Making Friends On MySpace

One doesn't have to look at in this way necessarily, but it could be said that the object of being on MySpace is to develop as many contacts as possible. MySpace contacts are generally referred to as friends, and there are users on MySpace who literally have hundreds of thousands of these friends. Some may think that going through the time and effort of making that many friends on MySpace is wasted energy, but connections regardless of where they should come from can lead to positive opportunities. The method for making friends on MySpace is no more complex than adding someone to a personal list, known as a friends list.

Once a person is on one's friends list, that person can be contacted in various ways. There are MySpace members who periodically send an announcement to all of the people on their list of MySpace friends. People do use this strategy to advertise, as one might expect.

Consider for a moment having the capability to send thousands of people some type of information at any given time with ease. The potential behind this type of capability is obvious but should be managed with a gentle touch. People on MySpace don't like being inundated with advertisements anymore than people outside of MySpace do, and sending lots of ads to one's friends list will quickly lead to people blocking future messages or removing an intrusive someone from their friends list entirely. Adding contacts on MySpace isn't difficult at all, but finding contacts to begin with can prove to be a burden. Considering the fact that there are millions and millions of MySpace users, it can be a real chore to find people interested in establishing a connection. There are people on MySpace for instance who will reject requests to be added to one's friends list.

Rejection on MySpace, like in the real world, does occur. Given that there's uncertainty about whether people will respond positively, spending a good deal of effort and time querying for contacts may not be a productive strategy. Means exist for making the process of querying potential MySpace contacts automated, often by using some form of automatic script. Such scripts are often called trains, and they'll send friend requests out for a user automatically.

It's just about a certainty that people on MySpace who've acquired multiple thousands of friends have done so with the aid of an automated script, unless they're a celebrity of some kind and people seek them out for friendships. While these automatic friend scripts are a convenience, some MySpace users frown on an automated approach to being queried for a contact relationship, and will decline them if and when they should come.

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