Dress To Match Your Body Type And Lifestyle

Any woman can look beautiful if she knows a few tricks to help her look her best. Plus size women are no exception. Celebrities like Oprah and Delta Burke have shown us that a woman's size has nothing to do with her beauty. Plus size fashion wear has evolved a long way from the stereotypical frumpy clothes of just a few years ago.

Now, modern designers have realized the benefit of making beautiful plus size fashion tops in a wide variety of styles, fabric choices, and hues. For a relatively small amount of money, you can get a new fashion top which turns an ordinary outfit into something with pizzazz! They are the absolute best solution for hiding problem area, or highlighting areas like the bustline or the neck. The fashion guidelines below will assist you in choosing the proper plus size fashion top for your lifestyle. If you are a larger woman, remember to "think vertical" when shopping for clothes.

What we mean by this is that you should not consider patterns on your clothes that flow in a horizontal fashion. Such designs tend to accentuate your negative features. Vertical stripes and modern snaps will make people look from head to toe, giving the illusion of slimness.

Because the goal is to find a top that enhances your shape, be sure that you choose the right size. The fashion top should hug your body, but not too tightly. If it's too tight, the top will cling to problem areas and may make you feel uncomfortable.

Just because you're plus-size doesn't mean you have to hide your body, though, so don't buy a fashion top that's too baggy. If you choose a plus-size top that fights well, you'll be able to look both classy and chic while showing off your great curves at the same time. Classic designs and clean cuts should be your favorites while selecting your plus size fashion tops. These help in defining your figure and enhance the curves.

Love the colors around you! This fall brings you a beautiful variety of color in plus size fashion tops. Color adds brightness to your look and gives a beautiful glow. Choose colors and shades that compliment your skin tone and body type. Showing off skin if perfectly fine and extremely fashionable if you do it right. For example, attention is drawn to your face and cleavage when you sport tops with low cut, V-necks. Bare midriffs are sexy and sweet - but only if you have a toned and firm torso! Don't wear plus size tops printed in busy patterns because they only make you look larger.

Animal prints are usually a no-no as well. Only choose them as an accessory, like an animal print scarf, and adorn your outfit immediately with such an upgrade. Selecting appropriate clothes that complement your body will increase your happiness every time you wear them during the current season. Modern blouses under business wear and pants can easily provide lots of different styles without appearing repetitious on a budget. It is also possible to update outfits by adding accessories on your feet, shoulder and neck. Even a classy pin can draw attention to new clothes and outerwear.

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