More Women Enjoying the Game of Golf

Golf has primarily been a game for men until the past few years. Women are starting to see that there's more to golf than just hitting a ball. While men are still leading the stats in "who's golfing", women are starting to make up a larger portion than they did in years past. More and more lessons, golf teaching aids, and even special clubs and gear are being made available to the women joining this great game.

According to what the National Golf Foundation defines as "core" golfers (those who play at least eight times a year and an average of 37 rounds yearly) women currently make up 18 percent of the 12.5 million golfers. What's more important to note is how many women are picking up the game of golf over the past few years. The number of occasional female golfers (those playing between 1 and 7 times a year) soared from 2.6 million in 1997 to 4.

3 million last year! Seeing the opportunity to market products to this new group of golfers, opens up the door to many manufacturers inventing newer and better golf teaching aids in order to keep these beginning golfers interested in playing the game. With women making more appearances on the golf courses, course directors are also starting to pay attention. In addition to lessons and golf teaching aids, they're seeing new opportunities to extend their invitations as well as some new income springing up from the ladies. For example, at The Boulders in Scottsdale, AZ, there are golf and spa packages where ladies can enjoy spa treatments in between golf lessons.

Here is a stat you might not know: PGA pro tour players miss 50% of their 6 foot putts! There is a golf teaching aid designed specifically for this purpose. Any golfer knows the importance of improving your short game, and this tool is one of the best on the markets. Another important tip is to remember to take the shot you're given.not the shot you want.

As easy as this may sound, it's not always so simple. While it's tempting to take that "Tiger Woods" in between the trees and over the bunker shot.many times it's better to take the straight shot back into the fairway. To all the ladies joining this great game of golf, know that you can't be a pro the first time on the course! Golf is a game of patience, fun, and skill - and the best golf teaching aids are right here at your fingertips!.

Leslie Wright is the owner of, a site that offers a golf teaching aid for just about every skill needed in golf, from beginners to advanced golfers.

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