Guided Elk Hunting vs Drop Camp Elk Hunting

For a hunting adventure that lets you hike the countryside round about and gives you a feeling of achievement, a big game sport to give consideration is elk hunting. When you have the time for it, elk hunting has a lot to offer. Of course, there is the large amount of meat for your freezer but that isn't all. It is great exercise and, if you get a big trophy bull, you get to brag about that for a long time and have something on your wall to show for it. You will want to check out the facts here if you are considering hiring a guide to go elk hunting.

Engaging a guide isn't just for novice hunters. Experienced hunters have a good many reasons to hire a guide, too. Taking the area you plan to hunt in and your level of experience into consideration are the first things you need to think about. Have you hunted there before or in terrain very similar to it? If so, a guide will not be as crucial for your hunting trip. North America has many areas that sustain elk herds so there is a good chance you may be hunting in an area that is different than what you are accustomed to. What type of climate have you hunted in? Wet or dry? Are you familiar with mountain hunting or heavy forest hunting.

A guide will be very beneficial to you in unfamiliar terrain and help you gain experience in areas of weakness. How well do you work with others? You are employing the guide or the outfitter company, but remember that a working relationship is important. How well do you take direction, and are you willing to step back and allow your guide to do his job? If the answer is no, you might be better off working on your own and having a more pleasant trip. If you can work well together (and some hunters and guides do have relationships that last for years) you might find using a guide to be a very worthwhile experience. How long you want to be out in the forest hunting is something you need to consider, too. Usually, a good guide can take you to the best locations for a successful hunt that will not take as long as going on your own.

Your hunt can last much longer if you go by yourself without an experienced guide if you are hunting in terrain unfamiliar to you. There isn't any problem if your plans include taking your time and going slow, but if you have a deadline for the hunt to end, a guide might be needed to reduce the amount of time needed just to find where the elk are. At the end of the day, remember that this is meant to be an enjoyable experience, so make sure that you keep that in mind! A guide can make your elk hunting a great deal easier.

For an adventure of a lifetime, we here at invite you to join us on an amazing Idaho Elk Hunting in the Selway-Bitterroot wilderness of Idaho.

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