Compatibility of Sagittarius with other Zodiac Signs


You are physically attracted to Aries; your creative abilities are stimulated by this relationship. The Mars of Aries and your Jupiter significator blend to enhance your mutual social activity and prospects for travel. The two signs - Aries and Sagittarius - are harmoniously aspected; the odds are great for a successful relationship.

You were born under a Fire sign; Aries belongs to the same element. A chord is struck, and a response is evinced. You are playing with fire when you're with an Aries. The association, for you, could mean children, love and marriage. There is no halfway here. This is far from a harmless flirtation.

You bring forth your creative resources with Aries. The Jupiter-Mars combination is excellent; it symbolizes a blend of direct action and long-range planning. A balance is struck and you can, with Aries, be contented on three levels: physical, mental and emotional.

No one is perfect, and there can be problems in this relationship. One is a tendency toward actions devoid of reason. Impulse tends to dominate. You tend, with Aries, to act first and think later. Complications, quite naturally, could arise. The physical attraction here could lead to a situation that creates embarrassment and pressure. Be sure you and Aries are free - legally and otherwise - to see each other, to maintain a relationship.

This is not something you can start and stop at Will. This game between Sagittarius and Aries is for high stakes. And once the chips are down, there may be no easy way out.


When you are with Taurus, there is emphasis on basic issues, health and work. Ideals are high and methods of serving have the needs of others are stressed. With Taurus, you have a desire to produce beauty, to create an atmosphere that spells out harmony. Together, the signs are neutral, but there is a basic attraction. For the long haul, Taurus and Sagittarius make a good combination. You, Sagittarius, are fiery and idealistic; Taurus is earthy, Practical and determined. This balances. The right amount of each could provide a winning mixture.

For you, Taurus could represent a stepping-stone, a pause, and breather. You may lean on Taurus; you may expect and demand the maximum degree of dependability from Taurus. You may, in fact, ash too much of Taurus.

Taurus performs services; helps make your life more comfortable. Taurus is a fixed sign and your are the opposite, being changeable and inconstant. Because of this, you could crate a situation where you take Taurus for granted. Taurus will take only so much of this- and, finally have enough.

With Taurus, you can create a product or service that has universal appeal. This is no small matter. It means the relationship can be valuable- in service to others and in profit to you.

To be with Taurus, you may have to burn the bridges of you past. This isn't always easy for you. In this case it may be worth it, however. Taurus will help you to take care of your-self. Taurus will aid in keeping you on an even keel.

Taurus will help you to make ideas work and will help you to utilize assets in a practical manner. It could be rewarding relationship, especially over the long haul, in connection with future projects.


The accent in this association is on marriage, partnership, joint effort and public relations. With Gemini you assume responsibility for your actions. You could get linked up with a Gemini in a permanent manner. The Mercury of Gemini combines with your Jupiter Solar significator to symbolize responsibility and reward. Gemini is quick, agile and versatile. Gemini can help you carry out your ideas.

You are attracted to Gemini, although the signs are in opposition. You are not opposite in nature. But Gemini has quick ideas, is a note-taker, while you philosophize and could be characterized as an essay-writer. There's a wide difference here, but the family is the same.

In a broad sense, there are many similarities between you sign and Gemini. In detail, however, there are vast differences. Gemini is restless and sees phases, perceives quick trends. You are willing to travel, but no longer journeys and at a more leisurely pace. You see long-range cycles, and Gemini could chide you for what appears to he procrastination.

Gemini is Air and you are Fire; getting together could either fan the flame, or extinguish it. Gemini makes you aware of public reactions. You get in the thick of things with Gemini. Your ideas become more direct, to the point. You have to move along to keep up with Gemini. You assume added responsibility, accept additional assignments and duties. But your income potential could rise as you receive greater recognition.

Marriage indications are strong here; the possibility of a union between Sagittarius and Gemini is a lively one. In a business alliance, Gemini and Sagittarius operate well and attract money. Together, these signs can produce commercial success.

That's the way it is with Sagittarius and Gemini: the accent is on partnership or marriage-either harmonious or the opposite.



