Air Travel with Children

Sometimes you have to get there fast, or taking you family car is just not a convenient way to go. Taking children on an airplane does not have to be painful for you or for the people sitting around you. Knowing the temperament and limits of your children and making plans for both will help make the trip a peaceful one.

1. Arrive at the airport an hour or two before departure. Keep in mind that you will have extra items associated with your child (car seat, formula, and other needed items) that could make getting through the terminal a slower process.

You may also need extra time to go through the security process. 2. Dress for the floor. During layovers or while waiting for departure, you may want to get down and play with your children to help keep them entertained and engaged.

Be sure that you wear something that will make it easy and comfortable to do just that. 3. Pack a bag of excitement.

Include things the children can do on their own (like coloring or puzzles) and things you can do together (like games or books). Let the children help make most of the decisions, but be sure to include a few surprises to keep them guessing. 4. Bring along some snacks for the trip. Choose items that are not overly salted so that you can limit the need for drinks, but do bring some water to help everyone stay hydrated.

You might even pack a few of the drink mix single packs so they can flavor their water if they want. Remember the gum as well. Chewing gum during take-off and landing could help them adjust to the pressure. 5. Travel when the children are at their peak. You want to avoid being in-flight during nap time or bed time, especially if your children get excited or ornery around those times.

6. Take reinforcements. Get a friend or a spouse to fly with you and the children when ever possible. You will have back up and you can take a break if you need to get away. A good trip takes knowing your plans and following through.

A good trip with children requires knowing their limits and planning around those. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time, pack entertainment, and bring a friend to help you keep your patience and your sanity during your trip.

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