Good News Wii Owners Heres How To Download Wii Games

If you have a Wii in your home, then I'm sure you're eager to get new games for your system! We've gotten a lot of emails from our readers asking where to download Wii games, so we've decided to help all of you out there with this article. Not only can being able to download Wii games save you money, it also spares you having to run out to the shop for new games, which can take a lot of time you'd rather spend gaming. Without further ado, this is how you can immediately begin downloading Wii games. Basically, there are two choices: The First Option - Wii Downloads There are a couple of websites out there that advertise having free Wii game download that gamers can use. To access these games, they will want you to download and install their software. A lot of people will rush to try this out, but you need to be aware of the risks that are attached to these sites.

These websites have built a bad reputation of distributing both viruses and spyware to computers. Recently a couple of websites have been shut down for this exact reason - you never know what you are downloading unfortunately. Since these sites are rarely monitored in any meaningful way, it is child's play for those with bad intentions to upload infected files.

You never know just what you're going to get when downloading from these sites, so caveat emptor (or downloader, as the case may be) here. Another issue with these websites is that the speeds are extremely slow. The downloads can seem to take forever - it's not unusual to wait over a day just for one game to finish downloading. There's also a lot of game files that don't even work when you try to use them - the files are "corrupt" so they don't work whatsoever. These sites are at best a waste of time and at worst a serious hazard to your computer. We cannot recommend any of these sites and feel they are best avoided altogether.

Option #2 - Download Wii Games Fortunately there's a lot easier and safer way to download Wii games. This option doesn't put your computer at risk and the games are guaranteed to work. When a couple of smart entrepreneurs say how popular the Nintendo Wii was becoming, they decided to build specialty Wii download websites.

These sites are designed to offer Wii games, movies, music, TV shows and even software for download. To use these websites you need to register as a member - this will cost you about $50. Once you pay this one-time fee, you can download as many games or files as you want just by logging into the website. For anyone with a Wii, this will save them a small fortune when building their Wii games library. Just compare with prices in any store selling games.

Movies and music are available as well, sweetening the deal. Setup for these sites is quick and painless, usually taking no more than ten minutes to install and configure the necessary software to get those files onto your Wii where you can enjoy them. Following this article you'll find a link that will let you take a look at the most popular Wii download sites. You can even get a free trial, and see all that these sites have to offer you.

Once you start to download Wii games you will quickly see how great of an option it is. Be warned though - it's easy to get hooked!.

Use this link to find out how you can start a free membership trial at a couple of the most popular Wii download websites. When you start to use Wii Game Downloads you will quickly find yourself with all sorts of games to choose from!

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