Your Jupiter and the Cancer Moon significator combine to mean that you can make beautiful music with a Cancerian. It's a case of mutual attraction, although there are some problems, particularly in the financial area. Cancer affects that part of your solar horoscope connected with legacies, the money of a mate or partner, the occult and hidden matters. Cancer is of the Water element and your sign belongs to the Fire Trinity. Fire and Water do not mix and, thus, you'll have to work hard to make this relationship click.

Cancer is concerned with money and security; your chief interests lie in travel, philosophy, writing and self- expression. There are bound to be obstacles, but if you are both mature these can be overcome.

With Cancer, there is variety. There are changes, too. Your status is open to change. Cancer helps you make decisions. Cancer insists that you set a goal and that you pursue it. Cancer makes you aware of financial potential.

There is physical attraction here. Cancer relies on you for a cheering, optimistic note. You are drawn to Cancer in a mysterious manner. You are fascinated, and will attempt to fathom the depths of Cancer. You may never really know Cancer, but you could enjoy the attempt.

Together, Cancer and Sagittarius could come up with creative ideas. The key is to determine who is to direct operations. Cancer can be all business, and you can be wonderful at meeting and greeting the public. There tend to be financial disagreements. Cancer wants to conserve and you want to expend. The balance could be beneficial, but the key is to decide who sets policy.

With Cancer, you are entrusted with funds. Your capabilities are put on the line and your investment acumen is tested.



Leo affects that part of your solar horoscope associated with journeys, including journeys of the mind; this means that Leo attracts and stimulates you. The Leo Sun and your Jupiter significator blend very favorably. The combination helps break down barriers or restrictions. These two Fire Signs-Leo and Sagittarius-combine to mean that you two can set up guidelines, serve as inspirations to others. This is because together, you two put idealism into action.

Leo aids you in transforming your noble notions to the drawing table, and, ultimately, to " the field ". Together, Jupiter and the Sun represent that which is, at one and the same time, inspiring and practical. You two can discover a way to hurdle objections and obstacles. Finances improve, and backing is obtained from sources that would be considered far removed from the immediate objective.

Obviously, Sagittarius and Leo are well aspected, and the relationship has a great chance for success. The greatest obstacle to be faced here is impatience. There is intensity; there are high expectations. You may, Sagittarius, make the error of placing Leo on a pedestal. When Leo proves human, disillusion could set in. If mature, however, you will be prepared and understanding - and will take in stride various Leo imperfections.

There is physical attraction, but most of the stimulation here is apt to be on an intellectual level. Leo and Sagittarius form what might be termed a mutual admiration society. You share - and, when you feel a confidence has been violated, you retaliate. That might sound like the beginning of the end. Know this, Sagittarius, and realize that Leo is gregarious and Possessive - Leo does not intend to take a back seat. Be sure, if you want this relationship to last, that Leo is the first to know things - and be lavish with your admiration and praise.


Virgo affects that part of your solar horoscope associated with career, ambitions, prestige, and standing in the community. The Mercury of Virgo combines with your Jupiter to enable you to create moneymaking ideas. This is a good business relationship. The aspects overall, though, are less than favorable; there are conflicts, but Virgo does aid you in furthering your career or business ambitions.

You are more idealistic than is Virgo; natives of Virgo seem able to make you more practical in outlook. Virgo is basically earthy and is more concerned with results than with motives. This serves as a good balance with you; if you want to get a business off the ground, seek out a Virgo.

You tend to attract responsibility in association with Virgo; you also can achieve greater commercial success. Virgo stimulates your ambitions, but there is tension here. With Virgo, there are arguments. On a constructive level, these clear the air and bring you closer to your goals. On a negative level, the disagreements drain your energy.

You have lessons to learn from Virgo. You can have a fine relationship here. But it is tiring; it may be difficult to relax. There are pressures. For a time, you enjoy this; but after a while you may tire of the continual urging to "get ahead."

Virgo has ideas about health, general well being and, with you, about how to succeed by really trying. Virgo may be too commercial for your taste.

Virgo is apt to be more physically attracted to you than the reverse. Generally, you gain where your career is concerned here. But emotionally there are obstacles; it's best to know this and be prepared.



Libra is well aspected to Sagittarius; the Venus of Libra combines with your Jupiter to bring about universal appeal in the two of you. Libra affects that part of your chart associated with friends, hopes, and desires. There is definite attraction here, and there can also be material gain.

