For Virgo (Kanya) Ascendant or Lagna the Year 2006 indicates a good period for spiritual development but give mixed results related to financial growth and career.

Career, Incomes and Gains
The presence of Ketu in the house of finance may not give many good results. This Year is not seen so strong for you related to financial growth and rise in income. You will work on same old pattern and remain afraid to use new innovative and risky ideas. The Transit of Saturn is promoting wrong actions and decisions in financial strategies and investments. Moreover, income expectations are going to be wrong and you may have to revise your plans. An aspect of Jupiter will keep your overall gains in a fixed position. If you try to control your expenses, you will sure able to make good bank balances. Success from stock/shares is not so promising, hence it is better for you not to invest more.

Family and Social Life
During this year, you may have less interest in committed relationships. You may look more for personal freedom and devote more time in spiritualism. If waiting for marriage, chances are very light in this year. Those who are already engaged or married with Aquarians need to give them more attention and love. Married people may love to focus more on career or other social and religious matters. Your siblings or close friend may get engaged in a serious love affair during the month of April to May 2006. If you are looking for a change in residence, this year will give result in your favor but be alert while doing any investment in properties. It is always good for you to check all the documents first before signing any kind of final deed.

Education and Traveling
Very young children may not able to speak up new words and need more attention of their parents to teach them properly. Children studying below graduate courses may face difficult to attain good marks even after working hard in studies. The reason of not attaining good marks in studies is poor concentration and inability to express views in written examination. Those are appearing for tough/competitive exams should give more stress to in depth reading and multiple-choice questions. This year indicates gains from traveling if you are concerned with religious and spiritual growth. During other kind of travels, you will spend more and may also have to go through few mental tensions. Normal Gains from profession related short term traveling are indicated.

During mid of this year, you may have to face few problems related to knees, teeth, hairs and headaches. If you use natural ways to strengthen your body, you will able to get long termed relief. Disharmony with friends or siblings may give you few mental tensions. You may have to change your treatment frequently as medicines will not show quick effect on your body. Overall, if you take regular exercises and have proper diet, you will able to live a good and healthy life.

Year 2006 Horoscope