Are You a DieHard Football Fan

Are you a die-hard football fan? If so, there is a new web site that was designed just for you. is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations on the internet for football fans from all around the world.

Regardless of which football team is your favorite, this football news site has the latest news, gossip and transfer rumors from all over the world. If you are serious about knowing the latest events throughout the world of football, then this very football news bookmarking exchange is the place for you to go. Unlike traditional web sites, f8tballNEWS does not simply provide you with repetitive football news in a boring format.

Instead this unique football news site is a highly responsive web site that allows users to not only interact with the web site itself, but also with each other. In contrast to letting a third-party decide what stories should be published on the web site, this trendsetter gives its users direct control over what football news should appear on the web site. The first step to participating on the site is signing up for an account. By signing up for a free account, you will be able to take advantage of all the features that this trend setting football news site has to offer. Additionally, when you create your account, you are able to choose not only your display name, but also an avatar.

An avatar is a small picture that is displayed next to your name, which means that you can select your favorite football team's logo as your avatar and show the world what football team you support! Once you have created your free account, you can start participating in everything that f8tballNEWS has to offer. The most popular feature of the site is the ability of users to submit news stories about football. Regardless of what the story is about, as long as it is related to the world of football, you can submit it. When you are submitting a story, you can choose which of the following categories your story best fits into: World News, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia or Australia. Additionally, you can choose tags to describe the story you submit, which makes it easy for other users to find relevant stories when they perform a search on the web site.

Once you have submitted a story, it will appear on the web site. Once the story is live on the web site, other users can read it and decide whether or not they like it. If they do like the story, they can "Vote" for it. Each time a story receives a Vote, it will move up the list of stories.

To help identify spam, users can also "Bury" a story. This helps keep the web site clear of spam such as advertisements or off-topic articles. In addition to voting on stories and identifying any potential spam, users can also discuss stories. Each submitted story has its own discussion area where users can leave comments and chat about the story with each other. Football has become an exceptionally popular sports within the past decades, which has to be mostly attributed to its great fans and supporters.

Alongside of the web advancements, the internet has finally reached the worlds most popular sport and now offers football fans worldwide a great news driven network, which invites for vivid discussions about the latest matches, the renowned Sunday gossip, transfers rumors and any other facet about worlds greatest sport - football. If you would like to visit f8tballNEWS and have a look around for yourself, the address is www.f8ballNews.


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