Compatibility of Virgo with other Zodiac Signs


Oddly, you are apt to fear Aries. At least, you may be slightly afraid of the typical Aries because you think he, or she, may be taking something, which belongs to you, including innermost secrets.

The Mars of Aries and your Mercury combine to whirl your mind, to step up your mental activities. The key to overcoming this fear is to learn to maintain control. With Aries, your thinking processes are stimulated. But, unless controlled, you can go off the deep end.

Aries affects the area of your chart that is related to the hidden, the occult, to legacies, inheritance: Aries stimulates your desire for mystery. There are ideas and there is travel connected in your association with Aries.

Money enters the picture and you discuss investments. A broker who advises you regarding long-range investments might be an Aries. Natives of this sign excite and intrigue you, but keep you so active you could become tired with them. Nevertheless, if you need to raise funds, Aries could line up investors.

Aries provides some of the spice of life, some of the mystery, and is instrumental in getting you on a sounder financial footing. With Aries there is attraction, but also resentment from you. You argue; there is conflict, and some of the disagreement could center around who owns what - who is entitled to specific funds.

The relationship is exciting, but you would find Aries headstrong, in opposition to your tendency to analyze before acting. Perhaps a bit of Aries in your life is needed. It depends of course, on the degree of maturity in both signs, and a careful comparison of complete both of your natal horoscopes.

The combination of Mars (Aries) and Mercury (Virgo) could mean too much, too soon-it's quick, impulsive, exciting but not without an element of danger. That's the way Virgo adds up with Aries.



With Taurus the emphasis is likely to be on travel and publishing, on developing a more definite philosophy. Definite attraction exists here; the Venus of Taurus harmonizes with your Mercury. Taurus affects that part of your Solar horoscope that is related to long journeys, the higher mind, publishing and the expressing of your personal philosophy.

Taurus aids you in settling down to a goal, a purpose. That is, settling down in the mental area. Where travel is concerned, you are apt to do plenty of it in connection with Taurus. Taurus can be stubborn; you are more flexible and it will be up to you to initiate action. With Taurus, your intuitive intellect comes into play. Your powers of perception are heightened. You find a cause. Basically the signs - Virgo and Taurus - are in harmony. In some areas there are difficulties, which is true of almost all individuals. In this specific instance, the difficulty arises when you want to move and Taurus wants to remain. If too receptive, you could find yourself in a rut, emotional and otherwise. If too aggressive, you could spark a flame of resentment, which disintegrates the relationship. You must tread lightly and must always be diplomatic. Remember, you win your way with Taurus - you do not force.

Taurus aids you in determining where to go, when and why. But Taurus, left unchecked, could discourage you from going anywhere. What holds you together is that you have much in common. Both signs are of the Earth element and the essentials of life are important to Taurus and Virgo. What could separate you is a conflict of interest in the areas of travel and political opinion.

Taurus can brood, can remain silent and sulk. You are active, energetic and willing to let bygones be bygones. Compromise on the part of both Taurus and Virgo is necessary, The relationship could thrive, and it certainly could prove worth the effort - for both you and Taurus.


There's very active relationship where Virgo and Gemini are concerned; the double effect of Mercury (which rules both signs) makes for extreme restlessness. Both you and Gemini might want to lead the way - and so, the relation-ship is not devoid of some intense arguments. It's very good for business projects but dissension is apparent of the emotional level.

Gemini affects that part of your chart related to ambition, prestige, general standing in the community. Gemini can help in your career; you make numerous contacts with Gemini, engage in numerous activities. With Gemini, a desire to get ahead is prevalent. There is no halfway: it's all the way or bust. Much conflict can be avoided i, early in the relation-ship, the decision is made about who is to give the orders.

Gemini helps sharpen your sense of originality and independence. Gemini accents your desire for admiration. Gemini can get almost anything from you by pretending it was your idea in the first place.

Gemini could be good for your career. Ideas flow at a fast pace. But, Virgo, you will have to be selective. Otherwise, there simply are too many irons in the fire. This means you get involved in numerous schemes, plans, ideas, situations - but this could merely add up to a watering down of efforts, a spreading too thin, a scattering of forces and a basic lack of concentration.

To succeed in association with Gemini, you will have to be a steadying force. Otherwise, arguments ensue and little or nothing is actually accomplished.

If you're seeking peace and quiet, Gemini is not for you. If you are seeking to make room at the top for yourself, Gemini can be a valuable ally.



