How to Live Without a Television

About 2 years ago, my roommate decided to move out. Along with moving out, he also moved out his 34-inch flat screen TV. Interestingly enough, a month before I had given my television away to my downstairs neighbors since it was simply sitting in a closet doing absolutely nothing but taking up space. I was momentarily at a loss at what to do since I rather enjoyed watching some TV shows. Well, about a year ago I got a new roommate and he started talking about watching TV online.

I asked him how and he just told me to start searching for the shows I liked to watch. Sure enough, I found that many major networks had their shows posted online. I quickly became hooked.

6 months later and a new roommate introduced me to other options for watching TV online. Now, some of these options involved illegal downloading, which I would not do, but then I started investigating the other options for watching TV online. One of the options that I've known about for a little less than two years, but didn't really pay much attention to was Satellite TV on PC. Even though I was aware of the potential and the availability, I was still rather a newbie when it came to the option of having Satellite TV directly on a PC.

What I then began to do was search for sites offering satellite TV links. Most of the websites were simply not good options. Some of the websites I found were not fully functioning, some of the links were broken, some of the links asked me to sign up and pay a fee to the referring website owner even though they were free-to-air channels, and most of the channels I found had nothing of interest to me because they were nothing more than government access sites. Looking all this stuff up took a lot of time. Then it hit me about the benefits of Satellite TV on PC software.

Not only is it cheaper than traditional satellite TV, but it also does all the hard, time-consuming work for you and provides enough of a variety of channels so you're not stuck watching only government access channels. Now after two years of being TV free, I am still able to enjoy the entertainment I had when I had a television. Additionally, there are some significant benefits to not having a television.

The first and most appreciated is that I don't have yet another device cluttering up the apartment. The other benefit is that most of my entertainment needs are met on my computer. There are issues with watching movies with friends, but even that is a minimal concern as there are options for that as well not requiring a television. Lastly, I watch what I want to watch when I want to watch it as I am no longer tied to the television time schedule.

Are you thinking about getting rid of your television? Then check out the satellite TV on PC software option. To learn more about Satellite TV on a PC, go to Satellite TV on PC Software at, a resource for those wanting an alternative to the traditional TV viewing experience and satellite TV.

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