Compatibility of Libra with other Zodiac Signs


You could marry an Aries in the case of your Venus and the Aries Mars; there is an abundance of attraction. This involves your basic gentleness and Aries' aggressiveness. It is an instance of opposites attracting each other. Aries affects that part of your chart having to do with marriage, partnerships, legal commitments, public relations, the way you face the world and the way the Mudge. Obviously, the result could be emotional fireworks. This can be exciting - but even so, excitement can wear thin. You know what you want, but you may want more than Aries can provide.

On the negative side of this relationship, you draw upon each other; you sap each other's energy. You come alive but you also become weary, wary and apprehensive. The moments of joy become spaced with times of worry and frustration. With each setback, there are step forward: you are almost like a general, planning each move. What starts as spontaneous combustion could conclude in a studied demeanor, which is taxing to say the least.

On the positive side, a genuine attraction can overcome most obstacles. The steps backward become constructive exists on both sides, marriage, home and family could result.

You learn from Aries; some of the lessons are bitter ones. Others are those you will treasure. I suppose, Libra, one can only say that you will be attracted to Aries, you might join forces with Aries, and it is certainly within the realm of possibility (and more) that you will find happiness with an Aries.

But it won't always be easy!



Taurus individuals intrigue you, mystify you, and, at times, put you in your place. Both your signs, Libra, and Taurus are associated with the planet Venus- and this is a pleasure-seeking combination. You feel deeply with Taurus. You don't do anything halfway. It is all the way - or nothing. Taurus touches that part of your chart related to money from unusual sources, legacies, a mate or partner's finances, the occult, the hidden, mystery and metaphysics.

Listen, Libra: you are a person who is aware of rights, of justice and injustice. Taurus tends to perch, to protect a piece of ground. In combination, you might become impatience with the patience of Taurus. Taurus could cause you to borrow money. Taurus affects you in a manner which causes a sigh, a Thought that perhaps settling down might be the solution. But to settle down in the comfort to which you both would like to be accustomed takes money. So, a loan borrowing from partners, friends or a bank comes into the picture.

The Venus of Taurus and the Venus of Libra spell social activity, luxury. Listen - when you get together with Taurus a dent is made, money is spent loans are negotiated. It could be positive, and could lead to happiness. It all depends on the individual Taurus and on you.

Basically, you will laugh with Taurus. You will enjoy luxury, but you will want finer things, you will need more than mere possessions. This is where Taurus could fall short. You may feel Taurus is too blunt, too earthy. You could say things, which hurt Taurus. And once Taurus is aroused, there is retaliation. The relationship succeeds as long as there is laughter. After and beyond that . . . it depends on how the complete horoscopes harmonize, or otherwise. It certainly, however, is worth a try!


Gemini is restless and, where you are concerned, this proves contagious, That is, the restlessness of Gemini "gets to you." And it is quite evident when you are with Gemini: the desire to travel is accented. Also, a relationship with Gemini spurs your creative urge, makes you want to write, publish, and advertise. The Mercury of Gemini and your Venus can combine so that you rise above petty details, flaws. But, Libra, it will be up to you to provide the balance.

The two signs - Libra and Gemini - are harmonious, in trine aspect. A friendly relationship exists almost from the beginning. You "hit it off," share similar qualities, even though you are much more sedate than Gemini.

There is an intuitive force that exists when you get together with Gemini. You are inspired to teach, write, and develop your personal philosophy. Mercury and Venus blend to bring about appreciation of beauty, to make you better able to evaluate objects of art. You could become active in importing and exporting with the aid of Gemini. You certainly will travel; you begin to know what people think and desire. You are able to anticipate trends, and cycles. You are able, with Gemini, to articulate your thoughts, opinions more effectively.

Obviously, the relationship is favorable. Gemini and Libra are different enough- and enough alike to keep the spark of interest glowing. Your ideals are stimulated here; your goals are brought into sharp focus. With Gemini, you can accomplish much, if you don't try to do too much at once. There could also be a tendency to procrastinate. Thus, there are extremes: either an attempt to try everything at once, or a tendency to wait too long. Finding middle ground, a Libra balance, could assure the success of a relationship with Gemini.



