Pumping Up With Cheat Codes

Say you're up late at night at a bud's house playing Grand Theft Auto and you're feeling a little wacky. What better occasion to try a few cheat codes to up the wack factor? Turn the pedestrians against you and watch the bullets fly from every direction! The cheats for that game are especially cool, but almost every video game known to man has cheat codes imbedded in it. From back in the dawn of the gaming industry, in fact, developers included them for their own use-they made testing the games easier-and just never removed them.

Computer geeks being what they are, they discovered the codes, and in, addition, learned how to use what were called "POKES" to change certain memory addresses. The fun was just starting. When developers learned that gamers were looking for the imbedded cheats and unlockables, they began regulary imbedding them in every game. Today, you can customize all sorts of game aspects using cheats. The ever-popular giant head feature, for example, is just one of many changes you can create, although unless you are just really slap happy it's hard to imagine why anyone would get a big kick out of that particular game code.

Shape shifting is a cool cheat in some games, though, and so is invisibility or the ability to fly. You can also use a "No clip" code and put the game into an otherworldly sort of mode where you can float through solid objects. Power hungry players have a field day with cheats.

You can play in God Mode, which means you are pretty much invulnerable to anything and cannot die. You can also add to your cache of weapons, money, or other useful possessions; you can become really big; or you could use a code to achieve infinite resources like ammunition. So really, with cheat codes, you can play a game more than once and make it new every time.

Even games you have beaten can still be a challenge. And no matter what hard core, full time, live-in-their-parents' basement gamers may tell you, there is no dishonor in cheat codes.

If you're looking for the latest cheat codes, you have to look into GamesRadar.

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