Lake Geneva Crappie Fishing Wisconsin

Geneva Lake is the largest lake in Wisconsin at 5,262 acres, 2.1 miles wide, 21 miles around, and second deepest lake in Wisconsin, at 135 feet deep. Lake Geneva Vacation Crappie are one of the few fish that are a suitable catch for all ages. Your four year old daughter as well as your eighty year old mother can enjoy fishing for and catching Crappie, simply because they are able to do so. Crappie do not hit hard when taking bait, and put up little struggle when being reeled in.

If you are considering a vacation on Lake Geneva, you will have several options available to you. Requirements While pretty much everything you need for your fishing vacation can be rented, there are a few things that you are required to have, and obtain on your own. Anyone fishing during the vacation must purchase a fishing license. Fishing licenses can be picked up at various locations such as bait shops, convenience stores, department stores, outdoors and wildlife stores, and you may even obtain it online if you see fit.

There are exceptions for the fishing license requirement, such as age. If a child 15 years old or younger will be fishing with an adult, then no license is needed. The requirements for keeping fish you catch vary by season and area. To make sure you do not get into any trouble, you may want to obtain a pamphlet detailing the size regulations for each type of fish.

Typically you will receive this when you apply for you fishing license. In the event that you do not receive this pamphlet, they are usually available wherever fishing equipment is sold. Probably one of the most important things you need to obtain is a proper first aide kit. When fishing, you can be miles from the nearest person or place, so having a couple of items on hand is essential.

Accidents such as a small prick from a hook or cut from a fish simply requires a band aid and antibacterial ointment. Small prepackaged first aide kits are available. Accommodations No matter the size of your family, Lake Geneva has rental accommodations that will suit your needs. For a small vacation, there are an abundance of local hotels in the area. Each hotel has it's unique features, so be sure to check into each one. For a larger or more themed vacation, you may want to consider renting a local cabin, cottage, or house.

These homes often offer a number of amenities such as: fully furnished units, lake views, docks and piers, and recreational areas. The prices, sizes, and amenities vary from home to home, so make sure to research what would be best for you.

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