Cancer activates your hopes and wishes; the Moon of Cancer and your Mercury significator blend to make you moody, and introspective. But Cancer basically encourages you to be a visionary. The signs - Cancer and Virgo - are well aspected.

Your social life improves with Cancer, but you are more difficult to please, harder to satisfy. Your eye is on the future and you tend to want to change your environment.

With Cancer, you begin to enjoy life to a greater extent. Contradiction exists because, with the pleasure, there is also a longing. Cancer introduces you to new friends, concepts. Thus, you are not satisfied with the status quo. You are stimulated - and want improvement, want to make wishes turn to realities. This is not a relationship devoid of problems, but the plus factors appear to outweigh the minus ones.

Cancer is Beneficial for you; social activity picks up and you are able to define your desires. It may be upsetting in the sense that you realize what is lacking if desires are to be fulfilled. But you do get at the truth, and this could free you of foolish inhibitions.

With Cancer, the key is to avoid needless brooding. You could, on the negative side, feel alone at a party. Cancer prods you where ideals, career, and income are concerned. Cancer wants security and pushes you to move up, to make contacts, to cultivate worthwhile persons. Your innate sense of humor proves invaluable here; don't permit it to be overshadowed by cynical social contacts.

In all, the Virgo-Cancer relationship is harmonious especially if you have been in a shell, afraid to really express yourself. However, if you insist on seeking perfection in Cancer, you will probably be inviting disillusionment.

You'll learn some fine points about food, about the good life. And if you can bring forth your wit, your sense of balance and service, then the association could thrive.



Leo mystifies you; with Leo, there is intrigue and the combination of the Leo Sun with your Mercury could blend into an incandescent effect. There is attraction, but the relationship could feature clandestine meetings, secret maneuvers and possibly involve you in scandal.

Leo affects that part of your chart related to secrets, restrictions and illicit romance. Money is involved and the "good life" is lived. You might, as a matter of fact, live it up neglected. Much is hidden in this relationship: you may become enamored of Leo at a time when you are not free to meet openly or be seen together. Somehow, Virgo, the relationship with Leo affects you in this manner: there are deceptions, a third person involved, secrets.

Listen: there is much to favor your association with Leo. Your sense of beauty, and art is enhanced. You learn and can be inspired. You can add to your possessions and you could marry Leo. But, like many other relationships, this one certainly contains its share of complications.

Leo sparks your intellectual curiosity; you want to know the why of Leo. You investigate and you often take the initiative in getting the relationship off the ground. You soon learn how much flattery means to Leo. With your quick, mercurial mind you detect the Leo flaws as well as assets. Leo's romantic nature and highly developed imagination haunt you. You may try to forget, but putting Leo completely out of your mind is no easy assignment.

Leo could help you in television, motion pictures. Leo could aid you in organizing special clubs, and groups. You could succeed in making personal appearances with Leo. The two signs make each other look good.

You could do much worse than Leo. But, despite the good times, an air of apprehension is apt to linger. Keep your guard up; the Leo charm could throw your for a loss as well delight you.



With another Virgo, you see many of your own qualities -some favorable, others leaving something to be desired. The relationship meets a main obstacle in the questions of who is to be the dominant force. Two Virgo individuals are apt to clash. Each wants to lead, be the critic and work toward a specific goal. But the goal is not always the same. You have much in common, but on the whole, you two may not find it easy to harmonize.

The Virgo woman appreciates money in the bank and wants a ring on her finger. She is discriminating, often regal, and can be tiresome in her pursuit of cleanliness. She doesn't like loose ends; she wants everything to be in place. She wants to know what you're up to; more often than not, she is aware of the details of any project you might be contemplating. She is not easy to fool; it's best to confide in her. If she loses faith in your veracity, you can lose the pleasure of her love. Never, never underestimate her. She knows what it's all about, from business to love. And if you won her, don't lose her through a patronizing attitude.

The Virgo woman wants to know where she trends. And she wants to stand tall. She must be the highest on your list. Otherwise, you will lose her. She is intelligent, loyal (if you are), frank, discriminating and she has a wry sense of humor.

The, Virgo man is demanding, He doesn't settle for second place. You must make him feel he comes first. He is mercurial, earthy; he usually says what he means - and, most often, He does mean what he says. If you are looking for a slick Romeo, look elsewhere. He is practical enough to be a good provider and sensitive enough to know when you're pretending.