You get down to business with Cancer; the Moon of Cancer and your Venus blend to attract money, and responsibility. However, Cancer affects that part of your chart related to career, standing in the community, prestige and important enterprises. Cancer may be too practical for your taste, but there are some common bonds, which could hold you together.

Cancer could teach you the value of money. Cancer could stimulate your career. And Cancer definitely stimulates your appetite for success. Your ambitions are awakened in association with Cancer. Natives of this sign have a knack for pushing you to your full capabilities. There is no malingering with Cancer; you do or you don't. And it is very likely you will.

After you achieve a basic goal, the relationship could bog down; you might tend to lose interest. Cancer looks up to you, and thinks of the future. But the Cancer view, with you, is apt to be long-range, while you are sighting a more immediate goal.

The Moon-Venus combination is romantic, but not necessarily capable of withstanding rough spots. This means, Libra that you will he attracted to Cancer, even fascinated, but when the initial glow wears off, the question of survival could produce a negative result. The base may not be solid; the cards could come tumbling down. After a goal is achieved, Cancer may want to go on, to save for that proverbial rainy day. You may, on the other hand, want to enjoy your gains, especially along cultural lines. You may want to pursue an artistic course, while Cancer could be ultra-practical, especially where food and money are concerned.

In all, this is an interesting combination and might spell a success story. On the emotional level, muck depends on how each sign "gives," and how many concessions are made on both sides.



Leo mystifies you; with Leo, there is intrigue and the combination of the Leo Sun with your Mercury could blend into an incandescent effect. There is attraction, but the relationship could feature clandestine meetings, secret maneuvers and possibly involve you in scandal.

Leo affects that part of your chart related to secrets, restrictions and illicit romance. Money is involved and the "good life" is lived. You might, as a matter of fact, live it up neglected. Much is hidden in this relationship: you may become enamored of Leo at a time when you are not free to meet openly or be seen together. Somehow, Virgo, the relationship with Leo affects you in this manner: there are deceptions, a third person involved, secrets.

Listen: there is much to favor your association with Leo. Your sense of beauty, and art is enhanced. You learn and can be inspired. You can add to your possessions and you could marry Leo. But, like many other relationships, this one certainly contains its share of complications.

Leo sparks your intellectual curiosity; you want to know the why of Leo. You investigate and you often take the initiative in getting the relationship off the ground. You soon learn how much flattery means to Leo. With your quick, mercurial mind you detect the Leo flaws as well as assets. Leo's romantic nature and highly developed imagination haunt you. You may try to forget, but putting Leo completely out of your mind is no easy assignment.

Leo could help you in television, motion pictures. Leo could aid you in organizing special clubs, and groups. You could succeed in making personal appearances with Leo. The two signs make each other look good.

You could do much worse than Leo. But, despite the good times, an air of apprehension is apt to linger. Keep your guard up; the Leo charm could throw your for a loss as well delight you.




You will meet secretly, make clandestine agreements and generally find that romance can be delicious. But, Libra, a third party could enter the picture and the specter of the Green-Eyed Monster is ever-present. This is not to say the relationship cannot succeed. The Mercury of Virgo combines well with your Venus; there are fun and games, but that part of your chart associated with secrets, confinement, or doubts is stressed by your association with Virgo. Your sense of fair play could be offended by Virgo, but you simply cannot kelp being intrigued. Virgo lets you in on secrets you feel you should not hear; Virgo confides information, which you might find embarrassing. But, with Virgo, you also are introduced to worthwhile organizations, including charitable causes, which appeal to your sense of justice.

Virgo gains in a financial way from this association. You gain in a romantic manner. Together, there could be mutual gain, but there is an aura of secrecy. Virgo does tend to "hide" things from you. To insure success, insist on the facts, not promises. Insist on solid commitments, not vague implications. Virgo is restless; you are idealistic.

Together, there could be an intuitive feeling of how things might be. But how they actually are may be something entirely different. Libra with Virgo can be successful, but there are also undercurrents of discontent as Virgo experiments, laughs, criticizes and flatters while Libra attempts to balance, beautify and justify. This can be most unusual; don't get involved with Virgo if you're not playing your best game, because this one is likely to be for keeps. The stakes are high, and, if caution is thrown to the winds, scandal could erupt.

