Pokerstars Double Shootout

I have played a bunch of double shootouts to the Sunday Million. For those of you who don't know about them, they're $12 and they run every half hour on Stars. They divide up the players into ten tables, of which each table is a winner-take-all sit-and-go and the winner goes to the final table. At the final table, they award as many $215 seats as the prize pool allows, and everyone else gets nothing (if there's leftover money then they give like $30 to the people who bubble).

It's an interesting payout structure that I haven't seen discussed anywhere. Instead of 50%-30%-20%, it's 33%-33%-33%; in other words, bubbling out is much more horrible than it is in a regular SnG. How should I be playing when we're on the bubble and everyone has like 20 BB's? If I try to steal the blinds and someone re-shoves on me I pretty much have to fold everything except for AA.

But if I don't steal any blinds, I stand a good chance of getting blinded away and being the bubble boy. And I never know whether it's worth it to re-shove on someone else's blind steals when I don't know whether they're stupid enough to call and getting called would be a disaster. Help! This is not a HUGE problem because everytime I have got to the bubble at the final table, there were some really crazy people and I have just sat back and waited for them to do a really stupid thing, which does not normally take long. But if good players were there, I'm not sure what's the right way to play. I recommend that everyone try these out, because a good player's ROI is going to be truly massive compared to your ROI in a regular SnG.

I'd estimate my long-term ROI in these should be somewhere around 75% and I'm not even an expert at them.

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