Compatibility of Scorpio with other Zodiac Signs


Aries has an odd effect on you. The Mars of Aries and your Pluto can coincide with frustration. Aries is Fire and you are Water; the two do not mix, which is not to say that the relationship cannot succeed. What it does indicate is that there are problems, more so than two individuals might normally expect to encounter.

Aries natives could irritate you. You sympathize with their goals and their desire for independence. In sympathizing, you feel you should do something. But no matter what you do, you feel it is not enough. This creates a guilt feeling, followed by irritation. That's why the relationship could be described as odd.

Aries affects that part of your solar horoscope related to work, health, and the ability to harmonize with co-workers. Aries affects your employment, your ability to rise above your environment. With an Aries, you work - and enjoy it. You perform services. Aries helps you in a steady manner, is not sensational, but reliable.

With Aries, you might feel bogged down, buried in details, surrounded by red tape. You get impatient. You could act impulsively, pushing logic aside.

Both signs possess a keen desire for independence. Both tend to be dominating. Naturally, this could create problems. Diplomacy is essential in any association with Aries. Otherwise, conflict results, followed by animosity and a breakup.

With Aries, you get the job done and have the courage to overcome obstacles. It's not easy, but it can be done. It depends on the individual maturity of Aries and Scorpio. There is attraction. You are drawn to each other. The problems can be overcome. It is worth trying!



Taurus is your opposite number and there is profound attraction. You could marry Taurus. The Venus of Taurus and your Pluto combine to inspire independence, originality, a breaking from patterns, unorthodox methods. Taurus affects that part of your chart associated with marriage, legal contracts, public affairs, partnerships and public relations. You are drawn to Taurus muck in the manner that opposites attract each other. You can both be stubborn. Neither one is easy to live with - or to live without.

With Taurus, your viewpoint changes. You begin to see life through Taurus' eyes. Taurus helps you appreciate luxury, beauty, and the sensuous side of life. Both you and Taurus are passionate beings: a love relationship could be profound and meaningful. A partnership could succeed because you complement each other. But there are disagreements and it would not be wise to leave an argument Ranging. This means: settle differences as soon as possible. Trying to bury a grudge doesn't work; it smolders and erupts. You can't force issues with Taurus. You learn to be patient or the relationship does not last.

With Taurus, you embark on new projects and adventures. But you constantly see, feel, hear, sense and react in a Taurus manner. You, thus, could feel dominated. Taurus will not change, at least not without a firm struggle. Both you sign and Taurus are fixed, obstinate, determined; you're each convinced that what is right for the one is right fir the other. One of the two is going to have to decide whose will is to be that dominant one-there can only be one captain on this Taurus ship.

If you want to shut out the past and get going with new experiences, you've found the right person in Taurus.


You broaden horizons with Gemini. You delve into areas that you previously considered to be restricted or taboo. You mental resources are brought into play, and your curiosity is sharpened. The Mercury of Gemini blends with your Pluto significator to take you out of yourself. The restlessness of Gemini serves as a challenge.

Your Eighth Solar House is affected, and both you and Gemini are concerned with money, the occult, legacies, and a greater reward for efforts. Gemini discovers a part of your that very few (perhaps even you) knew existed. Gemini works to enhance your reputation. With Gemini, you have a chance for getting your viewpoint across to a greater segment of the population.

This is a good working relationship, but there are personal problems. You are somewhat frightened by Gemini analyses, asks question, probes deep into your inner self. You feel challenged-and you react. There is attraction on a physical level- but it is likely to be you who are most attracted in this manner.

With Gemini, many concepts of the past are discarded; you look to the future and are more aware of the possible results of your actions. Gemini makes you aware. This is not always an easy process-in fact, it can be painful. Many things that you formerly took for granted are reviewed- and some are changed. It's not always easy, but it can be constructive, though not always durable. If you want to make it last, it is necessary to take a long-range view, to overcome petty annoyances and to perceive the many charms of Gemini. If you want to live-and learn-Gemini is for you.


