- Mercury relationship spreads, is wide, is big, can be pleasant and funny, but cannot be buried.

Listen: you are attracted to Virgo, but much in the manner that opposites attract each other. You could marry a Virgo. You admire the quickness, the wit of Virgo, even the apparent practicality. Virgo is drawn to your sense of fantasy, of mystery, to your poetic qualities, to your ability to abstract the solid. On the other hand, Virgo can prepare the quick report-and give a quick retort-while you are formulating a theory. Naturally, if a balance between these extremes is achieved, there is a fine blending. There could be a marriage.

On the negative side, this relationship can still be fascinating but non-productive. Your forces can be scattered; there can be a marked lack of concentration. A kind of dreamlike state can exist. There can be fun and games, but no solid outcome.

One thing: Virgo amuses you. Virgo can make you laugh, even at your own foibles. This, of course, takes us back into the positive area of the relationship. And, on the positive side, your public standing improves. Your image is more palatable. Virgo encourages you to use your imagination for practical purposes, aids you in gaining greater recognition; you become more aware of your potentiality. Virgo, in effect, helps you to become more concrete and less abstract in presenting your views.

Obviously, there is good and bad for you in relation to a Virgo. Much depends on your stage of development- and, of course, on the degree to which Virgo is mature.



Libra accents that part of your solar horoscope related to other people's money, mystery, the occult and sex. The Venus of Libra and your Neptune Solar significator combine to represent an atmosphere of hope through work. With Libra, you can see rainbows; but whether or not you capture them is another story. There is something elusive about your relationship with Libra.

You can be bogged down and restricted here; but, most importantly, you are aware. You know what should be done. With Libra, you can face practical issues with hope. There is hope for additional financial resources; there is hope that an affair of the heart will have a happy ending. The Venus of Libra and your Neptune signify a romantic combination. It is reality -or the lack of it -that remains the major question; whether the hope is based on realistic thinking, whether there is a real basis for optimism.

Listen: this may all sound complicated. It is. Where the Eighth House is involved, there are complications. Libra is involved with the Eighth House of your solar horoscope. It is this area of the chart that stands for the occult, meaning what is hidden or largely associated with the unknown.

It is partly because of this that you are attracted to Libra. The benefits of such a relationship are difficult to define. Whatever benefits do occur come as the result of work, planning and a piercing of the unknown. Nothing is apt to be handed out on the proverbial silver platter.

Know this and you will have a better chance of success with Libra. Refuse to acknowledge it, and you stack the odds against yourself and Libra.

There is romance here, and there is glamour and mystery. The challenge is to build on a solid base.


Your sign is compatible with Scorpio. That sign affects your Ninth Solar sector, having to do with travel, education, philosophy and the ability to perceive what is needed for the future.

The two signs are in trine aspect -favourable to each other. The Pluto of Scorpio combines with your Neptune in a unique manner. It adds up to intuitive knowledge in both of you. You tune in on Scorpio. You learn, and teach: you and a Scorpio might make a wonderful pair in teaching metaphysics. That is, you are a team that could promote the unusual, the unique, and the areas, which are usually reserved for people with exotic tastes.

Education, places of learning, including special schools; these are emphasized in your relationship with a Scorpio. I stress this because both Scorpio and Pisces are fond of mystery, intrigued by the unknown. Thus, by your setting up a practical program to share these interests, some good could come of it. This would include psychic income, and the earthy variety, too. Personal satisfaction, plus rewards, could result if a Pisces and a Scorpio decide to set up a course, a program, a club, a meeting group devoted to astrology, ESP, or psychic phenomena.

Scorpio finds you physically attractive, and can inspire you. You are idealistic about Scorpio. The two of you could form a mutual admiration society. But the odds are that Scorpio cares for you in quite a direct, earthy manner. You think of Scorpio as someone from whom you can learn, someone who can teach you how to use your talents for a practical, profitable purpose.

What is most important in this relationship is that there be an agreement to share knowledge. Once Scorpio and Pisces start keeping secrets from each other -the castle of potentiality begins to crumble. Keep your secrets together- but not from each other.

The indications point to a favourable relationship. The rest is up to you!


Sagittarius accents that part of your chart related to career, drive, ambitions, prestige, standing in the community and opportunity for success. The Jupiter of Sagittarius and your Neptune significator symbolize new starts, originality and a degree of selfishness. When together, you'll spread out and then perhaps join in one single line, representing an arrow that shoots directly for the mark.

