Poker Gifts What to Buy to a Poker Fan

Poker is currently one of the most talked about games in the world. It seems like poker is everywhere: on TV, on the internet, and in gift shops. The market of poker accessories and poker gifts grew massively during the past two years following the huge growth in the popularity of poker. If you are clueless about poker and unfortunately surrounded with poker fans, here is a guide for you. No, you would not learn here how to play poker. Instead, you can find here tips and ideas on how to find cool poker gifts for your favorite poker fan.

1) Poker Sets If you intend to buy a present to a home poker player, you can assume that he or she probably own basic poker equipment. Unless their playing cards are in a really bad shape, buying a standard card deck as a gift would be like presenting a box of matches as a present for a cook. On the other hand, a quality poker set that packages poker playing cards, chips, dealer button and dice in a nice suitcase can be the ultimate present. Poker sets can come in different prices depending on the quality of their components.

However, buying a poker set is usually cheaper than purchasing each component individually. The minimum price would be about 15 dollars for an aluminum case with plastic poker chips and plastic playing cards. The price of a quality poker set can exceed 100 dollars for a set with durable clay chips, playing cards that carry the logo of the World Poker Tour, World Series of Poker or other prestigious pro poker event and other accessories put together in an elegant case. 2) Poker Books Whether your beloved poker enthusiast is a newbie or a veteran poker player, there is always more to learn about poker, and poker books are a great way to expand ones knowledge about his or hers favorite game. Here are some recommended poker books that can found at your local online bookstore: a) Poker for Dummies with a forward by Chris Moneymaker b) Super System by Doyle Bronson c) Holdem Poker for Advanced Player, 21st Century Edition by Sklansky and Malmuth d) Seven Card Stud for Advanced Players, 21st Century Edition by Sklansky, Malmuth, and Zee e) Pot Limit and No Limit Poker by Reuben and Ciaffone 3) Poker DVDs You can either choose a poker tutorial on DVD for poker fans who are too lazy to read or purchase one of the classic poker movies. Here are the most recommended DVDs in both categories: a) Poker Tutorials: i) Masters of Poker Pack: Phil Hellmuths Texas Hold Em ii) Poker Secrets from Poker Champs! iii) Poker Secrets of No Limit Hold Em iv) Annie Dukes Girl Guide to Texas Hold Em vi) 2005 World Series of Poker b) Poker Movies: i) The Cincinnati Kid, 1965 ii) Rounders, 1998 iii) Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, 1998 iv) Maverick, 1994 v) Ocean 11, 2001 4) Poker Accessories Additionally, you can find variety of poker accessories that would make your favorite poker aficionado feel and look like a true pro.

It can be a poker chip keychain, a cup holder for the poker table, a poker hat, a Hawaiian style poker shirt, a poster of dogs playing poker. the options are numerous. Good luck!.

Sharon Gerad is an enthusiastic poker player and a collector of poker accessories and casino chips. Sharmila also writes about this and other card games for an online casino magazine.

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