Listen, Libra; you are going to gain some insight and you may suffer some embarrassment here. But you will, most certainly, learn where you stand on the ladder of experience. And this could compensate for whatever negative actions result. Libra and Virgo - it could last. But in the long run that must be left to the individual Libra and the Virgo concerned.



With another Libra, you share numerous experiences, many of them beautiful. There's lots of laughter, much art and light, but not too much staying power. This relationship is good for fun and games, but where settling down is concerned, there are apt to be problems. You come down from the clouds to face everyday realities and the relationship undergoes a marked change. It can work, but it requires wisdom and maturity.

The Libra woman takes marriage seriously. She takes a relationship seriously. She is not apt to be promiscuous. She wants beauty and considers you a beautiful person. You can easily hurt her. She has character. You will have to be considerate or you will lose her. You will have to be hind or you will disillusion her. If you succeed in winning her, you will have won for yourself an opportunity for peace, contentment and love.

The Libra man is sensitive, so much so that he can make you a nervous wreck. Please him but don't baby him. He wants to be manly, Praise and flatter him, especially along sexual lines. He is considered to be delicate, but he is lusty enough to fulfill your needs if you love him. To keep him, you will have to be aware of your appearance. He notices bulges in the wrong places! He may deny it, but he loves being told how handsome he is, how talented, how loving, how exciting. He's fragile, but worth the trouble.



Your finances, personal possessions, your desire to acquire -these are affected by Scorpio. The Pluto of Scorpio, with your Venus, has an electric effect. You are, with Scorpio, independent and willing to take a chance; you become a pioneer with the spirit to match. There is great attraction here, but you tend to be slightly selfish. You want to add to your possessions. Scorpio gives you the feeling that gain is not only possible, but also likely.

With Scorpio, you become more independent in thought and action- with, also, a tendency toward selfishness. That is, you know what you want and you insist on having it because, and it is within each. This is not like you. But, with Scorpio, there is brightness, hardness, a need- and you will go all out to fulfill it.

Scorpio is fine for you in connection with new projects. If you want to embark on a unique, even a daring mutual project, Scorpio is the one for you. Scorpio can help you raise capital; Scorpio can help you obtain genuine bargains. Scorpio can help you obtain genuine bargains. Scorpio can add to your possessions.

There is physical magnetism here; you are drawn to Scorpios. There is also conflict. You and Scorpio both desire to be first. Usually, you are gracious enough to wait, to demur, but when you're with Scorpio something gets into you. Impatience becomes the order of the day; it is a quest for being there first; for striving, for staking a claim.

It's an exciting relationship. But who will be the boss? That question should be settled at the outset. It is important where Libra and Scorpio are concerned. And who will do the budget? That too is important. Preferably there should be a division: one handles the money, and the other makes final decisions on what to do with it. This is delicate, but necessary with Libra and Scorpio.



Your mental faculties are challenged by Sagittarius, there is much activity in connection with short journeys, reports, dealings with relatives and neighbors. With Sagittarius, you put ideas on paper, you form conclusions and policies.

There can be sense of completion in your relationship with Sagittarius. The two signs are favorably and, if you find yourself in a mental rut, Sagittarius is a very potent antidote.

Sagittarius stresses that part of your chart representing family, reunions, and hobbies. Sagittarius encourages you to assert yourself. With Sagittarius, you become a self-starter. You begin putting your ideas into motion.

On the negative side, Sagittarius confuses you. There is a tendency to try too much at one time, to spread yourself thin.

A constructive suggestion is to be sure you finish one thing at a time. Sagittarius means well but tends to view projects as a whole, to talk about dreams instead of getting down to the facts of the matter. You, Libra, prefer balance and a solid foundation. The combustion of Libra and Sagittarius can be pleasant, even fruitful.

But both have to give a little and when you do, it is good for each of you in the end. Realize this-and make the first concession. Then, Libra you do gain from this association.

The Jupiter of Sagittarius, with your Venus, combines to make drams come true. A wonderful dream is the keynote of the association. But do realize there is more than Air (Libra) and Fire (Sagittarius); there is also Earth, and there are practical matters.

