Compatibility of Taurus with other Zodiac Signs


If you have to spend muck time away from people, you would probably seek out Aries to share that seclusion. The Mars of Aries is attractive to your Venus; there are many characteristics, which are opposite to each other. This sets up a magnetic pole; you are drawn to the Aries vitality. Aries is fascinated by your ability to ruminate, to finally arrive at a decision and head for a goal. Although you are zodiacal closer to each other, you are poles apart as far as basic drives, motives and interests are concerned. This being so, you can learn from each other.

Aries individuals tend to excite you in the manner that one is excited by a drama. Aries represents mystery for you. These persons attract you physically, but any relationship takes on a clandestine atmosphere. This means that, although you may feel drawn to Aries, it is in a subtle manner, not out in the open.

It is best for you to entertain Aries at home, with not too many others present. Otherwise, you tend to drift and Aries moves away from your sphere. You can be alone in a crowd and enjoy it with Aries.


With another Taurus, there is a tendency to do much socializing but little work. This is because each is afraid of offending the other; there is instinctive knowledge that two persons determined to have their own way might not have any way. The Taurus man wants the best of everything but is not above complaining about the price. He is practical, earthy, has a healthy appetite - in both food and sex. He enjoys the basics; eating, sleeping, loving. You will have to keep an eye on his diet. He expects you to give completely of yourself but is, at the same time, sensitive about your appearance. He is not above using coarse language, but is dismayed when an off-color word leaves your lips. He is not the easiest person to live with, but he is lusty, can be a good provider and can be relied upon during emergencies. Keep him well fed and loved. In return, he can give you fulfillment and a great degree of emotional security.

To please the Taurus woman you must indulge her whims, but also know when and where to draw the line. This woman wants a man and if you are less than manly the relationship could go out the window. She, unlike some women, does not find weakness attractive in men. She likes Comfort; she appreciates luxury. Give her what you can but insist that she live up to her end of any bargain. She is generally willing to give as well as to take; she can be voluptuous, enjoys good food and does respond in the sexual area. Be positive in expressing desires. She is capable of helping you fulfill them. She can entice, appeal, attract, she is seductive and lazy in a sexy manner. She can be stubborn but charming, and is capable of making you run a gamut of emotions. Win your way with her; don't try to force issues. She can be a wonderful ally, but a formidable foe.


Where Gemini is concerned, these people activate your Second or money House. Gemini natives interest you because you can talk to them about your ambitions, your collections, and your desires but somehow it is difficult for you to really get excited about them.

With Gemini, there is muck talk. There is planning and sharing of knowledge, ideas. Some of those ideas could click. Gemini can be instrumental where money is concerned. But you could also get bogged down in a fog of plans, talk, and speculation. You could go too far out if you fall too muck under the influence of charming Gemini.

Your Venus signification combines with Gemini's Mercury to bring about a kind of active receptivity. That is, Gemini does the talking and you do the listening. Gemini gives and you receive. This goes on until a balance is achieved until you start giving. However, if you refuse to tackle your fair share, then there is a break-up it is the end of Gemini and Taurus.

Gemini is apt to lose patience with you unless you continually show interest, even awe, when Gemini speaks. If you are an energetic Taurean, then the association proves beneficial, Otherwise, Taurus, look elsewhere.

Taurus and Gemini often arrive at the right money decisions. They can be at the right place at the right time. There could be a "Midas touch" here, but once a point is proven the lines holding you together might snap.


Where Cancer is concerned, you are stimulated mentally, but also you are apt to feel restricted. You want to break loose. You want to break shackles, imagined or otherwise. This is a case of the Cancer Moon and your Venus; you could make beautiful music. But there is apt to be a lack of solid foundation. Where a relationship here enters the picture, there is apt to be travel for you. Cancer stimulates your Third Solar House, which relates to your relatives, to short trips, to get-togethers, to ideas, mental pursuits.

