For Scorpio (Vrischika) Ascendant or Lagna the Year 2006 indicates a good period for you after the month of February 2006.

Career, Incomes and Gains
Along with spiritual and intellectual growth, this year is quite good for your professional and financial growth. Finances have been very important for you and you will able to increase them in this year during the later half. You will also able to attain status, fame and recognition along with financial growth. You may even get a chance to handle group of people. Sometimes, you keep many things secret from others. Now, it is good time to discuss your views and clear all your doubts related to relationship with your boss or colleagues. You might get into astrology or some other occult science and also try to pursue this field as your business. In most of the case, your growth depends upon your hard work and self-confidence. Persons working in educational firms, law, factories and administration need to work more to earn good amount.

Family and Social Life
The transit of Mars is showing high passion at home with family members. Your love or spouse may want to move in other direction while you prefer to go in different direction. Due to mismatch of views, you may have some problems in your married life. But you will manage all with your intelligence and run everything normal. The chances of getting married are good in this year and satisfy all your demands, which you are looking for from last two years. You must keep dangerous objects like matchbox, petroleum, lighter, and knife etc. from the range of your children. Instead of becoming angry on small matters on your children or parents, it is better to remain cool and live life happily.

Education and Traveling
This year indicates good success in educational pursuits for students. Success in written tests is guaranteed in whole of this year nut you may face little problem while facing interviews. Few traveling is possible during mid of this year along with family or children.

This year may bring few mental tensions and stress for you but will not give you any major disease. You have enough energy to handle all such problems. But then also, it is better to take a safer approach and avoid heavy drinking or smoking. Try to organize your day in such a way so that you will not get more mental stress due to your work and also able to pass some happy moments with family. For small children, seeing excessive television or playing video games on computers for long hours may harm their eyes and mind. If you feel little ill in this period, it is better for you to take medicines quickly and adopt natural and harmless ways to keep yourself fit.

Year 2006 Horoscope