Give this a try, Libra. It could be beneficial.



There is discipline and restriction with Capricorn. The Saturn of Capricorn blends with you Venus to symbolize responsibility. Capricorn affects that part of your solar horoscope associated with age, long-range planning, home and solidity.

With a Capricorn, you might feel confined. There is great emphasis on security. And if it is a home, a solid base, a familiar routine, which quells restlessness, then Capricorn is for you. But the two signs are different; not opposite, but different in the sense that where you seek beauty, Capricorn is after, prestige, standing, a final place to land. Capricorn could be your anchor. This is a port in the storm, or a mere weight, depending on the individual Capricorn and the individual Libra.

Listen, Libra: Capricorn does not provide a problem- free relationship for you. If you are not willing to settle down and to play for keeps, get out of the game. Saturn makes demands; this means that most of the concessions will be on your part. Know this and make adjustments. But if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

If you have reached basic security in your personal evolution, you have found the right person in Capricorn (depending, always, on the individual and complete horoscopes If it is further adventure you seek, you're probably not prepared for this relationship.

Capricorn helps you find permanent residence and build for the future. Capricorn aids in creating the proverbial nest egg, Libra and Capricorn are not well aspected, but nothing that we know of is perfect where human beings enter the picture.

On the positive side, your beautiful Venus and the stern but rewarding Saturn could make a go of it. The question is ... are you ready?



You are physically attracted to Aquarius; there is a dynamic element here. Aquarius affects you Fifth Solar house; that part of your of your chart connected with creativity, children, speculation and romance. The Uranus of Aquarius blends with your Venus to provide excitement, the suddenness of discovery.

Libra and Aquarius are favorably aspect; the chances for success are great. The attraction cannot be denied. There is a desire to be one. The key is that you like each other.

Listen, Libra: with Aquarius, there could be romance which ultimately leads to love and children. Emotions run deep. This is not a relationship to be taken lightly.

With Aquarius, you are inventive. You try new things and you try to please. There is greater independence of thought, action; there are pioneering activities. Aquarius aids you in becoming a self-starter. In short, Aquarius can be an inspiration because Aquarius helps you come alive. With Aquarius, there is change, travel and an abundance of variety. Life is spiced, and you emerge from any emotional shell.

But the game is fast-paced, and you must not make yourself too vulnerable. In short, you could be hurt because Aquarius touches you where the heart is, where the emotions are, where you care and where you respond. Give of yourself without throwing yourself away. Be vulnerable to the extent that you give freely in an exchange. But do not, be vulnerable where you do all of the giving and receive nothing in return. Promises are fine, but something of a more solid nature is required. Know this, Libra, and take a mature view of your relationship with Aquarius.

For mutual creative endeavors-Libra and Aquarius fit like a glove. But for details and routine, the glove may be the wrong size, unless both of you are mature.




Pisces affects the area of your solar chart connected with health, work, and service. The Neptune of Pisces and your Venus add up to a combination of strength and illusion.

With Pisces, basic issues come to the fore. You could lose patience and want to skip essentials. Pisces is not practical as a rule. However, with you - the Libra-Pisces combination Pisces accents the need to attend to necessities. Pisces Helps you keep at it, refine techniques. Pisces helps you appreciate basic services and comforts.

You admire the poetic side of Pisces, but you are wary about the dreams, the illusions. You should, with Pisces, take one step at a time. Pisces, however, Can make you trot and finally run, until goals are achieved. The key is to be ready when you arrive.

Venus and Neptune can be a beautiful combination; in this case, the blend is also practical. Obviously, the Libra Pisces relationship can be successful. Both are delicate to a degree, both have hidden strengths. Pisces kelps you take care of your health; Pisces makes you exercise and diet-conscious. Pisces doesn't do this for many people; you can be someone special to Pisces.

Exciting experiences can result from your relationship with Pisces. There is, however, a basic conflict. It centers around whether to accept the practical or to break bonds to defy conventions. The key, of course, is to learn the rules before breaking them. In plain words, be mature enough to know exactly what you're doing.

Generally, Pisces and Libra can help each other. And that, after all, is saying a great deal.


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