Generally, the two signs are not considered compatible. But, if determined, this team could build together toward security.

For Pisces, Sagittarius could stimulate a fire, a drive which might otherwise be dormant. For Sagittarius, Pisces represents home and security. But there is conflict. The solution centers on deciding who is going to do the leading, who the following.

With Sagittarius, you will want to elevate your position. You'll want independence. You are more direct in your relationship with Sagittarius than is usually the case. There may be sharp rebukes connected with this relationship. There could be disagreements and battles. But, through it all, there is also likely to be progress.

Listen, Pisces: I would say this is a better relationship on the professional level than it is on a personal one. This means, of course, for starting a business, for promoting a product, for finding room at the top, this combination is favorable. But not so much so for peace, tranquility, emotional stability. There simply is apt to be too much conflict.

Of course, if you are both mature -and determined - then professional and personal success can be combined. But the odds are against it.

For beginning a project, for an original approach, for creative endeavors for these things -a Sagittarius is good for a Pisces. For emotional contentment, there might be much to be desired.


Capricorn affects that part of your chart associated with friends, hopes, wishes, and aspirations. The Saturn of Capricorn combines with your Neptune to indicate a harmonious relationship. There is balance here and the signs are favorably aspected. Saturn, representing realism, lends balance to Neptune, standing for the dream. Together, you build-including, possibly, a home and a life together.

On the surface, the signs are very different. Saturn is associated with discipline, and Neptune, with illusion, the freedom to wander, dream, to wax poetic. But, beneath the surface, there are many similarities. Capricorn can be morose. Pisces can brood. Capricorn can drive to the top through sheer determination and a sense of timing. Pisces can wait and wade through a labyrinth to daylight.

Pisces and Capricorn can provide each other with joy. There is physical attraction here. There is also a great chance for domestic harmony. Capricorn views you as an individual of great wit. Capricorn sees you as one associated with short trips. Capricorn is proud to introduce you to his or her relatives. For you, Capricorn represents an opportunity for wish fulfillment. With Capricorn, you can gain -Capricorn makes an especially good financial advisor for you. Capricorn helps your fantasies come closer to something solid, like money or property.

Obviously, then, Capricorn is favorable for you. The relationship, however, takes time to develop, to blossom. Capricorn is apt to be more patient along romantic lines here. Thus, the key is for you to wait, as you're capable of doing, to overcome minor obstacles before plunging in. If you do this, you could be doing yourself a favor. The vote is "Yes" for Pisces with Capricorn


An Aquarius, in relationship with another horn under the same sign, can be highly successful-if a third person handles the details. With another Aquarius, you tear down and rebuild. You become master builders. You see beyond the immediate. But you tend to overlook essentials. That's why a third person, proficient in handing details, can be an invaluable aid to two Aquarians embarked on a project.

In a personal relationship, there are problems because each Aquarian is so much of an individual- each wants his or her own way. Unless there is excitement and adventure, the relationship could wither.



Aquarius affects that part of your solar horoscope having to do with secrets, restrictions, institutions and clandestine activities. Intrigue often exhibits itself in your relationship with Aquarius. The Uranus of Aquarius and your Neptune blend to stand for the far-reaching. Your goals, with Aquarius, are likely to be humanitarian.

On the positive side, this relationship is good for building organizations that help people. It's especially good for charitable activities. On the negative side, there are undercover dealings indicated that could skirt the law.

When you're with Aquarius, your dating, initiative, and willingness to gamble on your own ideas and abilities are highlighted. Aquarius inspires you to shake off emotional lethargy, to come out of any turtle-like shell. You not only face the world with Aquarius, you determine to do something about it. What you do is either constructive or otherwise, depending on the individual Aquarian involved and, of course, on you.

Basically, with you and Aquarius, there are secrets and you love secrets. There is glamour, mystery- and these are areas particularly suited to your Piscean nature.

Your basic drives, thus, are apt to be stimulated through an association with Aquarius. You have much in common with Aquarius, although this might not be apparent on the surface. Aquarius is attracted to the unknown, to mystery, and is intrigued with time. So are you. But Aquarius is apt to be less patient and more demanding of direct action. A Pisces-Aquarius blend, if properly balanced, could be a formidable one, especially in the areas of television motion pictures, hospitals and charitable institutions.


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