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To plan a good family vacation is no mean task. The budget part has to be clearly worked out in advance so as to avoid disappointment later. To avoid unexpected financial shocks on your vacation trip, make a plan for different categories within the budget. The main categories could well be the following: Cost of Lodging Lodging costs are quite flexible costs, as regards the budget. The places where you plan to put up during the vacation can vary - a spare bedroom at a friend's home, a tent, a hotel, or a five star resort. You should try to avoid making the lodging cost too expensive, unless your accommodation is a part of your travel expense, say, on a cruise.

Whatever the case, your budget should make provision for the overnight lodging costs of the nights you may stay on your way to your destination to Transport Costs Your destination determines your cost involved in transport. It is obviously not possible for you to drive across the entire country for vacation; neither can you take a bus from one country to another. Several transportation options are available to you, depending on your budget finding at benidormapartmentsrent. A train or a cruise ship is an adventurous option as vacation transport, from start to finish, and promise a lot of excitement off-board too.

Costs of Meals In case your vacation expense is a 'restricted' budget, plan to prepare your own meals in your hotel room. Pack your own snacks and use them as a practical substitute for expensive meals in a hotel and find complete listings at

uk, or look for a less expensive eating joint near the hotel. However, if the region you visit is known for a cuisine, make provision in your budget to take a dig at it. Entertainment Costs Entertainment costs take the chunk of your vacation expenses ? in fact your entire trip revolves around these costs.

Make enough allowance for these expenses if you plan to visit a place like California, with several theme parks that add the 'pleasure' element to your trip. Balance out the major entertainment expenses with several other-low cost activities like spending a day at the beach, so that you don't over-spend. Pet Care Expenses The vacation plan of a pet owner can differ from others, as provision needs to be made for the care of their pet.

Two options available to a pet owner are - plan for pet expenses on your trip or plan to have someone to look after your pet in tour absence at To make adjustments for your pet on the trip, choose lodging - like a tent or a camping trailer - in which pets can be easily accommodated.

In case you plan to leave your pet at home, find one person or family that can look after your home ? your pet and your yard included. Insurance Costs Before you plan out a vacation that involves the use of your own car, ensure that the car insurance is done, and holds good at the place you have selected to go to. To cover unexpected emergencies during the trip, consider purchasing travel insurance; and if you are traveling out of the country, a medical insurance policy would be ideal.

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