He is practical, honest, and fair: he is also basically sky. He has difficulty expressing sentiment. His feelings run deep. But there is an emotional shell. You must be patient and, above all, loyal. If you're considerate, he will rise above adversity and will strive to bring you the gift of happiness. He is the opposite of pretentious. You should aid in building his confidence. He needs a woman, who has faith in him, can appreciate his willingness to work toward and achieve major goals. Once he feels he can trust you, he is transformed; he changes from failure to success and devotes his energies toward your welfare.



With Libra, your money sector is affected you become more discriminating. You select objects of art and beauty, you begin collecting, and you start a hobby. The Venus of Libra combines with your Mercury significator to produce romance but with a definite practicality. With Libra, you do not merely spend, you do so for a purpose: a collection, an investment, the obtaining of a dividend. Where the romantic aspects are concerned, you also tend to be shrewd.

Libra is gentle and you are analytical. The combination ' could prove of ultimate benefit. And it is a good bet that, if you see it in this light, you will take charge.

With Libra, you set the pace and call the signals, even though Libra may be completely unaware of it. Libra is artistic, just, a seeker of harmony; you can drive a bargain and utilize Libra to help you put across a deal. Through Libra, you can obtain a sell-paying situation. Libra can fall in love with you, although it is you who initially makes the pass, takes over, is aggressive, and breaks the ice. A Libra who does not have his guard up is putty in your hands.

Your intuition works overtime with Libra; you assume the role of teacher, guiding in health, financial and other matters. An unsuspecting Libra might wind up completely dependent on you.

Though not without complications, the relationship is generally favorable. There are benefits, especially financial. You also can raise your cultural level through association with Libra. You are naturally alert, intelligent, quick; Libra helps smooth some of the rough edges. You're doing all right, Virgo, if you have gentle Libra interested in your welfare!



The Pluto of Scorpio, combined with your Mercury significator arouses ambition; and the Scorpio emphasis on your Third Sector causes you to be dissatisfied with things as they are. Scorpio causes you to be restless; with Scorpio there are numerous short journeys, dealing with relatives, a silting of ideas and a tearing down in order to rebuild.

Scorpio and Virgo are basically harmonious. With Scorpio, you will attract people along with their questions and problems. You succeed with Scorpio in advertising, in a consultant capacity. This is an exciting relationship, but not a restful one. Your forces are scattered; there is aura of confusion. Ideas are plentiful but lack the basis for personal philosophy. There is much laughter here, but some of it is shrill. Scorpio values you as a friend. You value Scorpio as one who encourages you to wake up and live With Scorpio, your ideas are revolutionary. What was accepted is apt to be overthrown. As stated, the signs are well aspected; but the tendency is to drift far afield: original goals are replaced and a general longing to be someplace else takes over.

Disputes with relatives could as a result of this relationship. It is an unusual one, to say the least. You become ambitious; you seek greater recognition. Scorpio helps bring people to you. Scorpio spurs you on, makes you desire to spread your views, to break barriers of restriction.



With Sagittarius, there is pressure and added responsibility. But there could also be greater rewards. Sagittarius makes you aware of what must be done and gives you a degree of self-discipline. Rather, Sagittarius causes self-restriction. There is a dependency on Sagittarius - and likely to remain unanswered.

Sagittarius affects that part of your chart connected with time, home, security, and long-range projects. One of your parents could oppose this relationship. It is not without obstacles. For you, Sagittarius could be the voice of authority. The Jupiter of Sagittarius, combined with your Mercury Solar significator, can be exciting. But the plans are grand and the extravagance causes a drain, which cannot to plugged.

Listen: you could learn to adore Sagittarius. But the opposition of someone who is important in your life could be like throwing water on a roaring fire. It fizzles. There is emotional pressure for you where this relationship is concerned. It is anything but problem-free; you tend to attract a Sagittarian who is considerably older than you are. And you learn from Sagittarius especially about the open road and the open mind. Some of your new concepts conflict with family, duty, and tradition. The relationship brings many benefits, but you don't always enjoy them. You tend to feel closed in, restricted - you could feel you are being trapped because, most certainly, the freewheeling habits of Sagittarius conflict with your own neatness, preciseness, your pattern is a place for everything, while Sagittarius merely lets things fall into place.

