Discover How You Can Find Free PSP Game Downloads

Sony has got to be absolutely thrilled with the success of the PSP. It's a massively popular game system that keeps on setting sales records for portable gaming systems. If you are lucky enough to own one, we wanted to show you how you can find free PSP game downloads that you can start using right away.

There's a couple of reasons why downloading PSP games has become so popular. As you can probably guess, it's a lot cheaper than buying games at the store. Secondly it's a huge convenience being able to just turn on your computer and download a new game whenever you want to try something new.

Without further ado, here are three ways to find those free PSP downloads. Option Number One - PSP Game Downloads What a lot of people first try is typing in something like "free PSP game downloads" into a search engine to see what they find. Does this actually work? Sadly, nothing useful appears. While there will be sites offering "free PSP game downloads", there will always be a catch (or a few). Be wary of these sites.

Sites like these are a great place to get your computer infected with viruses and spyware. Sadly, there are malicious characters out there who upload infected files to these sites - and they tend to be loosely monitored, if they are at all. Besides the obvious risks, downloads from these sites are incredibly slow. There's no money behind these sites, so server capacity is poor.

Also, many of the games on these websites don't work once you have downloaded them. There's a lot of corrupt and mislabeled files that make their way on these sites. You probably already know that we don't recommend this option.

It's risky and it can end up wasting a good amount of your time. Option Number Two - PSP Game Downloads The second option is definately better than the first and has grown fairly popular with PSP users. There are websites that offer PSP downloads when you sign up as a member. They offer games, movies and music for download (the downloads are fast and the files work), but there is monthly membership fee of around $30.

By paying this fee, you can download games whenever you want. We aren't going to go more in depth into this option, simply because the next one gives you a better way to find PSP games without having to pay a monthly fee. Third Option - PSP Game Downloads This final option is the most recommend one and gives you an easy way to find new PSP games that you can download whenever you want.

You can find specialty PSP download websites that only charge a one-time registration fee for unlimited PSP downloads. These are basically the same as the second option, but you don't have to pay each and every month to use them. Typically these memberships cost about $35 - $45. Once you sign up you get instant access to all the games, movies and other files and you also are supplied with the software that you need to transfer the files onto your PSP (you download this software instantly). There is a link following this article so you can have a look at how to get a free trial at some of the top rated PSP download sites. Setup is quick and easy, taking no more than ten minutes.

Because the companies that run these websites want to make a profit, you can take comfort in knowing that they make sure their customers are happy. This means a huge selection of games, fast downloads and strong customer service. My favorite part of downloading PSP games is that you never have to worry about forking over your money when you want to try a new game.

It's a great to build up a huge selection of games for your system and guarantee yourself that you never get bored! Enjoy!.

Click Here to learn how you can get a free trial at a couple of the top-rated specialty PSP download websites. When you do get to download PSP games you will quickly find yourself with a whole new world of games to choose from!

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