For Gemini (Mithuna) Ascendant or Lagna the Year 2006 indicates success and progress as compared to the last year gone by.

Career, Incomes and Gains
The Year 2006 indicates success in your ventures. There is indication of change in area of business, work, job, which could be beneficial for you. You could buy luxury items and buying of a vehicle could not be discounted this year if you are planning to buy it then you should execute your decision. People engaged in jobs could get promotion/elevation in status along with increase in responsibilities.

Family and Social Life
You give more importance to homely and family issues in your life. Young people will dream a lot about their future and remain attached with their parents. Elder need not to become very much emotional related to demand s of their children. Giving respect to their elders will give more good results and harmony in family. It is better for you talk sensibly even if any one member of family is behaving abnormally. There is no need to force your children about any thing, as they all are independent and understand their duties very well. You will wish to enjoy your holidays and other festivals in your homes rather than moving and roaming at other places.

Education and Traveling
This will be an average year for education and taking admissions in colleges/institutions. Starting months may not give you best results but after mid of year 2006, you will feel good in studies and can increase your rank in class. If you are in office job, traveling is seen quite less in this year. You may prefer more to remain in home and enjoy an easygoing life. Gains are also seen normal for you due to traveling.

Many variations are seen in your overall health and diet during this whole year 2006. During the months of January, May and October, you may get troubled due to your neck and throat. During all other months, health is seen quite good as compared to the last year.

Year 2006 Horoscope