You harmonize with Cancer, because the Moon, ruling planet of Cancer, combines with your Pluto to promote a constructive relationship. You could marry a Cancer because there is, with a native of this sign, a desire to settle down and have a home of your own. Cancer affects that part of your chart having to do with long-range planning. You look ahead; you make adjustments. You begin to utilize your assets more intelligently. You begin an investment program. You gain Power because more people become aware of what you're about with Cancer, there is a solidity and you can bring together dissenting factions.

Listen: you possess loads of power, creative ability which needs an outlet. Cancer helps find that outlet. Cancer makes a home or makes it possible for you to obtain a place you can call home. The Moon of Cancer has a magnetic appeal for you. Where disruptive elements exist, they evaporate when you get together with Cancer.

Both Cancer and Scorpio are of the Water element; both are sensitive and predisposed toward being psychic. There is a bond of understanding here. You could meet a Cancerian and feel you have known that person for a number of years. The appeal is on mental, emotional and physical levels.

Now, listen: I am not attempting to describe some sort of utopia. Not all will be perfect with Cancer, nor with the native of any other sign. But the odds for your success with Cancer are greater than with numerous other natives. There is no sensational blast; the evolvement is gradual, but the progress is steady. You build, with Cancer, on a solid foundation.

If patient and perceptive, mature and receptive, you could find greater happiness and fulfillment as a result of your association with Cancer. In actuality, Scorpio, of course, it is up to you.


Leo helps you investigate opportunities. But Leo is a Fire Sign and this does not mix with your Water element. This means there are problems, but none that cannot he overcome. Leo fires your ambitions. With Leo, there is change, variety, physical attraction and you also are mentally stimulated. At times there are disputes. Both are fixed signs; both can be stubborn. Both want to lead, to dominate, and to provide sage advice. The key is to take turns listening!

Leo affects that part of your solar horoscope associated with career, ambition, prestige, and standing in the community. You gain greater fame, recognition and power with Leo. Together, you could build an empire!

But how you get on in a strictly personal relationship could be another story, as the two signs are not well aspected. The chief problem appears to be a tendency for one to try to impose his or her will on the other. Leo is strong, so is Scorpio. Leo strikes that area of your chart making you want to express, to rule, to dominate, to advance, to make room at the top. Leo makes you aware of potential, of possibilities, of power. With Leo, you are not going to be satisfied with the status quo; you are going to want to get a business of your own, to write rather than receive directives. With Leo, you will want to dictate the pace and, with Leo, you could successfully begin an enterprise, which brings with it opportunity for change and travel and the excitement of discovery.

With Leo, there is physical attraction and ambition. The relationship is not without problems. But many of these are overcome by the intense activity the adventure of success, the anticipation, and the realization that the sky is the limit.

Basically, even if the association were not permanent, you probably would not trade the experiences encountered with Leo.


There are good aspects here; Virgo enhances your social life and brings you friendly contacts. Virgo affects that part of your solar horoscope connected with wishes, desires, friends. The Mercury of Virgo blends with your Pluto to expand contacts, to put solid ground beneath your aspirations. What you do gain is a better reception with Virgo on your team.

The emphasis is on appealing to a larger segment of the public. Beautiful dreams can become realities. Virgo has ideas and you have creative force. Together, there can be what amounts to universal appeal.

Listen: this depends on the individual Virgo and the individual Scorpio. At best, there is popularity and profit. At worst, there is extravagance, muck promise, but a failure to carry through on unique proposals.

The Virgo-Scorpio combination is a good one. You can complete projects and you can create items that are needed. But patience and persistence are requisites. Virgo can be restless and you can He obstinate. If mature, you can overcome the negative and accent the positive. That will be necessary if success is to crown your mutual efforts.

On a personal level, the attraction is there, but it may not be permanent. You will have to dig deep for true understanding. Virgo is on your side and wants you to succeed. But you will have to return the compliment. Friendship is a two-way street and this is a lesson pushed home by your relationship with Virgo.

The combination of Pluto and Mercury tends to rejuvenate, to put new wrapping on established products. But, basically, this is superficial and additional aid is required. You succeed with Virgo, but you require outside kelp. Luckily, Virgo can put you in touch with the right person.

In all, excitement and adventure are spelled out when Scorpio and Virgo combine forces.



Libra is romantic where you are concerned. And, from your point of view, Libra is mysterious. With Libra, you become more creative, more concerned with the theater, with being where cultural events are occurring, with being a part of a creative revolution. The Venus of Libra and your Pluto combine for excitement, discovery, romance, independence, a shaking off of the past.