Beauty is highlighted: you need beautiful surroundings, motives, and thoughts. There is also generosity, and this may be a pitfall.

With Libra, you tend to be extravagant. Your idealistic nature comes into focus: you give things away. In fact, you probably try to help those who are perfectly capable of aiding themselves.

Libra brings pleasure into your life. Libra is sensitive and this is a quality you deeply appreciate. Many of your hopes and wishes can be fulfilled with Libra. But you tend, also, to he impractical. You want to reach too far, too soon. You desire acclaim, and when it doesn't come rushing to your door, you are disillusioned.

Generally, there is pleasure here, fulfillment and a realization of many aspirations. With Libra, you attract people to you with their questions, problems. People confide in you. With the aid of Libra, you seem able to do something to help people, especially your friends.

For social activity, and for social work, Libra could be a perfect partner for you. For more practical or commercial enterprises, the relationship could fall short of the mark. Venus and Jupiter, to the eyes of an astrologer, represent a beautiful planetary setup. And there is an abundance of beauty, of light, of love, of good wishes and good intentions in this combination. But a solid base could be lacking.

With Libra, realize that one day the party will be over-practical issues will have to be faced. Be mature enough to know this, and you will enhance the odds for a successful relationship.


Scorpio affects that part of your chart related to secrets, fears and confinement. The Pluto of Scorpio and your Jupiter form an unusual combination; there is secrecy and a need for discretion.

Clandestine meetings and activities appear to be associated with this relationship. Scorpio is a Water Sign and you belong to the Fire element; there are problems here, and a third person could be involved.

You are intrigued by the mystery, by the cloak-and-dagger aspects of this relationship. There is an element of deception, largely self-deception. With Scorpio, you could be seeing people and situations as you wish they would exist. For a people a time, you walk on clouds; then the reality of the situation comes to the fore and there is apt to he a reckoning.

You won't get something for nothing with Scorpio. The sooner you come to this realization, the better for all concerned. You deal with illusion here. There is usually a lack of solidity. If, early in the relationship, you see things in a realistic light, you'll have a better chance of success with intense Scorpio.

You are good for Scorpio where money is concerned. Scorpio lets you in on privileged information. You get behind the scenes with Scorpio. In the areas of motion pictures and television (and the theater), Scorpio is especially beneficial for you. Also, Scorpio is good for you in connection with fund-raising and charitable causes. You work well with Scorpio when the concern is for the welfare of others. But if your goal is to work toward personal gain, there could he difficulty.

Certainly, the combination of Sagittarius and Scorpio is intriguing. How long it lasts and how far it goes depends on the individuals involved.



With another Sagittarian, you have a desire for home and domesticity - but you also want a relationship free of flaws. You idealize and leave yourself open to disillusionment. There is basic understanding. You see many of your own traits, but usually the less desirable ones. This causes you to criticize, because, perhaps subconsciously, you become aware of your own shortcomings. The relationship can be permanent,' but not trouble-free. The success of it depends on the maturity of the Sagittarians involved. Your wandering days could be over with another Sagittarian; you could find a home.

The Sagittarius woman's decisions are swift. She is impulsive in affairs of the heart. What she admires most is a man of action. She needs a goal; it could be a trip, a book to read, or writing-whatever, the future is live and breathing for her, he future is a part of her because that's partly where she is.

She is exciting but can give the impression of being shy. She is a challenge that is difficult to resist. It's important to be basically honest with her. State your intentions; don't try to cover up with false promises. The more direct you are, the better it will be for you in this relationship. Once you win her confidence, Pence she feels loved, she can fulfill your fondest desires. She appreciates nature and likes men who like animals. She won't let you down if you confide in her; if you deceive her ... look out!

The Sagittarius man would like you for his own, but wants greater freedom for himself He isn't easy to understand completely, but is likely to be worth the effort. He is a natural actor and his life is apt to be one of travel, change, and excitement. He doesn't always take time to explain his actions. These are the times when he demands that you have faith in his judgment. He dislikes petty people. He wants you to learn, to grow, to gain as a result of your relationship with him. If you are honest, he can be won. If you are frank, he will respond in a sympathetic manner. You'll win him with color, charm you'll intrigue him by asking fantastic questions. He loses interest if you're conventional in your outlook, questions or ambitions. He wants the companionship of shared adventure. He wants to be independent-he is drawn to individuality and repelled by women who pretend to be something they are not.


