For Sagittarius (Dhanu) Ascendant or Lagna the Year 2006 indicates an average year in all respects.

Career, Incomes and Gains
This year is going to show you many things. You will start giving more importance and focus totally on financial growth. You will end this year as much wealthier as compared to your status in beginning of this year 2006. Personal appearance, experience and self-confidence will play a major role in financial growth. You build a desire to become more and more wealthy and independent in a short time. There are also chances of buying vehicles and properties for you on loans and you will also pay back such loans easily. Along with your rise, you must give importance to moral values and feelings. If you hurt someone's feeling in this year, you have to repay for it. During the month of September 2006, you may face a downfall in your professional area and become mentally disturbed. Buying of property and vehicle in partnership is seen profitable and good for you. This year also indicating expenditure on your spouse and family members so you need to keep a slight check on your expenditure.

Family and Social Life
This year is very important for you related to romantic relationships. If you are engaged with someone, it is better for you to disclose all your heart feelings soon in the beginning of this year, otherwise you may have to repent later on. Married people may have more arguments with their spouse or parents. It is far better to remain cool until the month of May 2006, after that, the relationship will start giving soothing and pleasant results. A support from old friends is seen in this period for you. To maintain happiness and stability in married life, you need to take steps first and try to manage the situations. You and your family members may get involved in the decorations and beautification of home during the end of this year most probably in November. There is a good chance of occurring of a happy incident in family.

Education and Traveling
This year is going to give good as well as bad results for you. Your results will be totally depends on your hard work. Though, if you work a little harder and try to memorize things, you will able to achieve good marks. Regarding passing competitions, you may able to succeed if they are limited to telephonic interviews but you may not able to get good results in written exams. During August to September 2006, you will get a chance to visit any tourist or religious place along with family or friends.

Your health and vitality was not up to their usual high standards. You will face more difficulties and health problems during the month of April and October 2006. There will be a lot of stress on mind, which will not fit you physiologically fit. You need to manage your emotional feelings. You need to cure these diseases by taking more rest and relaxing more. You must avoid heavy drinking and eating more. You may more get suffered due to cold/coughs and stomach disorders/ailments in this year.

Year 2006 Horoscope