Finding a Cheap Flight

When looking for a cheap flight you should always shop around and try and get as many prices as possible. Although one company might look cheap you not only might be able to find cheaper, but even for a little more you might get more benefits and flexibility in the flight that you are looking for. And talking of flexibility, try and be prepared to be flexible in your plans in order to find the cheapest flight. Travelling mid-week is cheaper than at the beginning, end or weekend. Also flying late at night or early in the morning will be cheaper than during the daytime. You will generally find a cheaper price by booking as far as in advance as possible.

As soon as you know when you want to fly then start looking for flights. Flights tend to be more expensive the closer you get to the date that you want to fly. Also by booking in advance you can ensure you get the flights you want as flights will get busy and fill up as you get closer to the flight date. If you use a travel agent then do not settle for their "lowest" fare offered.

They will only search a limited number of flights with companies that they work with. By doing some of the work yourself you will not only find a cheaper flight but may find that another company is willing to beat or match it in order to get you to fly with them. When choosing the airport you are flying from and to, look for any other airports that are nearby. By using a different airport (even if it is a lot smaller) to what you planned to originally use may turn out to be cheaper. When booking a flight look out for extras that may be incorporated into the flight. You will not always need an in-flight meal especially on short flights or those late at night/early in the morning.

Also look for taxes, surcharges and fees that are added on later as these may turn your "cheap" flight into a more expensive one. Taking the time to find a cheap flight can seem pointless where a reasonably priced flight is readily available but the extra money you could save can go towards your actual trip away giving you more spending money for the things that you really want to enjoy.

YouFly4Less is a site dedicated to finding cheap flights for you. It lists details of the budget airlines and from which airports they operate from and to what destinations they fly to. For more information please visit

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