Capricorn affects that part of your solar horoscope associated with money and personal possessions. The Saturn of Capricorn and your Jupiter help make you mutually intuitive where finances are concerned. You either get bogged down in this relationship, or you rise above petty details and obstacles. There seems to be little in between; you soar or sink.

Capricorn aids you in putting your talents on a business path; your product is made marketable through the aid of Capricorn. Saturn and Jupiter represent almost opposite ends of a pole: cheer and optimism (Jupiter) and restriction, discipline (Saturn). Together, this could add up to the hind of combination required for solid gain and profit.

Certainly, you are going to concentrate on financial gain with Capricorn. You intrigue natives of Capricorn; your machinations are mysterious where Capricorn is concerned. If you and the Capricornian are mature, there is every reason to expect gain. Capricorn helps you in collecting data, in filling loopholes, in budding that proverbial nest egg.

You object to many Capricorn characteristics; Capricorn tends to keep a part of himself secret and you are outgoing. You don't particularly enjoy being disciplined, and Capricorn can attempt to do this to you gain in a material sense.

You need some Capricorn in your life; everyone requires Saturn, like it or not. The relationship could grow and become meaningful. How long it lasts depends, of course, on the degree of mature understanding expressed by you and by Capricorn.


Aquarius accents the part of your solar horoscope that is connected with ideas, relatives, short journeys, quick decisions and intellectual curiosity. The Uranus of Aquarius and your Jupiter significator combine in a manner favorable for excitement, adventure, sudden change and travel. There is attraction here, and the signs are favorably aspected.

Your love of change and travel is fulfilled to a great degree with Aquarius. These people are exciting, different, concerned with subjects considered radical or unorthodox. This intrigues, fascinates you.

A drawback here is a tendency to scatter forces, to try being in too many places at once. With no discipline, confusion is apt to run rampant. The key is concentration on the basic issues. Otherwise, the pace is dizzying and the experience is like a merry-go-round. If you don't want to go in circles, decide at the outset where you are headed and why.

Aquarius helps you investigate; encourages you to write. Aquarius stimulates you mentally and Helps you make meaningful decisions. If you are seeking a humdrum existence, Aquarius is not your cup of tea. If you seek excitement and change, then you have probably found the right individual in Aquarius.

In the problem department, there are relatives who might object to the relationship - on one or both sides. There is a strong magnetism that draws Sagittarius and Aquarius together. But the relationship is tiring, the pace is last, the objectives can be blurred.

You can succeed with Aquarius if you are not afraid to change some basic concepts. It is necessary to be daringly flexible. You must also be versatile. Life takes on a bright hue with Aquarius. You can be happy if you don't burn the candle at both ends.


You may get a new outlook as a result of your relationship with a Pisces. Pisces affects that part of your solar horoscope connected with home, long-range projects and basic security. The Neptune of Pisces blends with your Jupiter significator to open new horizons. You review your past and accept new views through Pisces. The two signs are not favorably aspected. This is a case of Fire (Sagittarius) and Water (Pisces). There are, naturally, problems in getting the elements to mix. But there is interest and it is a good combination where home, property, real estate and long-range security enter the picture.

Like Scorpio, Pisces has an aura of mystery that you find to the bottom of mysteries, to attractive. You want to get to the bottom of mysteries, to solve puzzles, to add to your holdings. Pisces, in turn, regards you as, an asset toward the fulfillment of ambitions.

Both you and Pisces seem to have individual motives or goals in this aspect of the relationship. It is not a self- less one. There are reasons for actions on both your parts, and if you are mature enough to know this, then there is more of a chance for ultimate success. There could be conflict as to who is running the show. With a Pisces, you tend to be independent, slightly selfish.

When you are ready to settle down, to change or take a view, then Pisces may be right for you. Otherwise, you could feel tied down, restricted, and even abused. On the brighter side, Pisces could make you a good home and could help you make investments that enhance your long- range security. Neptune and Jupiter could spell romance, but there is also a puzzling aspect. You might, with Pisces, be constantly wondering just where you stand and where you are going next.


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