Convenient Way of Building the Aerie on the Camping Ground

If you want to have more challenge when you decide to go for camping, is to build the aerie or house for your hut. Get some tips on how to build an aerie or the house on the camping ground. Originally the word "aerie" meant a nest of brushwood built by birds of prey. Today the word is also used to mean a lookout situated high in the treetops and used as an observation post.

Because of its height, an aerie not only provides the observer with a fine view; it makes him hard to detect from the ground. Building an aerie is a challenge to your pioneering ability, but it is an ideal vacation time occupation. Your first concern is an appropriate site. You can put up your aerie in your own garden or back yard, or that of a friend. Don't erect it on anyone else's property without first obtaining permission. The type of aerie you build depends on the group of trees that is available.

The illustrations on these and the following pages show some different types. Before you begin building, gather the necessary materials ropes, cords, stick, and so on. While you are still on the ground, practice making the knots that serve to connect the sticks securely. Never drive nails into a living tree.

To make it easier to replenish your building materials when you are in the tree, attach a rope to the loads you leave on the ground. Never stand under a swaying load. If you can climb up to your treetop only with difficulty, put up a secure, professionally made rope ladder before you even begin to build.

Incidentally, a rope ladder is easier to climb if it is drawn as taut as possible and anchored by two pegs in the ground. The next step is to build a secure platform on which you can stand comfortably when you are completing the work on your aerie. To keep strangers from noticing your tree house, it should blend into its surroundings as naturally as possible so it won't stick out like a sore thumb. This is particularly important if you want to use the aerie as a comfortable lookout for watching birds and wild animals.

From the vantage point of a well-placed aerie, you can take pictures of wildlife that would be unavailable otherwise. You will want to record your observations in a notebook too, giving the date, time and weather conditions prevailing. Reading Tracks From the earliest times, reading tracks has been important to man. Animal tracks led him to food and human tracks warned him of enemies or served as a guide, preventing him from getting lost in the wilderness.

Those folks who have remained close to nature and are dependent on nature today we often arrogantly call them "primitive peoples" are highly skilled in reading tracks. Most of us, however, no longer have this ability. But while reading tracks is not something we grow up knowing how to do, we can develop and perfect the ability even today. After you built the tent or hut, it is now a time to go for a hunt.

If you choose to go for camp in the woods, you can choose to have rabbit or deer for your dinner. The ability to read the track is necessary if we choose to camp in the woods or forest area so we wont get lost.

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