But there could also be some sharp disagreements. Cancer may attempt to discipline you in a manner, which causes lack of freedom, and here you can be stubborn. Cancer, thinking of the future and of security, puts his foot down. Then the honeymoon is over!

Now, listen, Taurus: you can have a beautiful relationship with the Cancer native. But you may have to give a little, may have to let loose, may have to express yourself to a greater extent than usual. This doesn't make you feel comfortable. Both Taurus and Cancer have much in common: the same attributes, the same faults, the same assets, and the same deficits. When Cancer and Taurus are put together, the result is responsibility. Which means, Taurus, this is no time to play games.

If you want to experiment, if you want to have a superficial relationship, look elsewhere. Cancer plays for keeps where you're concerned. So, Taurus, if it's fun and games you're seeking, cross Cancer off the list.

For permanency, security, a sharing of interests and ideas, Cancer could be ideal. It is a matter of your level of maturity.


In association with Leo, you react in a manner, which affects later years of your life, your security, home, and chance to gain a financial foothold.

The Leo individual causes you to fill in the gaps, to be aware of weak spots. Leo tends to give you a sense of what you need or lack. With Leo, you tend to be uncertain. You want to erase this uncertainty. You want to know where you stand. Leo makes you aware of what can be done -and, on the positive side; Leo makes you do something about it. On the negative side, you merely express doubt, become discouraged and finally brood.

Listen, Taurus: Leo is a good experience for you, but you may not be able to take too much of Leo at one sitting. It is like rich food. Fine for a dessert, or a change -Leo is a luxury. But eventually, the practical side of your Taurus nature comes soaring to the forefront. You begin to doubt, to check, to try to see persons or situations in a realistic light.

Leo is flashy where you are concerned. You smile outwardly, appear entertained outwardly. But, Taurus, inwardly you are apt to cringe because Leo is extravagant in your eyes. You then begin to check your own holdings. You check your assets and your debts.

Leo makes you aware of home, authority, what you owe and what you have coming to you. Leo is not favourably to Taurus -but you can stand a little Leo in your life.

The Sun of Leo and your Venus ruler make an attractive combination: but, in the main, it is romantic rather than solid. Leo shakes you up. Good in some areas, but both can be stubborn and Leo will insist on the spotlight.


Virgo affects the section of your chart related to love, change, creative endeavours, adventure and speculation. Virgo encourages you to follow through on a hunch, to gamble on your abilities, to invest in your Ideas, talents.

Virgo persons attract you physically-and you have much to learn from persons born under that zodiacal sign. The very best qualities of Virgo draw you; make you want to give of yourself. The less admirable qualities, such as a tendency to be overly critical, give you a view of when you're tearing down that, which means the most to you.

Virgo, like Gemini, tends to stimulate you. These people sharpen your intellectual curiosity. Virgo, generally, is favourable for you touching that part of your chart associated with children, creative activity, and self-expression.

Once inspired by Virgo, you really get going and it is hard to stop you. You do benefit from such a relationship. It teaches you much about yourself, enables you to bring forth creative resources -and certainly you are attracted in a physical sense. This could be a fine thing, if you achieve a balance between the intellect and emotions.

Your Venus and the Virgo Mercury activate interests in art and creative subjects. Your intuition is sharpened by this relationship. You are not apt to be satisfied with the status quo; you want change, travel and variety. This is unusual for you, but that's the effect Virgo is likely to produce.


Libra persons serve you well, but tend to give you a guilty conscience. This, Taurus, is because the Libra person has a way of waking you up, mi king you realize the vast extent of your potential. You begin asking yourself if you're doing enough. When the answer is negative, you fret, worry, and castigate yourself.

Libra is associated with Venus, just as is your sign. When the two of you get together, there is apt to be a fine social time- and a scattering of forces. This leads you to an awareness of work neglected. It makes you feel guilty. You are attracted to Libra, but there is not too much that is accomplished. You tend, when with Libra, to find excuses for putting off today what can be done tomorrow.

