For Aries (Mesha) Ascendant or Lagna the first half of 2006 promises success in business ventures and social obligations.

Career, Incomes and Gains
The aspect of Jupiter indicates strong and benefic results related to prosperity and wealth. During start of the year, chances of living with a higher lifestyle and rise in salary are more. From August, little care is needed from your side while managing your bank balances. You may spend some money on renovation of your old properties. A good financial support is also seen for you from the side of your parents or spouse. Prosperity will be strong through out the year but few disturbances are seen during the month of August and November. You may have to spend more money on your family or visits to doctors. If you are thinking to start any new projects, this is a good year till June 2006.

Family and Social Life
The Year 2006 is going to give you both positive and negative results. During first half, you will feel have total freedom and meet new kind of interesting persons. During the month of April, there are good chances to get involved in new love but the situation remain quite dicey for you and failures and break in affairs are also seen for you during end of year. In your social life, you will follow all the rituals and traditions. Softness is seen from your side for your family members, which will help you to remain happy and committed. Married people may find crises in marriage after mid of this year. Those married to Virgos and want to save their relationships should try to change their attitude and must keep their ego and temper a little bit cool.

Education and Traveling
Success in competitive exams totally depends on the amount and quality of your hard work in this year. Students preparing for engineering and technical related courses will get more good results. During November 2006, Jupiter changes its sign and brings a good opportunity for traveling. If your plans regarding visiting any religious place are getting delayed from last two years, this period is definitely going to fulfill your desires.

You will enjoy a good health during the whole year but little problems may be felt during the month of October and November 2006. As, you are more interested in living a healthy lifestyle and fond of delicious food. After the month of August, it is much better to keep control over your diet. There is a deep connection in between health and relationships. If the relationships are going well, person will work in a delightful manner and feel energetic while if there is some problem with love/partner, person will more suffered with mental as well as health problems. A sluggish health is indicated after middle of this year but you would be able to take care of it successfully.
During end of the year, the transit of maximum planets over your sixth and eight houses may bring more confusions and pain related o your health. Only Jupiter will be the savoir planet and help you in getting out of such problems. Whenever you feel such kind of problems in life, your friends and relatives will sure come and help you.

Year 2006 Horoscope