Giant Mountain Bikes You Want It Theyve Got It

Many of the world's best professional cyclists profess Giant mountain bikes to be their ride of choice. This might have to do with the durability of the materials used to make these bicycles. In any case, they stand the test in global competition. Riders can be seen enjoying the bikes on seven continents, in more than fifty countries. The company has been building quality bikes -- at affordable prices -- for over thirty years.

Deeply involved in the mountain bike community, the company produces bikes that are suitable for both recreation and competition. Over the years, they have worked to ensure that the latest technology is used in their bikes. They have kept up with more advanced technology in manufacturing, as well as in mountain bike designs. A quality control process is used, and their customer service is something from which all other companies could learn a lesson or two.

The company was established in 1972, when they opened their very first factory. It was called Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

By 1998, the company had grown by leaps and bounds, with divisions and operations in countries like the Netherlands, the United States, Japan, Canada, and China. Giant sponsors many professional and amateur cycling teams, including international teams and regional teams. The company sponsors two race teams as well -- the Global Giant Mountain Bike Team and the ONCE Level 1 Road Team.

National teams in Taiwan, Japan, and China are beneficiaries of Giant's sponsorship. In addition, Giant also supports both professional and amateur teams in the US, Australia, Canada, Belgium, New Zealand, and South East Asia. Individual racers in these countries are also sponsored by the company.

Along with top of the line bikes, Giant also has an apparel line, a line of bike care products, accessories, and a line of bags and racks. No matter what riders need, Giant finds a way to get it to them. Giant Mountain bikes are made with the highest quality materials and components, and the manufacturing process used by the company is one of the best in the world. Giant is reputed to be the world leader in mountain bike production; this means that the bikes cost less to produce, and consumers realize that lower cost in retail stores as well. If you are new to mountain biking, you should definitely visit a Giant Mountain Bike dealer to see what they have in store. If you're an old pro and you've never ridden one of these quality bikes, take a test ride soon -- you just might find yourself pleasantly surprised! Great bikes don't need to cost a fortune when they are produced in ways that are designed for quality manufacturing -- but to save the end user some money as well. provides you with information on mountain bike reviews, trek mountain bikes, giant mountain bikes, mountain bike holidays and specialized mountain bikes.

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