The relationship could be described as ultra-rich, perhaps too rich. It could be too much of a good thing. Libra tends to want to serve you, to do you favours and the more Libra does for you, the more you tend to resent it. It could be a complicated situation.

Listen, Taurus: if you want to gain constructively from such a relationship, try to achieve balance. Libra certainly will appreciate that -and you will gain in the long run. So, Taurus, if you find yourself leaning back, being waited on change the rhythm. Start helping yourself, start returning the favour. That's how to make the most of your association with Libra.

Libra can make you aware of health, can aid you in elevating job opportunities, can enhance your appreciation of arts and crafts. Libra gentility has a tendency to rub off. You can gain through the association, especially if willing to listen and observe.


You are attracted to Scorpio persons much in the manner that opposites attract opposites. The relationship, (although often resulting in marriage or other legal contracts), is usually either very good or very bad, with little in-between.

There is action when you get together with Scorpio. You tend to begin new projects, Taurus, in association with Scorpio that could result in a business, a marriage, a contract, and an agreement. There is a natural attraction, but both Scorpio and Taurus want to be the boss. This, of course, could lead to trouble -so, at the very beginning; it is best to settle just who is to take the lead.

If you want to pioneer, to begin a project, then Scorpio is perfect for you. But such a relationship does not promise to be completely smooth. Scorpio affects your Seventh Solar House, connected with marriage, contracts, and the way you look to others. Scorpio can make you change your ways -and your appearance. Know this, be ready to make adjustments. This is a combination of your Venus and Scorpio's Pluto. Venus and Pluto can create new fashions; styles and can attract wide attention.

This is a relationship that could result in marriage. It also could finally be one in which both Scorpio and Taurus feel that it is time to move on, without the other. It is a relationship of extremes either hot or cold, together for always, or a final parting. The accent is on publicity, contracts, and legal maneuvers. The key for both Scorpio and Taurus, in this relationship, is to learn temper control. If this is done, the relationship could survive a rocky beginning and go on to a glorious finale.

f it's peace and quiet you're looking for, then it is best to by pass Scorpio. But if you seek adventure and are willing to make some very real changes -you have found the right person.


Sagittarius individuals represent the allies gained when you least expect them Sagittarius possesses a unique kind of attraction for you -sexually and financially Which means you are puzzled, fascinated, awed -almost all at once.

You have difficulty getting to the bottom of the Sagittarius personality You are puzzled, at times mystified. This is the Jupiter of Sagittarius and the Venus of Taurus, with Sagittarius activating your Eighth House. This means, Taurus, that you go far a field. You attract questions, problems. You carry added responsibility. It is not an easy relationship, but could prove worthwhile. You enlarge horizons, you reach out, gain new interests -and also attract new problems Sagittarius does provide challenge and, Taurus, you require challenge in order to live up to the best in yourself.

You can build for the future with Sagittarius. But some of your objectives require review. There is a tendency, with Sagittarius, to take an unusual turn in the road. Caution is required. Patience becomes a great virtue here.

In relationship with Sagittarius, you must clearly outline objective and must finish what you start. Sagittarius is a test and a challenge for you. If you are ready to put forth best efforts, then, Taurus, you can succeed in this association.

Together, Taurus and Sagittarius attract others -along with their problems. The two could make a good counselling team. Sagittarius activates your relations with those putting money trust in your hands It is a very good idea, with Sagittarius, to inaugurate an investment counselling service. Sagittarius inspires you to reach beyond current concepts. Your ambitions are stirred; your reticence is shaken. The combination of Venus (Taurus) and Jupiter (Sagittarius) is pleasant, and could result in beauty and profit


Where Capricorn is concerned, these people are good for you -they inspire you to greater heights, but you often think of them as teachers or grim task masters You don't have an easy time of it with Capricorn, because this sign represents your Ninth House -meaning higher education, long journeys, aspirations, philosophy, philanthropic enterprises. This is good; especially where publishing and writing are concerned Capricorn also is favourable in connection with preparing an advertising campaign. No, not easy, but you are inspired.