Libra affects that part of your solar horoscope related to secret fears, and doubts. Libra pacifies and excites you at one and the same time.

Listen: you differ from Libra. Some of your views, opinions are the exact opposite. But you are fascinated and willing to share, to learn. You could adore Libra. You could shower Libra with gifts in an effort to please. You'll find Libra opening the door to new concepts. And you do not want to lose Libra.

Libra makes you look behind the scenes. Libra causes you to appreciate the subtle. Libra lightens your touch and transforms you into a romantic. Now, Libra is not perfect, nor are you. But together, there is a chemistry in you both which could ignite into a permanent attraction. The combination of Pluto and Venus is an unusual one. It is not easy to fathom. But it is there, standing unique and tempering beauty with strength. The fragility of Libra is given greater substance by Scorpio. The intensity of Scorpio is given a lighter, more humorous and artistic touch by association with Libra.

This is an especially good relationship for you when engaged in the theater, motion pictures or television, Outside of those areas, it is good for club, group, organizational or charitable activities. Obviously, there is much that is favorable to commend this association.


Your finances, personal possessions, your desire to acquire -these are affected by Scorpio. The Pluto of Scorpio, with your Venus, has an electric effect. You are, with Scorpio, independent and willing to take a chance; you become a pioneer with the spirit to match. There is great attraction here, but you tend to be slightly selfish. You want to add to your possessions. Scorpio gives you the feeling that gain is not only possible, but also likely.

With Scorpio, you become more independent in thought and action- with, also, a tendency toward selfishness. That is, you know what you want and you insist on having it because, and it is within each. This is not like you. But, with Scorpio, there is brightness, hardness, a need- and you will go all out to fulfill it.

Scorpio is fine for you in connection with new projects. If you want to embark on a unique, even a daring mutual project, Scorpio is the one for you. Scorpio can help you raise capital; Scorpio can help you obtain genuine bargains. Scorpio can help you obtain genuine bargains. Scorpio can add to your possessions.

There is physical magnetism here; you are drawn to Scorpios. There is also conflict. You and Scorpio both desire to be first. Usually, you are gracious enough to wait, to demur, but when you're with Scorpio something gets into you. Impatience becomes the order of the day; it is a quest for being there first; for striving, for staking a claim.

It's an exciting relationship. But who will be the boss? That question should be settled at the outset. It is important where Libra and Scorpio are concerned. And who will do the budget? That too is important. Preferably there should be a division: one handles the money, and the other makes final decisions on what to do with it. This is delicate, but necessary with Libra and Scorpio.



Sagittarius can be lucky for you in money matters. The Jupiter of Sagittarius and your Pluto combine to create a steady force -one that can break through red tape. Sagittarius affects that part of your solar horoscope related to money, personal possessions and income potential.

With Sagittarius, the basic flaw for you could be an idealized view of people and situations. There is, in other words, a tendency here to fool yourselves. This could lead to more spending than earning. However, if you are forewarned (as we are attempting now to do), the relationship could be profitable. This is because you find ways, with Sagittarius, of perfecting techniques, of creating intrigue, of providing an air of romantic illusion. And of having people pay for the privilege of basking in this aura!

Sagittarius is expansive, philosophical, fond of travel and very expressive. You, Scorpio, can he fixed, secretive. The blend with Sagittarius should He beneficial. New Horizons appear; you find an outlet for your intense feelings. In doing so, there is profit - emotional and other- wise. At times, however, you frighten Sagittarius. Your moodiness and possessiveness could send Sagittarius away. Know this, and if the relationship means much to you, open up and be pleasantly pleasant will become a more consistently. Being consistent pleasant will become a habit, a natural part of yourself. This is not to paint you as an ogre. It is just to say you do tend, very often, to live within yourself. This makes it difficult for others to communicate. You smolder sometimes. When that flame is fanned, it can emit a rush of heat, too hot for many to handle.

Sagittarius is a Fire sign; your element is Water. There are problems because the two do not mix. You will have to work to make this relationship a success.

But, Scorpio, it could be worth it.



