For Taurus (Vrishabh) Ascendant or Lagna the months of April, September and December indicates some tensions regarding family and work/profession/business. Rest all periods will give average gains.

Career, Incomes and Gains
You always gave importance to finance and career but were not able to succeed much in respective areas during last year. The Year 2006 will give you chances to enhance your financial growth with help of communication abilities, sales, hobbies and public relations. If you are in field related to telecommunication, media, machinery and journalism, you will have to face little problems in gaining good rise in salary and higher post in this year. People running their own business must invest their money in new projects only after consulting few experienced persons. You may also get involved with some tax related issues during the end of financial year.

Family and Social Life
You will able to make a good balance in your love and studies/career. The year 2006 is going to give you chances to participate in social parties. If you are able to organize or host such parties, you will able to make new friends. For singles, transit of Jupiter is promising a bright chance of getting married. Married people need to remain more romantic especially during month of October-November. The transit of Saturn may give more problems related to social and family life. Till October 2006, you may get disturbed due to health of your mother or the relations with your mother or any other elderly lady in family may not be so much soothing. It is wise to manage all the things properly otherwise mental tensions may affect your professional life also.

Education and Traveling
Students will have the control and freedom to shape your future but lack of interest in studies may turn you towards negative way. More practice and continuous study is required to get success in competitive exams. You may find difficult to take an admissions in desired course during the first half of the year. Traveling should be avoided during the months of April, September and December of this year. If an elder person is going to religious place, it is good for you to join him immediately. During whole journey, you will not face problems.

Health is seen quite normal for you but then also, little problems due to mental tensions may come in picture. To avoid such situations, you need to have proper food along with exercise during morning hours. Your parents may complaint regarding having pain in ankles and feet. For their blessings, it is good for you to help them and regularly massage their ankles and feet.

Year 2006 Horoscope