Burris Black Diamond Titanium Rifle Scope Review

Burris has made the Black Diamond Titanium scope to compete with the best scopes in the world at a price the others can't touch. They set out to make a scope made from super strong materials coupled with premium optics to give the hunter and shooter the ultimate in shooting optics. The Titanium's main tube is made from machined titanium, the same tough alloy used in the aerospace industry.

Titanium is light weight, but it's strength to weight ratio is higher than that of steel. There's almost no way you can break this scope. They can take a beating like no other and still operate properly. Burris coats the Black Diamond Titanium with vapor deposition Aluminum-Titanium-Nitride coating. Getting paint to stick to titanium is tricky, and it's usually anodized. But Burris when with the high tech solution.

This finish is so tough it will not flake, crack or chip. The heart of any scope is the optics. The Burris Black Diamond scope has precision machined lenses made from ultra-pure, ground and polished glass to transmit a maximum amount of light. Then, each lens is coated using a multi-step process that protects the lenses so well they are scratch proof, not scratch resistant. Clarity throughout the range of magnification is excellent. If you shoot in marginal light situations you'll really appreciate the quality of the optics.

The special coating that Burris uses makes the lenses so smooth that water easily beads up and drips off. Obviously this is a great benefit on raining or snowy days. Recoil from high-powered magnum rounds can force the eye bell to impact your face.

I've personally gotten a black eye shooting a 7mm Magnum using a scope with a short eye relief. Not so with the Black Diamond Titanium scope. The 3-1/2 to 4 inch eye relief provides plenty of room between your eye and the scope.

The elevation and windage adjustments are very smooth and offer a fine 1/8 in. minute of adjustment at 100 yards. You can zero in your rifle with precision and it's easy to do so.

The Black Diamond Titanium is available with Plex and Ballistic Mil-Dot reticle. The Ballistic Mil-Dot has a graduated scale to easily account for longer shots and wind situations you often run into. The scope also comes with Storm Queen style lens covers. All Burris scopes are made in the USA and come with the Forever Warranty. If a Burris scope every breaks, Burris will repair or replace the scope, even if you're not the original owner.

Scott Peters is an avid deer hunter and outdoorsman. Please visit Burris Black Diamond Titanium Scopes to learn more.

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