For Leo (Simha) Ascendant or Lagna the Year 2006 indicates a mixed year.

Career, Incomes and Gains
The aspect of transiting Jupiter brings good opportunities for you in professional fields. You will increase the chances of rise in income and an interest for good food, beautiful house and other luxurious things in life. But, the aspect of Saturn may bring you down and show you real grounds. If you take steps with out any guidance and in haste, a downfall may also happen. The above-mentioned trend will continue till mid of this year. In your profession, you need to do some laborious work also and sometimes, you may feel frustrate due to hectic work schedule. Prosperity is seen strong during the months of July to September 2006.

Family and Social Life
The main role of Jupiter brings support from your parents and near relatives. Even you will show more interest in family relations and also try hard to give time to family functions. Your family members may become more ambitious and may have more demands. Unmarried people who were enjoying their life by remain single in life, they will not enjoy life much more and start thinking to get married soon. Those who have love affairs may try to test their partners. Remember this may prove harmful to you and you may loose your partner. Married people will remain married but they need to put their ego at a little lower side. You will not enjoy social life especially during the months of April, July and end of December.

Education and Traveling
The year 2006 indicates normal success in education and competitive exams. This year as a whole indicates success in competitive examinations only if you give complete attentions to studies and try to memorize things for a longer period. It is not seen a good year for getting grants or scholarships. The month of March and August of year 2006 indicates chances of traveling to beautiful places.

Health is seen normal till month of October for you in this year. It is better for you to do smart work rather than doing hard work. In mid of the year, you may find difficult to express your feelings either negative or positive. You may be more concerned about the health of your family members and may neglect your own health. Traditional medicines are not for you. You must prefer latest technologies and techniques to get cured fast. Overall, this year Is going to be average related to your health.

Year 2006 Horoscope