All About The Hannah Montana Wig

It seems every generation has a female superstar that is idolized. Some of us can remember - or at least we have been told that Marilyn Monroe was one such person. She was beautiful and her hair was unique. So what happened? There was a sudden demand for Marilyn Monroe wigs. Another such idol was Dolly Parton. Not only does she have a unique and beautiful voice but she is pretty and her hair/wigs styles are appealing.

In recent times Hannah Montana has reached superstardom - at least with young females. And her trademark wig is also idolized. It seems every little girl's fantasy is to look like Hannah Montana. Where there are customer demands there are always wise entrepreneurs/business owners ready to meet those requests.

It's undeniable that little girls love playing dress-up. The way they choose to dress during this play depends on who or what they desire to impersonate. For many little girls the choice is obvious - they want to dress-up to be Hannah Montana.

In order to look like Hannah the most essential item required is the infamous wig. Therefore many parents across the nation have been on a quest for just that. Of course there are plenty of blonde wigs available on the market, but if it isn't labeled as a Hannah Montana wig it just isn't the same. Although parents may not always find the wigs at their local department store they can easily be found on eBay. The key is to only order after checking a photo to ensure that you are getting the right look.

Hannah Montana's hair is a rich blonde with honey highlights. Although Hannah is known for her long straight hair there are times that she has a few waves or textures to the style. However, the sought after wigs have straight hair. The wigs should provide a comfortable fit but also be snug enough to stay in place. Hiding existing (natural) hair usually is not a problem because the wig style is long and has bangs across the forehead.

Many girls find that in addition to playtime the wigs can be worn to parties and concerts. During Halloween the Hannah Montana theme seems to be everywhere one looks, as it is a favorite costume. In order to keep the wigs looking great for a long time it is important that they be cared for properly and handled appropriately. Since the hair is long and the wearer is likely to be dancing during the wear-time tangles may develop. An occasional gentle combing may be needed. Ideally the wig will be kept on a mannequin head.

This will help the cap to maintain its shape and also help to keep the hair from getting tangled. If a mannequin head is not available the wig should be carefully placed in a box that allows the hair to lay straight or the wig can even be clipped to a clothes hanger in order to allow the hair to hang freely. If needed, a plastic bag can be cut at the bottom and placed over the hanger to cover the wig. Curling irons and other heat units should not be used on the wigs. Since the hair is synthetic heat may lead to melting the individual strands. The wigs will eventually need to be cleaned.

Keep in mind that warm or hot water should never be used. There are shampoos and conditioners made specifically for synthetic wigs. Mix the shampoo with (cool or cold) water in the sink and then submerge the wig. Gently move the wig around in the water. Afterward gently rinse the wig in cool or cold water followed by blotting the hair dry with a towel. Never use a blow dryer.

Allow the wig to air dry. You can either spread the wig out on a towel or hang it up, or place it on the mannequin. Synthetic wig conditioners are put on the wigs while damp. They are not rinsed out.

After the wig is dry you may need to gently comb the hair to avoid tangles. Only use styling products made specifically for synthetic wigs. With proper care the wig should last through many, many hours of dress-up and fun!.

Mike Brown
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