Finding the right ghillie suit kit

So you're looking for a ghillie suit kit? Well the right ghillie suit kit has some major advantages over a bad one. We will look at materials that are optimal, along with other things that make up a great ghillie suit kit, and can keep you out of sight. Whether you're a hunter, or a paintball player, or even just a photographer, everything about the ghillie suit kit you get matters. From the material, to the makeup, anything can affect the outcome of a good ghillie suit. Let's take a look at the price ranges.

Usually the cheapest are not the best or even close. They might be made out of a cheaper material that has a plastic smell, they might use weak or low grade twines, they might even come apart after using it for a while. The higher the price is not necessarily a good sign either. For the best one, look for a good mid-range priced ghillie suit kit that doesn't have any synthetic materials in it - no nylon or polyester. Unless you want all the animals to think Disco is back - just don't do it.

Next, let's look at the basic materials you should be looking for. In a ghillie suit kit it should list what the netting is made out of, and the suit itself. You will want to find one that uses jute or burlap treated for fireproofing in the netting, and cotton or denim in the suit itself. Personally I recommend a poncho that has an inner lining of cotton on the inside for comfort, and also I prefer burlap on the netting because it stains well, and also hold things pretty good as it is a rough fiber. Another thing in a ghillie suit kit to consider is the netting width - you need tight netting but not too tight, it should be able to hold a twig or some grass easily, without stretching or warping, allowing the materials to fall out. Additionally it should be attached to the suit itself with clear thread or even a stainable thread.

However, many manufacturers take a short cut with cheap light green thread that can easily be spotted, even after a mud bath and a good year's use. By the time you are done assembling the kit and adding the natural materials it should be perfect - and undetectable. Another issue in these kits - pre added fake foliage. You should avoid this at all costs, because if it is not real, it smells foreign, it doesn't have a natural scent that blends in. When you are hunting you don't want any scent of your own to be drifting through the air like a fire alarm telling everything "RUN RUN RUN!" You want your ghillie suit kit to allow you to make a good ghillie suit that will be hard to see, and hard to smell. Otherwise you'll never catch anything, or you will get a paintball shower.

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