For Libra (Tula) Ascendant or Lagna the Year 2006 indicates a little hectic but normally good year for you.

Career, Incomes and Gains
Though you maintain balance in life and give equal weightage to social, family and professional areas. This year will bring more bright opportunities to attain promotions for you. The transit of Saturn desires more efforts from your side. You need to give more importance towards skilled and intelligent people working under you. If you are running any business, you must turn yourself in a soft-spoken person and try to make everyone happy. In spite of getting full support from your staff members, you would not able to put your complete energy in running projects. Due to which, this year will give normal results related to profession/business/career related decisions. A change in company is proved to be beneficial during the months of March and September. Those who are in jobs related to telecommunication, networking, software and foreign services will get more chances to visit abroad for working on some new projects. These kinds of journeys will give you more gains and rise in income.

Family and Social Life
You may feel unrest in domestic life. If you are searching a dream partner or already engaged in a love affair, you need to be attentive and give more time to that person, otherwise you may loose him/her. Married people need remain away from persons of opposite sex and strictly not try to get involved in extramarital affairs. A danger may occur to your married life. If you are looking for second marriage, the chances are quite promising during the months of August to November 2006. This year will give you some successes but also few failures. You may spend more money on buying cosmetic products and other items for your family members. If you are planning to buy any house, put this planning in action after the month of April 2006.

Education and Traveling
The starting of this year will give better results and allow getting success in educational pursuits. More efforts and continuous study will help you to achieve a good rank in competitions. The more you work hard, the more you will get marks. Professionals may get a chance to visit abroad for working on some new projects. These kinds of journeys will give you more gains and rise in income.

Health was seen well in last year and remains good in this year also. Moreover, it will be good for you to practice meditation, spiritual techniques and other methods to keep you fit and energetic so that you will give full concentration and attention to your professional work. The health of your mother may be kept well if better care is done on the feet, knees, teeth and spine. Sometimes, you may become mentally tense related to health problems of your spouse.

Year 2006 Horoscope