How to Find Good Jokes Anywhere

How do you keep a blonde in suspense? Anyway, there is a whole bunch of ways to find good jokes for just about any occasion. It is really just a question of who your audience is going to be. Canon printer geeks go to conventions, politicians go to their lobbyist. Get it? Politicians/ lobbyists? well there's no accounting for taste. So, head for the people that you want to make fun of.

Most people have a pretty good sense of humor and are ready to laugh at themselves. What are 10,000 lawyers buried up to their heads in sand? Not enough sand. Of course books are always a good place to look. But really, finding a good joke is about being in the right place at the right time.

The best jokes really just sort of happen. Not all of us are Robin Williams's types that can write the stuff. The real trick to finding a good joke is finding the right place and audience to tell the joke. A joke intended for somebody facing 10 years in prison is not the joke to be telling a Rabbi on the mount. Oh, did you hear about the Priest the Monk and the Rabbi who went into a bar? This is for Blonde ?ah?readers that are still thinking about the first eight words at the start of this article.

Oh, and that is all of the fingers on your right hand and all but the pinky and wedding ring finger on the left hand. So, where were we? Audience, the type of people you are around will dictate the type of joke you get. A men's locker room will get one type of joke while a bridal shower will get another type of joke.

What did Jesus say to the little short guy after he banked his golf ball off of a tree, two bids and a squirrel for a hole in one? Nice shot Dad. Poking fun also works well if a little competition is going on. If there is a wide perception about a group of people, regardless of how big that group happens to be, there are likely going to be jokes floating around about that group. Competing schools for instance; what happened when Joe, the football player, transferred from UCLA to USC? The GPA for both schools went up. And now, to complete the running gag for blondes, the answer to; how do you keep blondes in suspense is.

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