Professional Golf Careers

Every Sunday during the spring, summer, and fall many people tune in to watch the final round of professional golf matches. In between the glaring shots of the professionals, with their near perfect drives, and their draw dropping putts, are normal people with amazing professional golf careers that help these events occur. Having a professional golf career is no longer just a dream for most Americans, if there is a will, there is certainly a way to make it happen. This career is becoming more obtainable as more golf courses across the country open, and the sport becomes more widely known. Without knowing anything about professional golf careers people might assume the field is dominated with old players, and country club members, however most professionals are neither. In fact, most people that are in this business are nothing more than fans of the sport, with a special duty to help it continue.

How did these people come across such an amazing opportunity? It may raise some eyebrows, however it's not just pro's taking an early retirement to run the books at their favorite club. Essentially these careers are a lot like administrative or managerial jobs at any medium sized company. A professional golf career involves managing employees, doing the financial statements of the course, courting members, appeasing other members, and working to keep the inventory of the pro shop together. When the duties are listed out in this fashion, one can quickly realize that professional golf careers are most likely performed by normal people that have a passion for golf. Those that choose a professional career in golf have either attended golf school or work at a course and are working their way up the ladder. In fact, most golf school graduates become professionals in the field by working at country clubs, and PGA affiliated courses.

Paying their dues to work their way up the ranks. Just as in any business, professional golf careers vary in pay, stature, and freedom. Some careers are all about landscaping, while others require a suit and tie.

The one constant element is the game of golf. Most people that choose to work for a golf course as a professional do it out of a passion for meeting people, and for the game itself. Since golf is a game often played with partners, friends or associates, having a people friendly attitude is very important.

The game is all about patience and hard work and most people that are golf professionals show those qualities on a daily basis. Having a passion for this sport is what often leads people to professional golf careers. For some people just being around the sport makes them happy. To work in it, is a total joy for them.

Others are fans of the game, historians even, that like to spend time working for a sport that has helped shape their lives. Whatever the reason is, it is often acareer decision made from personal choice. The most magical of professional golf careers are the ones that people truly appreciate.

It is the person that loves to be outside that will truly enjoy a career in turf management. For someone that loves to entertain, a professional golf career in event planning would be the right fit. Whatever it is, one can find it in the golf related line of work.

Andy West is a freelance writer and communications specialist for SDGA. San Diego Golf Academy is a premier golf school with five locations across the United States. For information on how to start your professional golf career, please visit

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