Finding the Backpacking Sleeping Bag Worth Packing

The backpacker is the ultimate freedom lover. Out and about in nature, they take in everything there is to offer - including the bugs, rough terrain and, at times, inclement weather. The seasoned backpacker is always well-prepared and leaves nothing to chance, knowing one small slip-up on even the simplest of trips can be a dangerous one.

It's not the idea of getting hurt that scares them as much as the idea of being unable to get out and enjoy nature and its views! This prompts them to pay special attention to all the aspects of the gear they bring with them. One piece of gear that warrants extra consideration is a backpacking sleeping bag. A good backpacking sleeping bag fits the need of the backpacker to a tee. It is lightweight, easily stowed and ensures the backpacker a decent night's sleep. How can this be determined? With a little bit of research, forethought and plain old personal preference, the right bag can be found with relative ease.

When looking to find the right backpacking sleeping bag, it is first and foremost best to consider what the itinerary of the backpacking trip will be. Will it be in an area that has warm or cool temperatures? What about temperature changes as the sun goes down? Is the environment rainy or does it have a lot of humidity? A backpacking sleeping bag insulated with synthetic material will better retain its insulating qualities when wet than that of natural material, or down-filled bags. Shell linings such as nylon are good for humid environments and are quite durable but do not work well in cold windy environments. Microfiber works well in water and wind resistance, yet can be costly and heavier than other fabrics. The less material a bag uses, the easier it is to stow and keep the backpacking load light. Although the one-size-fits-all concept is a nice one, the backpacking sleeping bag that works for one person will not work for another.

Different people have different metabolisms and while some sleep "warm" at night, others require extra protection even in the warmest of climates! Temperature ratings give guidelines as to what temperature a sleeping bag can be subjected to and still be comfortable. Other things to consider are whether or not you will need a hood to keep your head warm or draft tubes for venting body heat. Once the right backpacking sleeping bag has been chosen, using a sleeping bag liner will minimize the need to wash the sleeping bag as a whole, something that can cut down on its lifespan.

Choosing a bag of good quality and caring for it without fail will allow a backpacker to get years of use out of their investment.

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