The Essential Snowboard Gear

Snowboarding has seen a huge increase in fans in the last few years; people of all age groups and genders seem to enjoy this fun and exciting sport. However, in order to be able to truly enjoy snowboarding safely, you need to have the right gear. Let us run through a quick checklist of the essential snowboard gear. The Essentials To protect your head, which is at great risk in case you fall, you need a helmet.

There are specially designed snowboarding helmets, which are lightweight but strong enough to protect your head from injury in case of emergency. Some helmets will also have a shield for the face similar to those of the motorcyclists that is essential to cover your face and eyes. Your face is probably the single part of the body which is exposed directly to the harsh weather and you must wear protection. Snowboard gear contains tinted glasses that will keep the glare away and protect your eyes from direct winds. Your nose and mouth need to be covered and if your helmet does not come with built in protection, you may need to use a scarf.

Gloves for your hands are yet another essential snowboard gear item even if you don't use your hands as much as you would do if you were skiing; the freezing temperature will soon attack your uncovered hands. There are specially designed suits for snowboarding which are light and warm at the same time, however, they are not part of the essential snowboard gear therefore you may not wear one if you choose not to but remember to wear light clothes that are warm enough to keep your body warm in freezing cold temperatures. Other essential snowboard gear items are padding for both knees and elbows; due to the fact that you don't have the usual sticks to prompt yourself such as those of used in skiing, if you do fall you will use your elbows and knees to break your fall and therefore you will need extra padding on those areas. The Snowboard If you don't yet have your own snowboard you can hire one at any snowboarding resort as well as all the essential gear mentioned above.

Many snowboard enthusiasts rent their gear every year, as it is too expensive to invest however, there are a few who will love the sport enough to go ahead and purchase the whole snowboard gear. Whatever the case enjoy snowboarding but only with the right gear in order to have a fan and exciting trip without any unnecessary risks.

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