For Capricorn (Makar) Ascendant or Lagna the whole of the Year 2006 indicates more efforts and suitable gains.

Career, Incomes and Gains
During mid of the year, chances of living with a higher lifestyle and rise in salary are more. From September, little efforts are seen from your side towards your professional areas due to which there may be misbalance in your benefits. Though a good support is seen for you from the side of your friends and staff members. Prosperity will be strong through out the year but few up downs are seen during the end of year 2006. If you have taken some loans, this period will give you chances to repay them back. Leaving or changing profession in this year is also proved to be beneficial for you.

Family and Social Life
You will able to get complete support and affection from your love or spouse. If you plan to get married, go ahead. For singles, this year is promising a bright chance of getting married. Married people need to remain more romantic especially during the starting of year. The transit of Saturn may give little differences and misunderstanding in the love/married relationships but you need not to worry, as you will able to manage all things very well. You may get disturbed due to health of any family members. It is wise to manage all the things properly otherwise mental tensions may affect your professional life also.

Education and Traveling
This whole of year indicates success in examinations and interviews only after the month of March 2006. Initially, you have to see few failures but remain courageous and must not loose your hope. Best results are waiting for you, Just you have to run for them. In July-October 2006, you may get a chance to do traveling for your professional reasons or for study abroad.

You will enjoy a good health during the whole year but little problems may be felt during the month of October 2006. It is much better to keep control over your diet. If the relationships are not going well, person will not able to concentrate and give full attention to his work. You may suffer with few mental as well as health problems. You would be able to take care of yourself as well your family members in this year.

Year 2006 Horoscope