If you desire a greater awareness of responsibility and if you really desire a certain niche, a place in which to build a nest and to settle, Sagittarius is for you. Otherwise, the relationship takes twists and turns which could make you less than happy.



You are physically attracted to Capricorn, but the relationship could prove frustrating. The Saturn of Capricorn restricts your quick-moving Mercury; you may find your creative urge is confined.

You are drawn to Capricorn and children could be involved in the relationship. Capricorn affects that part of your solar horoscope associated with children, sex, speculation, and creative resources. With Capricorn, the desire is to develop your style; but, at times, the necessity is to fulfill duties and obligations. You tend to become impatient. The signs-Virgo and Capricorn are generally harmonious. Both are of the Earth element and both can be stubborn. Capricorn could overwhelm you. Thus, while the urge is to create, to express, you might find yourself taking a back seat to the needs of Capricorn.

Capricorn causes you to rebel. The rebellion is aimed at standards, as they exist, at your personal status quo. With Capricorn, there is change, travel and variety - with the spice of physical attraction an added ingredient. But, basically, the restriction is ever-present, creating a challenge; an obstacle, which you feel obliged to overcome.

You pursue creative endeavors with Capricorn. You enjoy what you do for a certain amount of time. Then, Virgo, you decide that you do, after all, know what is best. This creates conflict, especially it the question is related to children.

If you want to release a creative surge, then Capricorn is for you. But if you expect complete freedom, there could be disappointment. Capricorn does not grant that kind of freedom: there are strings attacked. Basically good that describes Virgo and Capricorn together. And it is very likely there will be at least one Capricorn in your life.



You tend to seek perfection with Aquarius: this includes work, health, and security. The Uranus of Aquarius blends with your Mercury significator to stimulate and also to cause some impractical plans to culminate. What is hoped for is in the realm of the fantastic the past is to be wiped clean a new road is to be built, a life is to be lived which is to be devoid of problems.

But life is not a fairy tale and soon there are practical considerations, since Aquarius affects that part of your chart connected with work, health, and relations with associates. Aquarius can be jealous. And you can want to challenge any hold anyone might think he (or she) has on you. Then the idyllic relationship becomes one marred by squabbles, disagreements, sudden flare-ups-even divorce.

In a sense, you feel threatened by Aquarius; you strive to conform. But this striving could be transformed into a break for freedom - with the shadow of Aquarius bearing down. Now, listen: it is not all bad. Much associated with Aquarius is creative, constructive, fun, stimulating. But you are forced to be practical and, unless it's strictly on your own terms, this might not be your cup of tea.

Although Aquarius is not lover of conventions, there is resentment if your mercurial flirtatiousness comes to the surface. You could feel you are being oppressed. Knowing this in advance could forestall difficulty. If you're prepared to forego some desires and activities, Aquarius could be right for you. Otherwise, you might find yourself running away from the relationship.

See Aquarius in a realistic light. Don't build a castle on us. It might sand. Life will not be a daydream with Aquarius. It might add up to work, restriction, and responsibility along with stimulation and advancement. Go into this with your eyes open and you can make a success of the association.




You are attracted to Pisces, but this could be a case of opposites attracting. Pisces touches that part of your solar horoscope associated with marriage, partnerships, and the public, and public appearances. Forces are apt to be scattered as a result of the combination of the Pisces Neptune and your Mercury. Outlines tend to be hazy. It is a question of not confusing the real thing with fantasy.

Your imagination is stimulated but mostly because you oppose Pisces methods. Which means, Virgo that you try to find ways and means of asserting yourself. The aspect between Pisces and your sign is an opposition and, although Pisces tends to play an important role in your life, it is not always a pleasant one.

Pisces makes you aware of your appearance, of the public, of public relations. Pisces is your challenge. Pisces can irritate you because you tend to be precise, while Pisces, in your eyes, can be deceptive.

Pisces and Virgo have muck to learn from each other and often eye each other warily. Basic issues tend to be clouded. And where solid accomplishment is concerned, this combination could be an exercise in futility.

On the positive side, concessions are made, and the two signs learn each other - perhaps reluctantly so but nevertheless they do learn.

With Pisces, you don't always know what you want. This tends to cause you to wander, to experiment, to seek greener grass. You could marry Pisces. You could also battle Pisces. And, very likely, you could travel with Pisces.

Long journeys seem to be an integral part of this relationship, which if it gets by early hurdles, might be a lasting one.


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