A World of Possibilities Blue Ridge RV Camping

Travelling the Blue Ridge Mountains in the southern United States will continually surprise you as you cruise past first a folk arts fair, then a museum to Appalachian culture, then a breath-taking shimmering lake. Stretching all the way from Pennsylvania to Georgia, the mountains are a world of possibilities, and Blue Ridge RV camping is one of the best ways to see them. You can travel about in the comfort of your own place, at your one pace, and stay near to the things you want to see. And some of the attractions of the Blue Ridge area are uniquely suited to RVing.

One of the fastest growing business and attractions within the Blue Ridge region is wine-making. While California may still be the viticultural behemoth of the United States, the east coast wine industries is its plucky younger brother who boasts more than a few surprises. Blue Ridge RV camping can be an excellent way to tour the wineries of the region, as you can set up camp and then head out to see what the local area offers. After you've sipped all that one area has to offer, picking up and heading to the next spot is as easy as turning turning your key in the ignition. Blue Ridge RV camping isn't restricted to wine touring, however.

Many people who head to the mountains have something else in mind completely: a bit of blue-grass music! Mountain music sites abound throughout the Appalachian range, and those taking a Blue Ridge RV camping trip will not be disappointed by the range available to them. A bit of research before your trip will pay off, however, as many of the best acts and venues are small time and not easily booked too far in advance. Some of the best places to see blue grass musicians are in fact local coffee houses such as the Purple Fiddle in Thomas, West Virginia. Give places near your itinerary a ring and see what acts are scheduled during your stay.

Blue Ridge RV Camping is also one of the best ways to have an outdoor adventure. You can travel with your RV through some of the most beautiful landscapes in North America on your way to an exciting white water rafting or a relaxing fishing trip. White water rafting attracts many people to the Blue Ridge Mountains each year, and for thrill seekers it is a hard thing to beat. For the more subdued, there are numerous creeks, rivers, ponds and lakes that are home to hundreds of thousands if not millions of fish all waiting for a chance at your bait during your next Blue Ridge RV Camping trip.

Be sure to make reservations for rafting trips, as growing popularity in recent years makes reservations essential.

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