Golden Gambling Rules to Avoid Addiction Other Gambling Related Problems

6 of one and half a dozen of others. There is an argument that gambling is no different than drinking. It is only safe as long as you follow some simple rules.

The safe and responsible gambling rules are:- 1)Devise a set of rules for you to follow. Write these down in a little book to remind you if you ever forget. 2)Follow your rules to the letter with discipline and professionalism. By sticking to your rules you will enjoy the experience of gambling time and time again.

3)Always start with a fixed amount of stake money in cash say $50 and never ever increase that amount. If you decide on a figure of $50 for your stake money then that amount become your starting stake money every time you gamble. Changing amounts to say a higher or lower figure is abiding by own your rules. 4)Fixed your gambling time to 4 hours and that becomes your golden rule. 4 hours is ample time to have fun in casino or even online if you have access to the online casino.

5)If you are on a winning streak you should leave your table when you have made $1,000. There is a tendency to continue gambling because of a lucky day or lucky dice when you are winning every hand for example. Curb your desires and wants to continue and follow your exit rule. If you don't follow the exit rule you will lose money.

6)Exit rule 1. Leave casino when you have lost your pot money. Whatever that may be; $40, $10 or even $100. This is the strategy that stock market traders use as their golden exit rule and preach to their students; knowing when to get out and then actually doing it. 7)Exit rule 2. Leave casino when your 4 hour gambling time is up.

Have a system to follow and follow that system and chances are that you will make money. Anything less rigid, without discipline and ad hoc will actually lose you money. The stock market traders point to their tested and tried heuristics to support these assertions and their theories. 8)Don't gamble with money you cannot afford to lose. Examples of money you cannot afford to lose are rent money, mortgage instalments, car payments and money needed for food and other household expenses.

A sensible and responsible strategy will be to allocate an amount of money for gambling every week or month for your income. If you make $2,000 per two weeks then set aside $100 for gambling and stick to that money only. 9)Never ever borrow money for gambling. In fact, if you feel the urge to borrow money to feed your gambling habit then you should see that as a clear signal of a dangerous habit taking over your life. At this time, seek help before it ruins your life.

10)Don't accept credit under any circumstances. House may offer you credit because you are good for it. I have often heard this expression. Your spur of the moment decision to accept this offer will prove disastrous. You are getting into a debt situation to continue gambling. This proves that you have no rules to follow and are therefore an easy prey for sharks.

In conclusion, most people get into gambling related problems because they don't follow a system complimented & augmented by a set of rules. If you devise a system and incorporate rules like the ones suggested in 1 to 10 above, you will enjoy gambling and pre-empt all the nasty side effects associated with the game.

Have fun with gambling. Follow your own system of rules, stick with them and you will make money. For more information visit the poker site at

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