For Cancer (Karaka) Ascendant or Lagna the Year 2006 indicates a mixed period for you. This year in general is going to give fewer results related to finance and other profits.

Career, Incomes and Gains
During last year, there was total focus on your work and professional life. The transit of Saturn may not allow you to fulfill all your desires related to rise in salary and good promotions in company. This year indicates a good year for profession/business/career and social gains as compared to the last year. Gains from stock market and property are indicated in this year. Those who are in job there are indications of promotion/elevation in status and increase in responsibilities in this year. Social life indicates success and happiness all around.

Family and Social Life
This whole of the year indicates success in social relations. Those who are married and want to make their relationship normal again will get success. Relationship or marriage based on Internet or other communication media may not give you good proposals. As, these relationships are not based on true love and are seen in more danger. If you are working towards a second marriage, the prospects are really bright after the month of October. Those who were married last year need to give more focus and attention on their love/spouse.

Education and Traveling
This transit of Jupiter indicates success in medical or commerce related competitive exams. If you had completed your primary education, you will able to achieve more success in educational pursuits. Small children may need more attention and help of their teacher/parents to teach them small things as Saturn transiting in concerned house may not allow them to learn in a fast mode. Traveling is seen good and profitable for you in this year especially after February 2006.

If you are interested in leading a healthy life and are not practicing any bad habits, you will able to remain fit and enjoyed good health through whole year. After March 2006, emotional health will become more important to you. Few mental tensions are seen for you due to health problems of any dear or near family members. He/She needs to remain alert and have o pay more attention towards their backbone and heart. Some good Yoga techniques will help you all to remain fit and energetic.

Year 2006 Horoscope