Missing the AK Poker Flop

When i miss the flop against a bud of mine and he makes his standard raise showing that he either has top pair or is testing (*yes, he is that reliable in his pattern.) I frequently hang out and let a scare card come off and then jack the pot out of proportion. It only needs to work a certain percentage of the time to pay off. In fact, I just stole a $60 pot with just this tactic.

Three handed, $1/2 blinds. Both have very deep stacks, we allow markers, no all in. Called a $10 preflop with 67s, flop came 992r. He raised $20 in first position telling me he had overs, possibly a pair of tens or jacks. Turn was a K, he checked, I shot out $100.

He had to fold, he turned over pocket tens and asked me if it was KQ or AK that i had. I told him i wouldn't have called him preflop without AK. He nodded. Don't get caught in the idea that your opponents play good cards either. In a live hand from the other night, ($1/2NL, 8 handed, all about $200 deep) I was UTG and led out $12 with KK. Got two callers.

The flop came down K33. I checked to give a chance to catch up. Mid position got a ###### look on his face and bet $8. I called. Turn was a 6 and he almost jumped out of his skin.

I didn't get a chance to bet before he announced allin. I called and turned my Kings. His face fell as he turned his 63offsuit. So, he thought he was good playing 63o for a big bump from up front. He lost about four buy-ins before leaving cursing his 'bad luck'.

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