How to get a free Wiikend with the help of the Wii Games Console

You may think this is a joke but im absolutly serious, you can have a Wii-kend curtiousy of the Wii games console!!!! This is not a new idea actually it has been done before on other hard to come by items and items that are cheaper abroad than they are here in the UK. The Wii-kend idea has been going since the middle of last year, as far as i can make out, it may have been going on for longer than this. It was my son who actually told me about it when he went on a fag (cigarette) weekend in November to Benidorm Spain. He was there with his mates and he saw someone who he recognised from home but didnt acually know his name.

He went up to him and asked who he had come over with. He told him he was here on a Wii Weekend, my son had an idea what he was on about has he was here for something similar. He asked him how much he was paying and what he got out of it, he said just a free weekend with the lads.

It works like this, you get a cheap flight, theres cost 49 on FlyBe flying from Birmingham at 7am on Saturday morning. The Hotel cost 30 a night specail rate for two people sharing. So far cost 64 for flight and accomodation. Arrive at hotel in benidorm at around 12noon.

The first thing they did was go and find shop to purchase 10 Wii's as there was ten of them on the trip. They paid 300 Euro's each for the Wii's around 180. Apparently there was every console you can get at the place they went to. DS's Playstations and Xbox's were in plentiful supply. They went to get the Wii's first because the whole weekend was based on them purchasing a Wii.

Apparently they did do there homework first and rang first to make sure there was a supply in benidorm before flying over as otherwise it would have been pointless. Wii's purchased and that was it; the weekend could start in earnest. Back to the hotel wii's safely in the hotel safe and out they went on the town for the night.

The next day they had on the beach lazing around and then watched Man Utd in one of the many football bars benidorm has to offer. Last few beers in the bar, back to hotel to pick up cases and Wii's and off to the airport to catch the 7.30pm flight back to the UK. These figures are based on my sons costs which would be similar to the guys on the Wii-kend. 64 flight and accomodation 50 on a good night out including food, total 114.

Now once home all Wii's put on Ebay and all fetched lets say 300. So 114 plus 180 cost of Wii equals 294. So the sale of the wii covered the whole cost of the weekend, abit better than going to the nearest out of town shopping center. Only thing was they were 2 pin plugs but that didn't matter as they work perfectly well will a converter or change to 3 pin plug.

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