Our Destiny is in the Planets and Stars

By George Lockett

As we grow in awareness of who and what we are, we start to become aware of the influence of the planets and stars on the flow of our life. For thousands of years people have been aware of the subtle effect of the planets in our solar system and their influence on our moods and destiny.

Astrologers have followed the movement of the planets and their relationship to events in our life. This knowledge has led to the creating of astrology, a system to predict future events in our life from the position of the planets at our birth.

If you look into the Kabbalah system of knowledge � an ancient Jewish mystical tradition � you will see that each heavenly body is given the name of an archangel and we can call upon their influence to bring changes in our life.

Each planet is known for its qualities: Venus � the planet of Love, Mars � the planet of War, and so on. These influences set a direction, which is the natural flow of life. But it is not fixed, and in every moment of our life, we can use our free will to create our own future and destiny.

What I am bringing out is the multi-dimensional nature of being human. There are many forces interacting with our body each and every day. The energy field of our body is like a cosmic computer interpreting these influences and always aiming to reach a balance.

We can always use our free will to shape these influences and, using our imagination, create a different dream or path to follow.

You are always given a choice to go with the flow of life or create something different, something new, and flow your energies in a different way. Neither is right or wrong, they are just different paths to walk.

Lots of people use gemstones or crystals to enhance the influence of a certain planet. The chakras, the energy vortices of the body, work like radio tuners picking up the energy that is being radiated by the planets, each tuning in to its distinct frequency.

It is good now and again to just relax and let the mind and the body come to peace within themselves, either through meditation or something as simple as fishing or knitting.

As we let go of our ego controlling everything, our energies naturally find their own balance and we become more alert to these subtle influences which are permeating our environment.

As we tune in to the cosmic dance and align our energies with that, we become more in tune with these subtle influences, so they start to support and coordinate our life. We find that they are also giving the same massages to our neighbours and we notice that synchronies start to happen.

We receive the support of the whole universe in every thought, word and deed that flows from us. These synchronies are coordinated and we find that problems naturally drop away from us, as we let go of controlling through our ego. We start to be aware of the subtle energies and feelings that inspire us to action in a natural way.

Self-awareness and becoming conscious of all these subtle influences are bringing a new, deeper connection to the oneness of the energies of which we are a part. As we tune in, so we feel the peace and harmony, and life flows in a happier, more joyful way.

This is all about moving the awareness from the intellect, in the head, down to your feelings, in your heart; living your life from the love radiating from your heart in full awareness.

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Our Destiny is in the Planets and Stars
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