There is laughter, activity, and travel when you associate with Capricorn. The Saturn of Capricorn and your Pluto blend to create action in many places at once. The danger is in scattering your forces, trying to do too much, and in being superficial. Capricorn affects that part of your solar chart concerned with relatives, short journeys and ideas.

With Capricorn, there is excitement and seldom a dull moment. This is odd, because Capricorn is not always a humorist. And you, Scorpio, can be intense. But the chemistry of Scorpio and Capricorn together create laughter, movement, and energy. Some close relatives, especially brothers and sisters, may oppose the relationship. But very few things are perfect; the opposition can be overcome because Scorpio and Capricorn are well aspected.

Capricorn helps you to be more versatile and flexible. You are not as set in your ways with this native as you are with some others: there is more maneuverability. Scorpio is powerful and Capricorn is steady, and can be discipline-conscious. Properly harnessed, this combination can spell success. Certainly, there is flash, and inroads are made - but durability could be lacking. With Capricorn, you want to expand. Pluto and Saturn equal steam and there must either be an outlet or an explosion. The excitement of the buildup is present. The key, of course, is to discover the proper outlet. It may not be easy but is likely to be very much worth the effort.

There are reunions, parties and social affairs, which dot your relationship with Capricorn. There are visits and trips; there could be writing and communication with those in other places. The two signs harmonize. There's much going in your favor with Capricorn. Really, Scorpio, it is up to you to make the most of it.


You are physically attracted to Aquarius; there is a dynamic element here. Aquarius affects you Fifth Solar house; that part of your of your chart connected with creativity, children, speculation and romance. The Uranus of Aquarius blends with your Venus to provide excitement, the suddenness of discovery.

Libra and Aquarius are favorably aspect; the chances for success are great. The attraction cannot be denied. There is a desire to be one. The key is that you like each other.

Listen, Libra: with Aquarius, there could be romance which ultimately leads to love and children. Emotions run deep. This is not a relationship to be taken lightly.

With Aquarius, you are inventive. You try new things and you try to please. There is greater independence of thought, action; there are pioneering activities. Aquarius aids you in becoming a self-starter. In short, Aquarius can be an inspiration because Aquarius helps you come alive. With Aquarius, there is change, travel and an abundance of variety. Life is spiced, and you emerge from any emotional shell.

But the game is fast-paced, and you must not make yourself too vulnerable. In short, you could be hurt because Aquarius touches you where the heart is, where the emotions are, where you care and where you respond. Give of yourself without throwing yourself away. Be vulnerable to the extent that you give freely in an exchange. But do not, be vulnerable where you do all of the giving and receive nothing in return. Promises are fine, but something of a more solid nature is required. Know this, Libra, and take a mature view of your relationship with Aquarius.

For mutual creative endeavors-Libra and Aquarius fit like a glove. But for details and routine, the glove may be the wrong size, unless both of you are mature.


Your sign is well aspected to Pisces. Scorpio and Pisces both belong to the Water element. Both are impressionable; some claim that both Pisces and Scorpio possess extrasensory perception.

With Pisces, you are creative and you get a new lease on life. Pisces affects the area of your chart that is related to children, sex, speculation and creative endeavors. The Neptune of Pisces blends with your Pluto to further intuitive knowing. With Pisces, you teach, you perceive and you are able to rise above petty obstacles. Certainly, this combination holds great promise.

There is great attraction here. Pluto and Neptune create a romantic aura and, once Pisces and Scorpio get together, it takes a storm of considerable proportions to separate them.

With Pisces you succeed in rising to Heights of creative intensity. You Hurdle the petty; you teach, write, share knowledge and find an outlet for pent-up energies.

With Pisces, you are able to detect trends, to set the feel of pulse of the public. The aspect between the sign is a trine, which is very favorable. Great joy through children is indicated for you when with Pisces. You also learn to appreciate your own unique talents rather than taking them for granted. Change, travel and variety are keynoted, too, through this relationship.

You may be slightly impractical here; your ordinarily intense emotional nature is accented. The tendency is to act on impulse. With Pisces, you act first and ask questions later. Being aware of this distinct possibility, take steps to prevent it from running along negative lines. This could be a permanent relationship; it is loaded with emotional dynamite. Knowing this, don't play games with Pisces.


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