There is certain to be physical attraction here -both Capricorn and Taurus are Earth signs -and Capricorn's Saturn lends reality, a solid base to the Taurus Venus, which can be flighty.

You can succeed in a relationship with Capricorn. But first, an understanding must be reached on an intellectual level. There must be mutual respect You can't dive headlong into this association Capricorn expects much of you And until you are mentally conditioned to read, write, to expand and broaden your horizons, such a relationship would be premature and almost destined to break up.

If, however, you are prepared to grow, to break down barriers, and to enlarge your scope-this indeed can be a very fulfilling associations.

Capricorn subdues your tendency to act on impulse. You are encouraged to view questions with the idea of obtaining answers. This means you think before you act. Saturn sobers you so that you become more analytical. Your appetite for travel is sharpened -and, in a literal sense; Capricorn whets your appetite for foreign foods.

Your horizons will broaden-and if you are ready, latch on to Capricorn!


In connection with Aquarius, these persons could have much to do with your career. The Aquarius individual touches that part of you connected with ambitions, aspirations and the relationship between Taurus and Aquarius can be a harmonious one.

Aquarius, like your own sign, is fixed. Both of you are stubborn; tend to be set in your ways -you are both determined and you both want to lead the way. Aquarius is Uranus and, combined with your Venus, this could lead to bizarre situations. You have loads of fun with Aquarius. You encounter new experiences. If you want any rest, you won't stick to Aquarius. But, if you want excitement, intellectual and otherwise, you have found your match!

The Aquarian touches that part of your chart, which affects your position in life...your goals ambitions, profession, your business, your standing in the community. But, where Aquarius is concerned, you want to be the boss. And where you are concerned, the Aquarian is apt to think he, or she, knows what is best. It is likely to be a case of too many generals and not enough soldiers.

Two fixed signs, such as Taurus and Aquarius, could lead to a stalemate. If you are ready to make intelligent concessions or are willing to listen to reason to present your arguments in a logical manner, then you and Aquarius could have a chance together.

Uranus (Aquarius) and Venus (Taurus) blend to create emotional ups and downs. The relationship is not problem- free; it is one which requires discipline if it is to succeed. However, where business projects are concerned, Aquarius helps you fulfil aspirations and ambitions. Aquarius can lead you along new, adventurous paths -but you may not be a willing follower. And that, Taurus, is the crux of the matter.


Pisces people help you achieve your hopes and wishes - and you number many of them among your friends. Pisces affects that part of your solar horoscope associated with friends, hopes, and wishes. Your fantasies also are activated through your association with the Piscean. It is a case of the Pisces Neptune, combined with your Venus, which can be beautiful, but impractical. It can be illusion, which never turns to reality. But, on the positive side, you also can turn dream into actualities. You can transform ideas into solid projects.

Listen, Taurus: Pisces is favourable for you. But you might expect too much. You could be setting Pisces on a pedestal. You could waste time, money and emotions. You must bring forth your Taurus practicality. Otherwise, you find yourself living in a dream world with Pisces. You spend and travel; you are extravagant, you wish and dream -and you never quite get down to business. There is definite attraction here. But what is needed is a solid approach, an understanding.

If you are serious with Piscean, you'll need to come to an understanding of what it is you are to accomplish. Then adhere to resolutions. Otherwise, Taurus, you find that you have been living a fantasy. Much pleasure is indicated, but you tend to skip essentials. If you can draw the line between wishing and direct action, then this can be a wonderful association. Otherwise, with Taurus, you have fun, but lack funds.

Know this be prepared for it takes steps, which will make the most of what could be a very fine relationship. Pisces will encourage you, give you confidence, lead you to new social directions, get you out of the house, introduce you to stimulating people. But your cooperation in an essential ingredient. Without it, it is "no go.

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